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Transport - Lesbian Prison Domination
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star Nine has been apprehended again after her Mesmerizing Release. She sits awaiting transport to Max. Prison guard Dixie Comet has been tasked with watching the prisoner until the wagon arrives. Dixie doesn't know about Star's mesmerizing abilities, but she's experienced with all the silly mind games prisoners try to play. Nonetheless, she soon finds herself falling under Star's spell. First the handcuffs come off, then her clothes. Dixie finds herself returning the prisoner's personal effects which include a strap-on cock. Soon she is confessing her fantasy of being fucked by Star's strap-on. Dixie snaps out of it a couple of times, but Star is always able to quickly return her to her docile state. Speaking to her subconscious mind, Star makes her escape, trading uniforms with the mesmerized, freshly fucked, prison guard.

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Includes lesbian domination, mesmerize, uniforms, costumes, strap-on fucking, clothing swap, woman following orders

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19 minutes



Catfight Over Cards
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nin

Ashley & Star strip out of their uniforms & sit down for a game of cards. Star watches Ashley like a hawk but Ashley still tries to cheat! She reaches out her hand to palm the money & Star quickly grabs her wrist. Ashley stands & throws a punch, Star stands and knocks over the card table to return her punch. Ashley & Star roll around, trading punches, hairpulls & scissorholds until Ashley is ko'd.

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Includes scissorhold, female fighting, cat fighting, uniforms, costumes, pig tails, hair pulling

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11 minutes



Totally Committed
Featuring Star Nine

Star ushers you into the room, visibly annoyed. She paces back and forth in her white lab coat as she complains about the director's latest bright idea - little white uniforms for the nurses. She holds up the uniform, an old man's porn fantasy she calls it, saying the director should be one of their mental patients. He's due for retirement she says, the trouble is that there's no guarantee that the board will elect you to his post.

Star turns on the charm, she removes her glasses, shakes her long hair out of it's bun. She has a brilliant plan that will secure your spot at the top, and hers alongside you. She gets up on the table, puts on a little show, strips down to her control top pantyhose. She's sure that she's convinced you.

Star is visibly flustered when you say you'll have to think about it, but she quickly recovers, even agrees to wear the slutty little nurse uniform for you despite her being a doctor. Soon you have her diapered and restrained to the hospital bed, humping her pillow like one of the patients. You enjoy the show, almost as much as you enjoy what is to come next.

Released, Star looks around for her clothes. She didn't realize you were so kinky. She seems confused when you tell her that she won't be needing clothes anymore, panics when she hears the voices in the hall - the director and all the nursing staff are on their way here right now?

Star desperately tries to cover herself, caught in nothing but white nurses' pantyhose and the puffy diaper you put her in! She melts into a temper tantrum as the staff mocks her, as the director threatens her with a nice long rest.

Includes diapers, nurse uniform, straitjacket, pantyhose, medical clinic

26 minutes



Follow The Body
Featuring Star Nine

A scored, A.R. Tiste production.

Star Nine plays an FBI agent who falls into a trap laid by a criminal she previously put away.

Includes zip-ties, bondage, struggling, escaping, damsel in distress, uniforms, costumes, gags, tape gag

16 minutes



Filthy Schoolgirls
Featuring Randy Moore, Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star & Candle are little schoolgirl sluts who love being dirty whores for their professor, David.

They love showing off their tight little cumdumster bodies & introducing their sluttly little friends to him. Today they've brought their friend Randy Moore who is eager to have David fill all of her holes and drench her in cum.

Candle & Star show Randy exactly what David likes, stripping out of their schoolgirl uniforms, talking dirty, and begging for David to nut all over their little whore faces.

Includes schoolgirl uniform, dirty talk, bimbos

11 minutes



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