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Nurse Maya's Exam
Featuring Star Nine

Dr. Nine has had her eye on the new nurse, Maya Kendrick, and has a plan to have her way with her. She leads Maya into an exam room, asking her to check that all of the supplies are appropriately stocked. As Maya leans over the cabinet, Star picks up a breathing mask hooked up to N20 & clamps it over Maya's face. The nurse struggles as the gas works on her, her eyes rolling back in her head until finally she is limp & Star lays her back on the exam table. With Maya out, the doctor is able to complete her exam and have her fun.

Dr. Nine checks Maya's blood pressure, her eyes, ears, throat and reflexes before inserting a speculum and examining her cervix. Announcing Maya's perfect bill of health, Dr. Nine moves on to a more personal examination, licking and fingering Maya, making her twitch and cum in her sleep as Star examines her sexual response.

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Includes sleepy, limp fetish, medical fetish, nurse uniform, medical exam, lesbian domination

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Totally Committed
Featuring Star Nine

Star ushers you into the room, visibly annoyed. She paces back and forth in her white lab coat as she complains about the director's latest bright idea - little white uniforms for the nurses. She holds up the uniform, an old man's porn fantasy she calls it, saying the director should be one of their mental patients. He's due for retirement she says, the trouble is that there's no guarantee that the board will elect you to his post.

Star turns on the charm, she removes her glasses, shakes her long hair out of it's bun. She has a brilliant plan that will secure your spot at the top, and hers alongside you. She gets up on the table, puts on a little show, strips down to her control top pantyhose. She's sure that she's convinced you.

Star is visibly flustered when you say you'll have to think about it, but she quickly recovers, even agrees to wear the slutty little nurse uniform for you despite her being a doctor. Soon you have her diapered and restrained to the hospital bed, humping her pillow like one of the patients. You enjoy the show, almost as much as you enjoy what is to come next.

Released, Star looks around for her clothes. She didn't realize you were so kinky. She seems confused when you tell her that she won't be needing clothes anymore, panics when she hears the voices in the hall - the director and all the nursing staff are on their way here right now?

Star desperately tries to cover herself, caught in nothing but white nurses' pantyhose and the puffy diaper you put her in! She melts into a temper tantrum as the staff mocks her, as the director threatens her with a nice long rest.

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Diaper, Age Regression, Bondage, Nurse Play, Medical Clinic, Straightjacket

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The Treatment
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

Tomiko struggles in her straight jacket. She's been hospitalized for so long, she knows she doesn't belong here. She yells for the nurse. Nurse Star eventually enters; it's time for Tomiko's treatment.

This is not Tomiko's first treatment. She tries to refuse, twisting away from the nurse, trying to press her knees together. She pleads with Star, who insists that it is necessary for her recovery. Tomiko protests that the nurse doesn't understand, doesn't know what it does, should try it on herself.

Nurse Star argues that the treatment wouldn't work on her, she doesn't have hysteria, but she eventually gives in to Tomiko's pleading and settles down in the bedside chair. She tests the strength of the vibrations against her hand before hiking her white uniform up and pressing the head of the device up against her white pantyhose and panties.

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Solo Masturbation, Orgasms, Medical Fetish, Straight Jacket, Bondage, Nurse Uniform

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