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Drained & Caged
Featuring Star Nine

My wayward little sissy, crawling back to Me after months in the closet, all alone with your poppers and your sissy hole. Crawling back to Me in your lingerie, missing your cage, naked lips.

That locked up little sissy slut, bring her out. Kneel as I lock a new cage over your little clitty. Pucker up as I paint your lips slut red. Eagerly suck My high heels. Sniff & feel that little clitty swell.

Goddess is more powerful than your little bottle, sniff between My nylon toes for that real, ecstatic, squirting, rush.

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Includes chastity, sissy sluts, sissy training, orgasm control, foot domination, mind fuck

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20 minutes



Chastity Mind Fuck
Featuring Star Nine

The smooth, cold, metal cage, a symbol of your frustration in more ways than one. Like jewelry - a symbol of prestige a symbol of ownership. It comes with a key and unlike a collar you could arguably get away with wearing it all the time. you think this is a form of devotion, an erotic game of chance. you think it's all about control, giving it up, putting it in My hands. As if you could be much more a slave to me than you are already.

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Includes chastity, mind fuck, pantyhose domination, mental domination

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18 minutes



Massaging Mommy's Feet
Featuring Star Nine

It's your favorite place to be. On the floor, gazing up at Mommy, innocent, wondering why are Mommy's legs so shiny. That state of innocence you always dream of going back to, that ego-less state. There's nothing there at all, just Mommy's voice and Her dangling heel right in front of your adoring eyes. Peaceful, safe, ego free, massaging Mommy's feet, wanting nothing more than to be a part of Her, so close that when she cuts Her finger you claim personal injury.

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Includes age regression, pantyhose domination, mind fuck, foot massage, mesmerize

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11 minutes



White Noise
Featuring Star Nine

How many videos of Mine do you have by now? It's like I've become your television, your very specifically targeted programming.

TV serves to quiet the mind, it shuts out all that white noise running through your head - taxes, bills, needing to get the car into the shop, whether you could have said something differently, done something differently. All that traumatic noise racing around in your head goes quiet under the flashing lights as you imagine yourself saving the damsel; preventing the explosion.

Now if your basic cable TV show can do all that to your mind, what do you think all the chronic viewing of My clips does to your subconscious? I shut out all the white noise, don't I? When you're thinking of Me you're thinking of nothing else besides how you can serve Me. your mind shuts down besides that little dopamine rush whooshing through your system.

Imagine a constant drip of pleasing brain chemicals keeping you in a persistent relaxed state. An experiment, what will happen to your life if you fill the entire void, replace all that white noise, with the simple sound of My nylons rubbing against each other? A constant audio playlist of My soft, calming, voice persistent in your ear. Turned down low so that I am the white noise, I am the background sounds that inspire you throughout the day, the quiet chatter in the bedroom at night as you re drifting off to sleep. My voice is your favorite nature sound MP3.

Imagine the dream states My voice induces in you. And that's just audio.

Binge binge binge, fill your entire life with My content. Most tasks done frequently enough, automatically enough, become little hypnotic triggers in themselves. Persistent habits of serving and shopping and stroking. Yes even your stroking addiction when triggered unconsciously, even that can become a meditative state. Stroking, edging for hours at a time on your knees before My image. On your knees with My voice in your ear. All those hormones, all those brain chemicals mixing into to such a delicious cocktail. you have some shopping to do. you have some playlists to make. My voice in your ears. My image on your screen. I am the white noise. I am your subconscious. I am the purpose behind every single thing you do.

listen work binge serve stroke submit kneel worship

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Includes mesmerize, mind fuck, mental domination, pantyhose domination, goddess worship

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13 minutes



Sissy's Extreme Electrical Training
Featuring Star Nine

Look at you all dressed up for Me with your shiny red lipstick & fancy new toy - an electrified cage that goes all the way up to 15. This will require some experimentation, do you think it really turns all the way up to 15, or is it really just 10 with more increments on the dial?

I make use of your slutty red mouth having you take all 6 inches of My stiletto heels before having you attach the electrodes to your cruel metal sissy cage. Let's see if we can make you squirt, turning it all the way to 15 as you worship and sniff My addictive nylons. The sharp electric pulses are your only chance of release.

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Includes sissy sluts, orgasm control, chastity, pantyhose domination, electric play, cbt instruction, mind fuck, layered nylon

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21 minutes



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