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Regression Candy
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie has her 3pm office breakdown right on cue. Star has learned to keep candy in her purse for her coworker's afternoon meltdowns, but she is sick of coddling Dixie & has come up with a plan to calm her coworker down. Instead of the usual tootsie rolls, Star offers Dixie a candy baby bottle.

Dixie rejects the bottle at first, but when she realizes sucking at the candy teat is her only option for relief she hungrily grabs it. Soon Star has her coworker diapered, spanked, vibrated, and most importantly, soothed & pacified.

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Includes age regression, diapers, office domination, lesbian domination, hair brush spanking, otk spanking, forced orgasms

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16 minutes



Wedgie & Spanking Punishment
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane mouths off in detention after giving wedgies to a classmate. Her teacher, Star, decides to give her a taste of her own medicine when she refuses to complete her detention writing assignment. Pulling her unruly student up from her seat, Star proceeds to give Ashley several deep wedgies before noticing how inappropriate her underwear are! Ashley picks her wedgies, arguing with her teacher. Star pulls the offending panties even higher up Ashley's crack before pulling her over her knee for a hard spanking & even more wedgies.

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Includes wedgies, otk spanking, school uniform

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11 minutes



Foster Care 2
Featuring Cupcake SinClair & Star Nine

Cupcake seeks refuge from the chaos of her group home in the quiet garage. Kicking her feet in the air, she reads comic books while eating from a package of cookies. Her solitude is interrupted by her foster mom, Star, who swiftly punishes Cupcake for sneaking around, hiding, and pilfering cookies. Star draws Cupcake over her knee for a hard spanking, pulling her panties down midway through.

As Cupcake rubs her sore bottom, Star devises further punishment. Spreading a diaper out on the floor, she orders Cupcake to chew and spit the pilfered cookies into it before fastening it tight over her sore bottom. Cupcake is ordered back inside without her skirt, humiliated that all of her foster siblings will see her in her messy diaper.

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Includes otk spanking, schoolgirl, f/f spanking, diaper humiliation

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18 minutes



HOM Punishment
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star teaches her boyfriend's bratty little sister a lesson, clamping her hand over Arielle's mouth for the duration of a hard spanking. Star's not going to stop until Arielle agrees to be polite and clean the living room, but Arielle remains defiant until Star pushes her into submission with a tight hand smother.

Includes OTK spanking, HOM, smother

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13 minutes



Arielle Spanks Pipsqueak
Featuring Arielle Lane

You're enjoying the view of Arielle's ass in the shower when the phone begins to ring.

You run and hide as she towels off and picks up the phone. It's your annoying sister on the other end, trying to ruin your fun. You've gotten used to being a little pipsqueak sized man and are starting to realize the benefits of being able to sneak around right under everyone's nose.

Sure, no one takes you seriously anymore, but you can sneak in and out of all the neighborhood girls' houses and creep around in their panty drawers.

That's what you were doing when you heard Arielle get in the shower. And that's what your sister is warning her about on the phone. You watch Arielle's feet as they pace in front of you. As she discovers her open panty drawer. As she gets off the phone and begins to call out to you, reminding you of the hard spanking she gave you last time.

Finally her feet get a little too close and you panic. You try to make a run for it, but she easily grabs you and pulls you over her knee for another hard spanking. You had no chance, you're just so little now. She beats your ass as you struggle in her lap gazing down at her feet. You're never going to learn are you?

Includes giantess, pov spanking, OTK Spanking

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11 minutes



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