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Getting The Company Credit Card
Featuring Roxie Rae

You stumble across Roxie Rae in the break room - well, really you were looking for her. She's your favorite secretary to look at. You love fantasizing about her petite feet, what they might look like close up.

Roxie is sick of you drooling over her, and she wants that raise you keep blowing off, so she decides to humor you, but you're going to have to do something for her.

You eagerly agree as she slips off one of her tall heels revealing one of her small feet in perfect nude hose with a faint, sheer, reinforced toe.

Roxie invites you to stroke your cock, she's getting that raise today for sure. She knows that you will do anything, you're so weak for her feet. Before you cum you'll have agreed to let her embezzle from petty cash to take herself out to lunch and buy herself gifts. You'll even hand over the company credit card in hopes that one day she might let you actually touch her soft soles.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination JOI Financial Domination

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7 minutes


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Candle Shuts Kym Up
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Kymberly Jane

Candle and Kym are watching TV and Kym will just not shut up. Every time Candle changes the channel Kym has something to say about the show or commercial. Candle's frustration visibly grows & finally she gets up to do something about it, firmly clamping a chloroform soaked rag over Kym's mouth.

Finally some silence! Candle experimentally lifts Kym's limp arm. She giggles, this is going to be fun. She takes Kym's shoes & then strips her of her dress, she's always wodnered whether Kym's big boobs were real or fake. Candle strips down to her bra & panties & put's Kym's dress on. She then plays with Kym's limp legs, doing leg drops & a wheel barrow. Candle sits back down to watch TV and then thinks to gag Kym before she wakes up so that she will stay quiet.

Kym is upset when she wakes up gagged and topless, but she gets her revenge on Candle a few days later. This time Kym is quiet on the couch - Candle notices that her roomate is acting oddly. Kym offers to make her a drink and comes back with the chloroform rag. Kym get her revenge. She rearranges Candle's clothing, making sure to leave her boobs out too.

After Candle comes to, Kym decides that she hasn't had enough yet and knocks her out again, this time leaving her unconscious with her fingers in a bowl of warm water.

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3x chloroform KOs, BallGags, Trading Clothes, Trading Shoes, Humor, Pranks

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18 minutes


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Pantyhose Foot Fuck
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Jay & Star lounge on the couch rubbing each other's nylon feet. Star notes how soft Jay's feet are and they have a candid conversation about pedicures. Star begins rubbing her hosed foot over Jay's pussy and mentions that there's something she's always wanted to try. Star wants to know how a pantyhose covered foot would feel in her pussy & Jay is happy to oblige.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Fetish, Girl-Girl, Pantyhose Footjobs Foot Play Foot Massage

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7 minutes


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The Vibromatic
Featuring Savannah Costello & Star Nine

Star Nine & Savannah Costello play secretaries in a vintage mad men style ad agency. Once again their cigar smoking, scotch swilling, male bosses have cut out from work early leaving the hard working girls to do all the work that they will later take credit for. Star & Savannah are brainstorming slogans for a new household appliance - The Vibromatic. They are stumped on how to market this new medical device until they take a break and discover the REAL purpose of the personal massager.

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Humor, Pantyhose/Stockings, Vintage, Vibrator Solo Female Secretary

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9 minutes


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Stuck in the Tub
Featuring Star Nine

Star is taking a nice relaxing bath in preparation for a nice night out with her husband. She adjusts the water temperature with her feet and when she turns off the tap she realizes that she has somehow gotten her big toe stuck in the faucet!

Star pulls at her foot in disbelief, she becomes more urgent when it doesn't budge - she's really stuck! She tries to lubricate her toe with some soap but it doesn't work. Star sits and thinks about what to do, periodically pulling at her stuck toe in frustration. Finally she has to admit she needs help when he husband knocks on the door to see what is taking her so long.

Star's husband can't get her toe free either & decides to call a plumber. Star is super embarrassed about having a plumber see her in this predicament but acknowledges that she can't think of any other way.

When the plumber arrives Star is visibly distressed. He saws the piece of faucet that her toe is stuck in off of the bathtub, freeing Star, but leaving her with a hunk of metal attached to her big toe.

Star walks about the living room with the hunk of metal still stuck on her toe dreading having to go to work with it on before she has time to see a doctor.

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Stuck, Bathtub Fetish, Toe Fetish, Struggling Damsel In Distress Embarrassed Naked Female

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31 minutes


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