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Self Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane dresses up in pantyhose, pencil skirt & high heeled pumps for a special self-bondage session. She binds her knees as tight as she can with a leather belt & then places a steel collar around her neck. She handcuffs herself behind her back & then a short chain is attached connecting her collar & cuffs. Ashley luxuriates in the bondage, enjoying the feeling of the heavy metal around her neck, the pull of the cuffs up to her collar, the feel of the tight leather belt around her nylon legs. The predicament eventually gets to her & Ashley struggles futilely trying to free herself or at least reduce the tension between her wrists and her neck.

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Includes self bondage, predicament bondage, handcuffs, struggling, metal collar

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16 minutes



Devouring Nyssa
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

I order room service, an incall exotic dancer, to my hotel room. It's early in the evening & I have time to play with my food first. Nyssa is visibly annoyed at serving a female client but I quickly get her in the mood to do her fucking job.

She strips out of her leather mini skirt and surprises me with her naughty crotchless panties. Soon she is rubbing her tits on my face, grinding on my lap. She gasps erotically at my fangs penetrating her when I take my first bite.

I feed on her big juicy tits, pinning her arms as her eyes roll back in pain & pleasure. I move down and bite her thighs right next to that teasing little bare pussy. Her gasps turn orgasmic before her breath becomes labored. I leave her drained, mouth open, eyes, glassy with perfectly even bite marks on her tits and thighs.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, mesmerize, biting, magic control

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9 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

You come to tied to a chair. Your memories of last night, hazy at first, come into focus as I pace before you. I explain how you followed me home from the halloween party, convinced I was a vampire, claiming to be a slayer, carrying crosses and garlic. I tease you with my tight dress & cleavage - vampires aren't real, but eventually I grow bored and reveal my fangs. Of course I am a vampire, and with just one bite I will turn you into my slave forever.

You surprise me with your struggle, the chair topples to the floor and shatters with you still in it. Before I can react you've picked up the broken chair leg and staked me right through the heart. I moan and thrash in a futile struggle to remove the cruel wooden stake from my heart.

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vampires, aliens & monsters, latex, cleavage

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10 minutes



My Stepmother's A Vampire!
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star catches her stepdaughter, Arielle, trying to sneak out of the house at 2am. Arielle bristles at being caught & wonders why she never sees her stepmother during the day, but here she is lurking & spying on her at night.

Star uses her mesmerizing powers to confuse her stepdaughter, rooting her in place while suggesting she go ahead and leave. Mesmerized Arielle takes on an innocent glow & Star lovingly brushes her hand across her face causing Arielle to flush, her essence rushing to the surface of her skin & making Star lusty.

Pretenses of motherhood temporarily put aside, Star toys with Arielle. She has her stepdaughter strip for her, she pinches her nipples and smacks her ass. Her teeth come in & she almost bites before shoving Arielle away. Arielle turns & sees her teeth - the shock rips her from her mesmerized state, but rather than horrified, Arielle is delighted. She begs Star to turn her.

Star refuses, but Arielle tempts her, shoving her neck, her tits in her face. She pulls down her panties and sits legs splayed, tempting Star with the arteries running through her thighs.

Star bites, Arielle moans orgasmically as her stepmother drains her. She breathlessly asks if she is a vampire yet. Star pulls away just in time & pulls a blanket over her weakened stepdaughter on the couch. She won't be trying to sneak out again tonight!

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, lesbian domination, magic control, biting

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13 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

I saw the way you were looking at me across the bar, so fucking hungry.

Am I making you nervous, why don't you tell me all the things you think you're going to do to me. Go on, I want to see you blush.

Tell me how you felt an irresistible urge, like a string, pulling you to me. Tell me how your heart beat in your chest.

Show me that big bloody hard cock & I'll tell you exactly how I read your fucking mind. Yes, I want all the blood. All of it. See I can smell your blood from here, just like I could smell it across the bar. I have quite the nose for blood you see.

You've found yourself in quite the predicament, your cock is so hard, and you are so scared. I can smell the fear on you, detected it the moment I showed my teeth.

Yet you can't run away, you find yourself rooted in that spot. What kind of venomous creature am I? The original femme fatale. I've been around forever, draining men like you.

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Includes vampire, executrix, mesmerize, aliens & monsters, latex

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15 minutes



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