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Drawn To Her
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star couldn't help but notice Arielle Lane, walking alone on a hot summer day, dressed in a little sun dress, showing off irresistible leg. Star couldn't help herself really. Drawn to Arielle's sheer hosed legs, why would she wear pantyhose on such a hot day?

Star creeps up behind Arielle as she's unlocking her door and clamps a white rag over her mouth. Arielle slumps in Star's arms and is dragged inside.

Arielle is laid out on a white rug for Star to inspect. She wiggles an arm before fixing in on Arielle's legs and shoes. Running her hands down Arielle's legs, she slips a shoe off wondering what she will find. Pleased with the condition of Arielle's feet she continues to perv on Arielle's pantyhose. Arielle comes to, confused, a bit quicker than Star thought she would. Star clamps the rag over Arielle's face again & Arielle's eyes roll back.

Star strip's Arielle of her pantyhose & smells the foot - You don't mind if I borrow them do you?. In love with the smell, she keeps one nylon foot over her nose while she rubs and stuffs her pussy with the other one.

Arielle begins to stir again as Star cums. Having gotten what she came for & not wanting to risk recognition, Star takes off with the pantyhose. Arielle slowly sits up, looking very confused and bare legged.

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3X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Foot Play, Foot Fetish Pantyhose Sleep Fetish

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8 minutes


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POV Foot Smelling
Featuring Odette Delacroix

Odette is sick of you always trying to sit behind her in class, always suspiciously dropping your pen and spending way too much time by her feet on the floor trying to pick it up. She confronts you, catches you by surprise really. She's knocked you to the ground and has her petite body perched on your chest.

Odette taunts you with her sweaty, stinky, hosed feet. Wiggling her toes in your face. She's not dumb, she knows what you're all about, with your foot fetish. She hopes that if she gives you more than you want you'll leave her alone. She feels your cock get hard underneath her - you're more of a pervert than she thought!

Wouldn't it be funny if you came in your pants? She would never let you live it down. She didn't realize just how much her feet controlled you, she could use her power to make you distracted before tests. You're so controlled by her stinky hosed feet that you cum at her command, a wet stain spreading across your jeans.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Smelling, Foot Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination Foot Fetish Foot Domination

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5 minutes


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Black Lingerie Slut Training
Featuring Star Nine

Let's see what you've done with yourself, stick out your leg - good job, I don't see a hint of stubble. I love what you've done with your hair - oh it's a wig? Well you've certainly taken good care of it. I can see you've done very well with your last lesson. You're well on your way to becoming a slut for me.

I have a surprise for you, some sexy black lingerie, almost as good as mine, and a pair of sexy black hose.

Now we're ready to move on to the next part of your training. Do you know why you're so into wearing sexy lingerie? It's a signifier that you're ready to get fucked . . .

Star puts on her strap-on and instructs you in sucking cock properly, she wouldn't want you to go out before you're ready & embarrass yourself. Good job, you're almost ready. Finally, Star instructs you on how to prepare and present your man pussy to be fucked in pantyhose, explaining how the silky hose will hold your balls out of the way, how you'll feel the sheer nylon on your legs as a gentle hug while he's fucking you. She just knows you're going to cum right in your pantyhose since you're such a good little slut.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Sissy Training, Femdom POV, Pantyhose Domination Strap-On Slut Training

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12 minutes


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Barefoot Beach Tease
Featuring Star Nine

Star walks slowly down the beach, kicking her feet in the sand, testing the texture of the piles of seaweed, looking back over her shoulder to make sure you're following her. She slides her toes through the wet sand near some rocks, pivoting her ankles. She finds a cool, sandy, tide pool to stand in and teases you with her pink nails peaking out of the sandy water, a huge smile on her face.

You follow her footprints as she turns a corner around some rocks. She sits and digs a hole in the sand with her feet, getting her toes and soles all sandy, teasing you. After awhile she gets up, draws an arrow in the sand with her feet and walks away into the ocean.

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Mud, BareFoot, Food Play, Wet & Messy Dirty Feet Foot Fetish

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7 minutes


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Candid Pantyhose Play With Jay Part 2
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Jay and Star continue their candid pantyhose play with their hitatchis in hand. They talk about how Star got into pantyhose, how Jay likes to tease herself and masturbate for a long time, how Star has lots of wet dreams . . . all while playing with their hitatchis over their pantyhose. Star cums early on and teases herself for awhile before laying back and observing Jay's long drawn out masturbation session. Jay gets herself to a plateau and tries to hold it as long as possible while Star rubs her nylon legs.

Eventually Jay mentions how sometimes she watches Japanese massage parlor videos where they use multiple hitatchis on the same girl as once, so Star trains her hitatchi over Jay's gusset. When Jay finally cums after such a long period of stimulation it is absolutely explosive. As Jay is catching her breath Star points out the color of her post orgasm pussy.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Orgasms, Candid, Girl/Girl Vibrator Masturbation

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19 minutes


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