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Messy Foot Fuck
Featuring Kelsey Obssession & Star Nine

Kelsey & Star play with a pair of pudding pies, dipping their toes in, discussing the texture, rubbing their feet together. While they are rubbing their messy, gooey, feet together, Kelsey makes some comment about this being a "real footjob". Star quickly counters, "no, THIS is a real footjob", rubbing her pudding covered foot on Kelsey's bare pussy.

Kelsey quickly gets into it and soon both girls are arching to make contact with each other's messy feet. Rubbing and slapping their pudding covered feet up against each others pussies. After they've cum, they lick the pudding & cum mixture off of their feet.

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Food Porn, Food Masturbation, Foot Fetish, Wet & Messy Lesbian Footjobs

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8 minutes


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Star Encases Ashley
Featuring Star Nine & Ashlee Graham

Star teases Ashley, rubbing her soft, silky, nylon legs against Ashley's skin. She instructs her to get undressed, she's going to show her what pantyhose encasement is all about.

Ashley gets a little bit whiny when Star adds the hood, but Star distracts her by licking her nylon covered nipples. She ties Ashley to the chair and goes to get the hitatchi. She teases Ashley with the powerful vibrator, tickling her and pushing it into her rib cage until Ashley asks to have it somewhere nicer. Ashley has a long orgasm in her pantyhose.

Things get candid at the end with Star inviting Ashley to show everyone how she struggled out of her bondage & Ashley removing her hood, explaining how much she hates them.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Encasement Bondage, Orgasms, Tickling Pantyhose Encasement Vibrator

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10 minutes


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The Doctor's Lucky Day Part 2
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star is in Dr. Woodman's office for her follow up allergy test appointment. Dr. Woodman is going to perform a scratch test with samples of various allergens. On the fourth sample Star gets woozy and collapses.

Dr Woodman strips and molests her. He removes some calipers and begins to measure his limp patients body. When he's done he collects a sample of her hair.

Worrying about time, he reassembles Star & pricks her back awake.

He tells her that the allergy is probably nothing & to just use the cream Dr. Woods prescribed. He's ready to let her go, but she brings up the lidocain issue, saying that she hasn't felt right since that first visit.

Dr. Woodman had almost forgot, he explains that the liver tests would be very expensive and her insurance wouldn't cover them. He offers to try some experimental procedures instead, if she'd come in after office hours.

She falls for it. She comes in again, he has her all to himself. He puts her on an iv drip, varying her dose as he has the time and privacy to play with her - licking her nipples, using her limp hand to rub her pussy.

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Limp Fetish, IV Drip, Sample Collecting, Limp Play Molestation 2 Medical KOs

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27 minutes


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That's Not Why You Hired Me
Featuring Star Nine

You can't have it both ways you know.

You've called recent hire Star into your office - she hasn't been completing any of work assignments. You try to confront her, but she just laughs at your audacity. She's noticed the way you look at her, you can't expect her to be your eye candy AND do the little paperwork tasks you've been assigning her.

The way she sees it, her job is to reduce your stress. You may not think of it that way, you may just think she makes your cock hard, but in her imagined job description keeping you low stress is very, very important.

Star invites you to take your cock out as she teases you with her perfect body, sheer pantyhose. Oops, she forgot to wear panties.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Secretary, JOI, Masturbation Instruction Jerk Off Instruction Sheer To Waist Pantyhose

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11 minutes


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Messy Soles JOI
Featuring Hannah Perez

Hannah dips her long toes into the pie she's set at her feet. She teases you with her messy toes and soles. You want to lick her feet clean don't you, get your tongue between her slippery toes? You want her to rub her messy feet all over your face, glide them up your legs, and then rub them up and down your cock. You want a messy foot job don't you? So messy, so naughty. Let her get her feet nice and filthy for you then. You're such a dirty foot boy, you'd lick her feet clean after wouldn't you?

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Foot Worship, Dirty Feet, Foot Jobs, Wet & Messy Messy Feet Feet JOI

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8 minutes


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