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Stuck & Used
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Star is visiting her hometown for a friend's wedding. She's getting ready to go to dinner with her parents and an old crush and is taking a bath when she somehow gets her big toe stuck in the faucet. Star struggles but is unable to free herself. Luckily her cellphone is within reach & she calls the front desk.

The maintenance guy is pissed, it's the end of his shift and he was about to go home, now he has to deal with some stupid guest. He frees Star by sawing the faucet off, but it unable to get the remaining bit of metal off her toe. Star is humiliated by the idea of her childhood crush seeing her with a hunk of metal on her toe and begs the maintenance guy to help her. He agrees to help her, but only if she will do him a favor later. Star hastily agrees . . .

The favor turns out to be a series of humiliating tasks. He has her crawl around nude on a leash, uses her as a coffee table, and rakes her feet while having her balance a glass of water.

As a final humiliation, he uses a strong vibrator on her while ordering her not to cum. He warns her that there will be consequences if she disobeys.

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Stuck Fetish, Male Domination, Bondage, Foot Fetish, Forced Orgasms, Humiliation

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