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Miss Quin The Foot Stalker
Featuring Miss Quinn & Whitney Morgan

Quin has finally gotten up the nerve to talk to her favorite waitress. Well, not really, but she's followed Whitney home from the cafe & snuck in the back door. She would have asked first, but she just knows that if she asked Whitney to play with her soft, fragrant, nylon soles she would have said no!

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Foot Worship, Pantyhose/Stockings, Smell Fetish, Foot Fetish

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13 minutes


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Perfect Slave
Featuring Sinn Sage & Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan runs an ad opening her dungeon up to other mistresses, but what she's really looking for is slaves to profit from. She shows Sinn the dungeon and interviews her, going over the house rules.

Sinn is eager to get started, there's just one more thing Whitney needs to cover - the importance of time. Whitney pulls out a pocket watch to elaborate on her point. Soon Sinn's dominant personality is melting away, she becomes sub sage. The perfect submissive slut for Whitney's dominant clients.

Sinn kneels naked before you. Her head lifts eagerly at the sound of your approaching footsteps. She begs to serve you, showing off all the toys you can play with, all the holes you can use. She wants nothing more than to be totally used and dominated by you.

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Foot Smelling, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Fetish, Foot Domination, School Uniform

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11 minutes


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Foot Domination Blackmail
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Sick of your shit, Whitney calls you into the break room. You took credit for all her work on the big project and it's the last straw.

It's a tough situation, because you're an idiot male, the boss is an idiot male - he's going to take your side. But you know whose not going to take your side? HR.

You eyeball me 24/7, you accidentally brush up against me. My breasts. My ass. My feet even. I see you gawk at them you little fucking weirdo.

Your eyes linger at her feet, as she continues her threats. You have to look up when she mentions all the times she's filmed your inappropriate acts. You're a bit worried now & you should be - once she's through with you, janitorial will be the only job with your fucking name on it.

The threats continue as you try to get a good view up her skirt.

If you don't want me to go to HR I want to see you gagging on these fucking soles. Go ahead, take a good whiff, breath it all in. I want to see your eyes watering.

She seems to think this is punishment for you! You're only too happy to obey. You shove your nose between her sweaty nylon foot and her well worn heel. You obediently stick your tongue out as she shoves her toes down your throat. Your cock hardens as you accept your "punishment". Foot drunk, you're barely making out her words now - something about your wife.

You can't hear clearly until she takes her nylon feet away from you, coated in your saliva now. Her words slowly begin to make sense - this was taped too - better tender your resignation before the video goes viral . . .

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Foot Fetish, Ball Abuse, Foot Domination

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10 minutes


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The Pitch
Featuring Whitney Morgan

You're amped up for this pitch meeting. You just know you're going to kill it. The network is going to love you. Your eyes wander over to the blonde sitting across the waiting room. Probably some stupid girl interviewing to be an assistant to an assistant, trying to break into the industry. Like that'll ever happen.

She opens her mouth, your eyes must have lingered too long. She asks if you're also there for the pitch meeting. Your jaw drops and she rolls her eyes at you, knows exactly what you were thinking. She keeps talking, boy it's taking a long time. She offers to get you some coffee. Now that's more like it. You ignore her comment about adding something extra and accept the cup. You could get used to people bringing you things when your show gets picked up.

She stretches her legs out towards you and continues to talk. You begin to feel funny. Must be a little warm in here. She continues to taunt you. She says something about how you could die in here and no one would even notice, they'd just assume you partied too hard your first night in LA.

You slowly crumple, sliding to the floor. She slips a foot out of her heels and wiggles her nylon toes in your face. She gloats as you fade away, leaning over to slap your face. She snaps her fingers and you cannot budge.

The secretary enters the room, you were next, but it's too late. Whitney takes your place as you permanently lose consciousness.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Executrix, Foot Fetish, Female Supremacy, Extreme Domination

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9 minutes


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Interviewed By Whitney
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney begins the interview. Your resume is quite impressive, but you saw the full waiting room. What are you going to do to stand out?

Whitney begins to dangle her heel. In order to get this job, you're going to have to go above and beyond . . . people are very desperate for work right now . . . are you desperate for work right now? That's what she thought. The heel dangles off her toe. She encourages you to sniff the arch. The sweaty nylon. It's an acquired taste . . . if you really want the job you're going to acquire the taste.

She dangles the other heel. Smells like employment, doesn't it? She places both nylon feet on your face, smothering you. Intoxicating isn't it. She teases you. You could get used to this, she could keep you as her personal assistant, under her desk, sniffing, worshiping, gagging on her feet all day. She has you soak her soles then suck the moisture off her toes. She shoves her feet deep down your throat, gagging you. You seem to enjoy it. Perhaps a little too much. Don't call us, we'll call you.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Foot Slave Training, Foot Fetish, Foot Domination, Foot Smelling

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10 minutes


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