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Leather Executrix
Featuring Star Nine

What did you really do, you got to go on adventure, you got to watch My hot ass crawling through those vents, and then what did you do after I cracked the safe? That's right, your fat ass almost got us caught.

No, you didn't earn a penny of this money, you're just extra weight, a liability, and it's time to jettison the extra baggage. Now get on your fucking knees.

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Includes executrix, verbal humiliation, leather, femdom pov, extreme domination

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11 minutes



2 Pump Chump
Featuring Star Nine

you've come to me seeking training, wanting to last longer. So misguided - see women can smell it on you, you'll never be a worthy mate. you should just give up on it now. Learning how to last longer is the opposite of what you need. you wouldn't want to throw away what you truly excel at - premature ejaculation is a quality in your case. you're not meant to have a girlfriend, not meant to add to the gene pool. you're meant to pay Goddesses like Me & the faster you cum, the faster you're out of My hair. Go ahead, show Me how fast you can cum. What if I told you that you could cum on the count of 3 without even trying? Wouldn't that make you feel accomplished? Pump pump cum pay - your new mantra. Accept it, glow with it, cum to it.

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Includes verbal humiliation, premature ejaculation, JOI, masturbation humiliation, pantyhose, bodysuit

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8 minutes



Cucked to Death
Featuring Star Nine

This is the deepest, darkest, cuckolding fantasy - the furthest it can go & should only be viewed as such - pure fantasy. If you have trouble separating fantasy from reality, this is not the clip for you.

You watch me dress as always, you can't count the number of times you've sat right there, watching me pull on something tight and sexy for another man.

Tonight is special, I've finally found the right cock, the right sperm donor. Soon my belly will be swelling with his genetically superior seed.

I seductively joke with you as I step into my sexy high heels, about how you would just die if I walked out on you in them. Your cock swells at the thought. You've eroticized your worthlessness over the years, learning to enjoy the little crumbs. The reverse strip tease as I prepare myself to go out with real men, but nothing has ever made you harder than this - my little throw away line about your death.

This is what gets you hard now. Fantasizing about your own death. I maneuver my legs in their opaque pantyhose through our routine predate leg tease - this is the most sexual contact you ever get from your superior wife - permission to stroke to my fully clothed, perfect form. I muse on this new development as you stroke. Perhaps it's not such a bad idea, killing yourself. It was always the plan for me to get pregnant by someone more appropriate, a real man with better genetic material to pass on. Always the plan for you to spend every penny you earn providing for me and my child. Perhaps we would be better off without you though, now that you point it out. What kind of a role model would such a worthless man be? In fact, I bet your insurance policy would provide more for us than the rest of the working hours of your pathetic life.

Go ahead, make this your last orgasm, cum to the idea of ending it all to provide for your cuckolding, pregnant, wife.

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Includes executrix, cuckolding, verbal humiliation, tights, pantyhose domination, legs

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15 minutes



You Smell Like Shit
Featuring Star Nine

Ughh. There's a distinctly nasty smell in my office this morning & it seems to be emanating from you. It smells like shit, doo doo, dookie, poop.

Can't you smell it? I swear it's coming from you. What's wrong? Did you forget to wipe your ass this morning? Stop denying it! Turn around, I'm going to have to pull down your pants and check.

Gross! Your tightie whities are covered in crusty skid marks. No wonder you reek of shit. Didn't your mother teach you how to wipe your ass? Disgusting. What are you thinking coming to the office like this? You need to go home and wash your ass and burn those filthy underwear.

Phew, you stink! You smell like shit! Get out of my office.

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Includes humiliation, toilet humiliation, verbal humiliation, office domination

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10 minutes