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Ivy & The Developer
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Successful developer Dixie Comet surveys her new parcel of land. It's a beautiful plot, but most of the trees will have to come down before she can develop it.

Poison Ivy sits in her favorite oak tree swinging her legs & frowning at Dixie's conversation. She leans and and kisses a flower bud before blowing it's pollen in Dixie's direction. The developer is drawn over by the intoxicating smell of pollen in the air.

Ivy tries to bring the developer over to her side, encouraging her to strip and feel the natural breeze on her skin. She laps at Dixie's pussy, making her cum nude in nature. To her disappointment, these charms don't work. Dixie is still money hungry. She leaves Ivy no choice, she binds the developer to the tree with her vines & paralyzes her with a poison kiss.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, pussy eating, lesbian domination, outdoors, natural light, forced stripping, poison ivy

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14 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Star is captured, bound in a standing position with her hands over her head. She struggles in her strappy high heels and mini-dress. Later she is bound spread eagle on the bed, her limbs tightly spread apart, she can barely move, but still struggles in an attempt to untie herself. You can see up her short skirt, she's wearing no panties. Now she is nude, in the same position, her torso bathed in natural light.

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Bondage, Struggling, Rope Bondage, Bondage Device, Damsel In Distress, DID

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