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Ivy & The Developer
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Successful developer Dixie Comet surveys her new parcel of land. It's a beautiful plot, but most of the trees will have to come down before she can develop it.

Poison Ivy sits in her favorite oak tree swinging her legs & frowning at Dixie's conversation. She leans and and kisses a flower bud before blowing it's pollen in Dixie's direction. The developer is drawn over by the intoxicating smell of pollen in the air.

Ivy tries to bring the developer over to her side, encouraging her to strip and feel the natural breeze on her skin. She laps at Dixie's pussy, making her cum nude in nature. To her disappointment, these charms don't work. Dixie is still money hungry. She leaves Ivy no choice, she binds the developer to the tree with her vines & paralyzes her with a poison kiss.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, pussy eating, lesbian domination, outdoors, natural light, forced stripping, poison ivy

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14 minutes



Mia Dominates Star
Featuring Mia Vallis & Star Nine

Amazon Mia Vallis dominates Star turning her into her little BDSM plaything. From a physical take-down she strings Star up by her wrists and beats her back and chest, wedging her mouth open with a huge gag before cutting her clothes off. Once her dress is shredded beyond repair, Mia whips her naked body before chaining her spread-eagle on the ground and tormenting her with a tight crotch-rope, nipple clamps, and forced orgasms.

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Includes lesbian domination, amazons, bdsm, nipple clamps, crotch-rope, forced orgasms, whipping, flogging, clothing destruction

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38 minutes



Captured Outdoors
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star is abducted and bound in the woods. Dixie, her captor, cuts her dress off and whips her before staking her out spread-eagle with nipple clamps and a vibrator. Star's oiled body glistens in the sun as she whimpers and cums.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, outdoors, nipple clamps, flogging, forced orgasms, bdsm

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23 minutes



Barn Slave
Featuring Cheyenne Jewel & Star Nine

Cheyenne wants to turn me into her slave, but I refuse. She thinks her stingy little rubber flogger will convince me and whips my hot, glistening body while I am bound spread eagle. First she has me bound standing outdoors, then on my back inside where she flogs my tits and pussy.

Includes bondage, flogging, slave training, outdoor bondage

11 minutes



Beach Creep
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle catches you following her down the beach, you can't keep your eyes off of her high arched size 9's walking through the wet sand. She turns to glare a couple of times before finally telling you to leave her alone. You can't resist though, and you continue to follow her until she stops & calls you on your foot fetish.

Candle teases you with her toes and soles, digging deep into the wet sand, splashing in pools of water. She shows you her clean soles, then makes them sandy and displays them that way for you as well.

After she's had enough, she writes d-i-r-t-y f-e-e-t in the sand with her long toes before sending you on your way.

Includes voyeurism, dirty feet, outdoors, foot fetish

7 minutes



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