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Nurse Maya's Exam
Featuring Star Nine

Dr. Nine has had her eye on the new nurse, Maya Kendrick, and has a plan to have her way with her. She leads Maya into an exam room, asking her to check that all of the supplies are appropriately stocked. As Maya leans over the cabinet, Star picks up a breathing mask hooked up to N20 & clamps it over Maya's face. The nurse struggles as the gas works on her, her eyes rolling back in her head until finally she is limp & Star lays her back on the exam table. With Maya out, the doctor is able to complete her exam and have her fun.

Dr. Nine checks Maya's blood pressure, her eyes, ears, throat and reflexes before inserting a speculum and examining her cervix. Announcing Maya's perfect bill of health, Dr. Nine moves on to a more personal examination, licking and fingering Maya, making her twitch and cum in her sleep as Star examines her sexual response.

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Includes sleepy, limp fetish, medical fetish, nurse uniform, medical exam, lesbian domination

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31 minutes



OC Housewife
Featuring Dixie Comet, Star Nine & Nate Liquor

All these OC housewives are the same, treating their doctors like drug dealers. The board may have ordered a crackdown on excessive benzo prescriptions, but Dr. Liquor needs to keep his patients happy. He may not be able to renew their prescriptions, but he can offer a hush hush "experimental" iv drip to relieve their tension - to relieve his tension. He gets a kick out of the way they lose consciousness before they pass out, how he can have a handful of tit while they are still talking.

This one is all smiles after he's knocked her out and fucked her. It's their little secret, but the nurse walks in before he can put the iv stand away. She sniffs it out, but happily sticks out her arm when he explains the situation. Two in a row. Not a bad afternoon.

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Includes sleepy fetish, medical fetish

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19 minutes



Wrong Girl
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie knows a rich bitch when she sees one. The girl her partner fingered in the park insists that she can't be who Dixie is looking for. Her father can't pay any ransom, he's dead! She gets hysterical, convinced that Dixie must have kidnapped her for other reasons, stuttering about being made into a sex slave. Dixie knocks her out, she's making too much noise. That whole sex slave thing's not a bad idea though, she does have her strap-on.

Dixie strips the limp blonde and straps her cock on. She takes a selfie for her partner with her cock in her mouth. The girl wakes up gagging and Dixie puts her back out. She fingers her tight little butthole before plunging her cock into her pussy.

Dixie gets a taste of her own medicine when her partner arrives. It WAS the wrong girl & he is not amused at the mess he has to clean up

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Includes sleepy, lesbian domination

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20 minutes



The Anesthesia Scheme
Featuring Cupcake SinClair, Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Glee spreads across Star's face as she stands beside the doctor gazing down at the hospital bed. Her business rival Cupcake SinClair lays there, hooked up to the IV, unconscious. Star suggests the doctor may want to leave the room for insurance purposes. He reluctantly complies.

Star crawls on top of the hospital bed, lifting Cupcakes limp limbs and mocking her. She cuts off the flow of the IV drip, waking her victim as she shoves a gloved hand inside her body. Cupcake gasps in terror as Star mocks her, one hand inside and one clamped over her mouth. She increases the IV flow knocking Cupcake back out.

It's time to pay off the doctor. He thumbs through the envelope as Star continues to gloat. This isn't what they agreed on. Star brushes it off, suggests he could make some money renting out the limp patient. The doctor has another idea, he plunges a syringe into Star's neck and she goes limp in his arms. He strips her down to her pantyhose and secures her limp limbs in a straitjacket. She is not pleased when she wakes up. Yelling and struggling to get to her feet, Star tries to wake Cupcake to free her. She's making too much noise. The doctor returns and knocks her back out, draping her limp body atop Cupcakes on the hospital bed. Now he has two limp girls to make money off of.

Includes limp fetish, straitjacket, medical clinic

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14 minutes



Nurse Dixie
Featuring Dixie Comet, Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Nurse Dixie questions her patient about her symptoms while she takes her blood pressure. Star is resistant, won't talk to her, wants to wait for the doctor. Dixie quietly snaps, she's sick of patients disrespecting her medical training.

Dixie pretends to look for her stethoscope. She soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps her hand over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles, she tries to push Dixie away but the drug takes hold, her eyes flutter back as she goes limp.

Nurse Dixie strips the patient, playing with her limp limbs before calling in the doctor.

Dr. Woodman is not impressed. This is the third one this week! He tests Star's limp limbs and examines her limp body, but he can't really diagnose the patient without knowing her symptoms! She begins to come to and he asks the nurse for the rag. Dixie & Dr. Woodman hold her down and try to question her, but she's too agitated & Dr. Woodman knocks her back out. They'll have to put her in psych like the others. Dr. Woodman leaves the room to make arrangements, telling the nurse to keep an eye on her - no funny business.

Dixie takes out her strap-on and applies surgical lube to the patient's exposed pussy. She fucks Star's limp body, pulling her close. The doctor returns as Dixie is finishing. He clamps the rag over her mouth and nose, the psych ward has two beds open. He drags the nurse's limp body out of the room before returning to carry Star out. Star begins to stir and he places the rag over her mouth. Her eyes flutter gently as she goes deeper. He pulls her limp body into his arms and carries her out of the room.

Includes 4x chloroform KOs, limp play, eye check, strap-on fucking, cradle carry

15 minutes