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Candle's Gag-Talk Challenge Gone Wrong
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine and Candle Boxxx are doing a Gag Talk Challenge on their social media channel. A game of rock scissors paper decides who will start the handgagging challenge. Candle chatters through the HOM gagging and Star wads a hanky inside Candle's mouth before hand gagging again. She continues chattering as Star pulls out the soggy mouthstuffing.

Candle presents Star with a sock stuffing, but Star says they have to play the roshambo to see who's next. Annoyed at losing, Candle's red nails shove in the self gagging. Star adds three pieces of duct tape for muffled speech, so Candle tries to pantomime her words. That's cheating in the Gag Talk challenge and she's rope bound!

Star has rigged the game,and starts teasing Candle's duct tape gagging off, only to leave it on. As Candle gets more frustrated, Star pulls the silver gag off and runs off for a surprise panty stuffing. Candle spits them out before Star secures them with vet wrapping.

They have a butt shaking contest to get viewers engaged. Star pulls Candle's thong down under the guise that it's the fans want. Pussy spreading is humiliating, but the pussy play makes her moan until she's begging for the Hitachi Magic Wand! Her wrinkled soles alternate with her pointed toes as she's bucking in orgasms.

As Star removes the vet wrap gag, Candle tells people to subscribe to their channel!

Includes gagged women, gag talk, hand over mouth, bondage, bound orgasms

KEYWORDS - tapegagged woman tape gagged women tapegag talking mouth stuffing pantystuffing duct tape fetish rope bondage rope made to cum imposed orgasms lesbian domination lesbians girl-girl girl/girl girlgirl GG vibrators electric massagers female orgasms female domination femdom sensual domination redheads big tits challenges humor humour t-shirt and panties humiliation embarrassment blondes tall woman tall women kink submissive sluts

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23 minutes


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Bondage Bet in Boots
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Star Nine's excited to go to a party in her black shiny pants and puts on her chunky black boots. Lola Fae wants to stay home and watch bondage movies. Star's not impressed with the damsels in bondage and is confident that she could escape the duct tape bondage. Lola offers a bondage escape challenge and if she gets free, will go out with her.

Lola wraps the silver tape around her pvc pants at the ankles and knees, her red nails pat it down securely. Star crosses her wrists like the bondage damsel.

Star decides the bet is stupid, but Lola tapegags her, and Star immediately gag talks through the silver tape. Bound and gagged, Star stands and does some bondage hopping before going to the couch and sliding to the floor for some bondage struggling.

Her white blouse makes the tape adhere tighter than if on skin, but she's determined to get out of this bondage challenge as her long fingernails struggle with the tape!

Includes bondage, tape bondage, escaping, gagged women, gag talk

OTHER KEYWORDS- tape fetish struggling tape gagged woman tapegagged women gag talking challenges escape fetish shiny clothing shiny clothes shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes pvc-vinyl boot fetish blondes tall woman tall women

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15 minutes


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Self Bondage Escapes
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is dressed in a sexy blouse and tight skirt with black high heels and wants to go to a bondage club, but has to entertain herself at home with a self bondage escape challenge.

Nylon on nylon bondage digs in her flesh as she does tight pantyhose bondage. Rigging suntan pantyhose around her black nylon legs, she needs mouth stuffing. Self mouthpacking is necessary for the bondage play, and she mouth stuffs a full pair of pantyhose, securing with a panthyhose cleavegag. She is pleased as she gag talks to test its effectiveness at muffling mmmphs.

The nylon wrist bondage is bound snugly and she starts the sensual bondage struggling. Kicking off her classic black pumps, reinforced toe pantyhose are revealed. The stocking bondage is tighter than expected, but she wriggles free.

Needing strict bondage, she adds duct tape bondage around her ankles, knees, and thighs. A duct tape gag muffles her speech and she's ready for wrist bondage, waist bondage and chest bondage. With pointed toes and wiggling feet, she tests the tape binds. Tearing tape around her torso bondage makes her realize this is not enough of a bondage challenge! Cutting the tape and removing her tapegag, she needs intense rope bondage!

Her long fingernails bind herself with white rope (onscreen tying) and the rope bunny adds a white over the mouth gag and blindfold (off camera). The sensory deprivation enhances her bondage struggles.

Will she be able to do a Houdini escape?

Includes escaping, self bondage, tape bondage, bondage, rope bondage

OTHER KEYWORDS - bondage restraints MILF bondage rope duct tape fetish challenges struggling self gagging cleave gagged woman cleavegagged women mouth packing mouth stuffing gag talking blindfolds moaning fetish pantyhose fetish pantyhose/stockings blondes tall woman tall women

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25 minutes


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Underwater Bondage Escape
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine awakens rope bound underwater and is confused how she ended up in the bottom of a pool. Screams for help sounds like gag talking without the gag. Bubbles float to the top of the water as she's yelling underwater.

Her pink toenails flutter as she struggles in her ankle binds. The wet jeans limit movements almost as much as her wrist binds. Her open eyes look around for an escape route or another swimmer, but she's alone. She maneuvers the ropes to her mouth and uses her teeth to untie the wet bondage.

Coming to the surface, she's smiling, confident that she would win the bondage escape challenge! The struggling damsel was just for show. Stepping out of the pool, she's showing off the wet clothes clinging to her firm body, and cocky about her win!

Includes underwater fetish, bondage, escaping, wet look, challenges

OTHER KEYWORDS - rope bondage rope damsel in distress struggling toe wiggling toes foot fetish barefoot play bubbles jeans fetish kink escaping fetish escape fetish wet t-shirt DID blondes tall woman tall women

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11 minutes


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Candle's Inflation Fetish
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is about to walk out the door when she notices Star Nine inflating balloons for the party. Instead of helping, she squishes the balloon so the air smooshes into Star's mouth. Humiliated, Star shoves Candle's head down on the helium tank causing inflated chipmunk cheeks and a bloated stomach. As she releases, Candle gasps and her engorged tummy flattens as the air flows out.

Instead of being embarrassed, Candle recounts her body inflation stories and is ready for more belly expansion using a compressor hose.

They decide to do an inflation game to get big distended bellies, hold it as long as possible and then release, returning to concave bellies. Star loves the idea of body expansion and her normally taut abs bulge out in her white tank top and daisy dukes. It's fun to look like they have pregnant bellies and push for the maximum inflation.

Candle strips down to her thong and lies flat so her pronounced ribcage and flat belly distended to a pregnant belly. Her long red fingernails caress her big belly bulge. Star's worried that she's going to have a belly popping from the air pressure! Star presses the hard stomach and is amazed as the air releases down to a concave tummy.

Doing a standing inflation, Candle does 3 pumps so Star can do a belly comparison.

As Star's lying down, her face reddens from the exertion of keeping the air contained. Candle pulls out a bicycle pump, fireplace pump and hand pump because she wants to replicate a cartoon compression and then reanimate.

In a practical joke, Candle inflates Star when she doesn't expect it. Star's so mad that she shoves Candle, causing her to accidentally land with her butthole on the active helium tank. She's stuck as her body inflates and apologizes for the pranking before Star will help her escape.

They have a race to inflate and have a breath holding contest before Candle tries having the helium on her asshole AND the compressor in her mouth.

Star does mouth to mouth inflation and holds her lips shut so none of the air can escape and Candle returns the favor.

Unfortunately, Star falls face first on the helium tank and starts filling up until she pops into thin air. Without remorse, Candle starts laughing at her clumsiness. Realizing that she won't get a good parking spot at the party, she does self inflation so she can look like she has a full term pregnancy.

Includes behind the scenes footage as we tried balloon inflation before the shoot.

Includes body inflation, expansion, muscle control, belly fetish, bloated belly

OTHER KEYWORDS - bloated bellies abs games challenges humour humor body part comparison size comparison redheads big tits skinny woman thin woman blondes tall woman tall women kink

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39 minutes


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