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Choose To Deny
Featuring Star Nine

At the moment of being given permission to cum, you're going to choose to deny yourself. It's been over a month since you were last allowed to drain your poor, swollen, neglected, balls yet here you find yourself, riding the edge, stroking to big sis's socks, pussy, tits. Begging for permission to cum until the pivotal moment when you trade in your opportunity to orgasm for the privilege of rubbing your dripping denied cock on big sis's socks.

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Includes tease & denial, taboo, sock fetish, orgasm control, foot domination, femdom pov

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18 minutes



Bedtime Story
Featuring Star Nine

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who fell into a deep sleep and could only be saved by a kiss of pure devotion. Many men kissed & then waited around pissed. Her adoring little brother was the only one who could break the spell, giving himself to her as a slave for ever and ever.

Just like he is now. Your cock is dripping, have you been a good boy this last month in chastity? Ready for a little tease from big sis? A tiny little bit of attention before going right back in the cage.

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Includes chastity, taboo, tease & denial, socks

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15 minutes



Ashley Lane's Foot & Ass Tease
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane spreads her ass while squatting in her ponygirl costume, teasing you with her ass before sitting down to taunt you with her high heels. She makes eye contact as she licks the soles of her heels with her pink, wet tongue and sucks the stiletto heel.

She cuts holes in her sparkling stockings exposing her coral toes. She sucks on them, putting her mouth where you wish yours was.

Later, she's dressed up for yoga. She kneels down and lowers her tight yoga pants to give you a great spread shot of her hairy pussy and ass. Just imagine burying your face in there . . . in your dreams. She rolls over and sucks her toes before stripping naked, taunting you with one toe in her mouth. Look at you, just begging for a taste.

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes ponygirl, toe sucking, yoga pants, ass fetish, foot fetish, hairy, tease & denial

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10 minutes



You Can Keep The Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Lance Hart is my drooling stupid boss. I go home with him, I know how much he loves my nylons. I'm going to fuck him. He can't help but drop to his knees, worship at my feet. Slowly, eagerly, he works his way up my legs. Discovers the leather harness for my cock. He didn't think I was going to allow him to penetrate me, did he?

I offer him my nylons, I have a pair for him too. Doesn't he want to fuck in my pantyhose? He's never had his ass fucked before, but he's so horny he can't resist. My cock is bigger than his. I slide it all the way in and fuck him hard, pulling him by the pantyhose.

I pull out and cruelly dig my toes into his aching balls. He desperately pushes up against my foot, looking for release. I deny him, showing off the wet spot on my pantyhose.

Includes strap-on, pantyhose domination, tease & denial, ball abuse

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16 minutes



Leg Worship
Featuring Star Nine

This epic 32 minute leg tease video will have you drooling over my long toned legs.

First I tease you, pacing back and forth in my stiletto heels flexing my well defined calve muscles. Later I recline on the couch posing and flexing my legs while reminding you that you will never be able to touch them.

Includes leg fetish, tease & denial, goddess worship, high heels

32 minutes



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