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Ivy & The Developer
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Successful developer Dixie Comet surveys her new parcel of land. It's a beautiful plot, but most of the trees will have to come down before she can develop it.

Poison Ivy sits in her favorite oak tree swinging her legs & frowning at Dixie's conversation. She leans and and kisses a flower bud before blowing it's pollen in Dixie's direction. The developer is drawn over by the intoxicating smell of pollen in the air.

Ivy tries to bring the developer over to her side, encouraging her to strip and feel the natural breeze on her skin. She laps at Dixie's pussy, making her cum nude in nature. To her disappointment, these charms don't work. Dixie is still money hungry. She leaves Ivy no choice, she binds the developer to the tree with her vines & paralyzes her with a poison kiss.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, pussy eating, lesbian domination, outdoors, natural light, forced stripping, poison ivy

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14 minutes



Mesmerizing Release
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Star's mesmerizing powers have gotten her into trouble with the law. She's sent to a court ordered psychologist ahead of her sentencing. The full extent of Star's mesmerizing powers are not fully known, as becomes obvious when she is able to control Kendra despite having her hands cuffed behind her back & a huge ball gag forcing her jaw open.

Using only her eyes Star gives Kendra the idea to remove the handcuffs. With her hands free, Star uses her mesmerizing touch on the psychologist, ensuring her freedom & getting a little show as well - prison was so boring.

Freed of her restraints and titillated by the little show that Kendra put on for her, Star is all set to leave. She tells Kendra that she will be rewarded. The therapist perks up at the term reward - perhaps a cue placed by someone else? She presents a highly amused Star with a strap-on harness. When queried she explains that it's for sex therapy. Star allows Kendra to suck and fuck her strap-on before giving her the reward she had originally intended - a mind free from memory so that she cannot be help culpable for Star's escape.

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Includes lesbian domination, mesmerize, super villain, strap-on, dildo sucking

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20 minutes



The Perilous Catwoman
Featuring Star Nine

I always have room in my lair for more sylvesters. you don't exactly have an option. One little whiff of My catatonia and you were just aching to tell Me all about the keys - just imagine what a full tank can do. Now inhale and tell Me all about it. Nothing like chemical mind control to train the perfect henchman. Soon you'll be My obedient tomcat. Brushing up against My calves, purring, nuzzling My stiletto boots. A little pet, a little nuzzle, a little feather to play with. There really is no point resisting Me. Yes, you want to obey Me. You crave My attention above all else. My obedient sylvester. Soon you'll be eating My table scraps and following My every command. Imagine all the things you will do for Me. The crimes you'll commit. So much easier to be a puppet instead of a man. You will thank Me over and over and over again.

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Incudes super villain, mind fuck, mental domination

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15 minutes



Supergirl Entrapped & Collared
Featuring Mia Vallis & Star Nine

Aspiring super villain Mia Vallis poses as a damsel in distress. All goes according to plan as Supergirl responds to her cries for help. As Supergirl leans forward to untie Mia's ankles, the aspiring villain quickly places a kryptonite collar around the heroine's neck.

What follows is a one sided beatdown as Mia easily tosses the weakened superheroine around alternately pinning her and throwing her into the wall, pummeling her belly and demanding intel on her cousin & on her friend Batgirl. It's obvious that Mia possesses Amazonian strength & Supergirl tries hopelessly to talk her into using her powers for good, then later to test her true strength by removing the collar, but she cannot dissuade Mia from her plans & eventually lies weak & broken as Mia pulls her by the hair, humiliating the broken heroine, pressing her face into her muscular ass.

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Includes superheroine, supervillain, beatdowns, belly punching, amazons, female fighting, muscle domination

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14 minutes



Ivy & The Professor
Featuring Lance Hart & Star Nine

A young Ivy uses her pheromones to capture, enslave & brainwash a professor into handing over his million dollar invention. Her pheromone spray, attentive vines & poison kisses will keep him her willing slave, turning over all future inventions for her profit.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, kissing, magic control

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10 minutes



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