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CEI Sissy Training
Featuring Star Nine

you can thank Me now for the special treat I'm going to give you, you can call it a sacrament. you get to be My little sissy, cum guzzling, whore today - just what you've always aspired to. Tell Me how much you ache to slurp it out of your hand and swallow it down for me.

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Includes cei, sissy sluts, sissy training, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, mental domination

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10 minutes



Drained & Caged
Featuring Star Nine

My wayward little sissy, crawling back to Me after months in the closet, all alone with your poppers and your sissy hole. Crawling back to Me in your lingerie, missing your cage, naked lips.

That locked up little sissy slut, bring her out. Kneel as I lock a new cage over your little clitty. Pucker up as I paint your lips slut red. Eagerly suck My high heels. Sniff & feel that little clitty swell.

Goddess is more powerful than your little bottle, sniff between My nylon toes for that real, ecstatic, squirting, rush.

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Includes chastity, sissy sluts, sissy training, orgasm control, foot domination, mind fuck

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20 minutes



Dominated By The Submissive Woman 2
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane has you put on your silky new slip & shiny pantyhose and trains you as her new sissy in this sequel to Dominated By The Submissive Woman. Good sissies suck & obey.

Show me what a good little submissive boy you are, all dressed up in your pretty slip & shiny pantyhose. Feel the nice smooth silky nylon rubbing up against your dick, salivate over my nylon toes. Now that you're my sissy, you'll have to do anything I say even if you don't want to, it's inevitable.

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Includes pantyhose domination, sissy training, sissy sluts, femdom pov

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11 minutes



The sissy, his Wife & The Saleswoman
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra takes great delight in exposing you, her sissy faggot husband, at every opportunity. She suppresses a laugh as she opens the door to a pantyhose saleswoman (Star). She invites Star in & introduces you as the lady of the house. At first Star tries to take you seriously, she maintains professionalism as she shows you her wares, but soon she is laughing away & joining in as Kendra humiliates you. Soon they have you stripped down to your sissy lingerie and rubbing your little clitty until you cream your pantyhose.

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Includes pantyhose domination, sissy sluts, double domination, femdom pov, sissy training

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13 minutes



Sissy's Extreme Electrical Training
Featuring Star Nine

Look at you all dressed up for Me with your shiny red lipstick & fancy new toy - an electrified cage that goes all the way up to 15. This will require some experimentation, do you think it really turns all the way up to 15, or is it really just 10 with more increments on the dial?

I make use of your slutty red mouth having you take all 6 inches of My stiletto heels before having you attach the electrodes to your cruel metal sissy cage. Let's see if we can make you squirt, turning it all the way to 15 as you worship and sniff My addictive nylons. The sharp electric pulses are your only chance of release.

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Includes sissy sluts, orgasm control, chastity, pantyhose domination, electric play, cbt instruction, mind fuck, layered nylon

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21 minutes



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