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Having a Ball
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Lauren (Star Nine) is on a weekend trip with her husband for his bowling tournament. Toweling off from a shower, she comes across a magazine article about a man who bowls with his feet. Skeptical, she eyes her husband's bowling bag. She's able to get her big toe into the ball with the help of a little lotion. Her amusement turns to horror as she realizes she's stuck - that lotion was superglue!

Lauren struggles to free her hands & big toe from the heavy ball, but it's hopeless. She braves the trip to the hospital and the trip home, stuck nude with the heavy ball attached to her. Finally her hands are free, but that ball is a little more stubborn . . .

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Includes stuck fetish, damsel in distress, struggling, humor

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17 minutes



Lost in the Woods
Featuring Dixie Comet

Dixie takes a shortcut through the woods, she rips her skirt ducking some barbed wire & soon after that she loses the trail. She keeps getting tangled up in the bushes and low lying tree limbs & begins to get a little creeped out, lost in the woods all by herself. As the branches pull at her clothing they begin to take on a life of their own. She struggles and stumbles, eventually losing her skirt, sweater & even her panties. She tumbles into a pile of brambles and stands up with her tank top ripped open. Cowering with her back up against a tree, naked besides her converse & shredded tank. She wonders whether she will ever make it out of the forest.

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Includes clothing destruction, aliens & monsters, wedgies, damsel in distress, struggling, humor

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9 minutes



Sleepy The Clown
Featuring Miss Quin & Star Nine

Star bends over a box complaining to herself - she should have just hired movers. The doorbell rings. Star opens the door to one of her new neighbors welcoming her to the neighborhood. The petite clown motions at Star to sniff the flowers. Star leans in and is surprised by one of the clown's tricks.

Quin plays with the new girl in her lair. She has grand plans to turn her into a fun loving clown. She squeezes Star's mouth open and penetrates her with a balloon animal. She begins to strip her play thing, running away when she wakes up.

Star struggles to her feet and gives chase. She corners the clown, who extends her hand for a shake. This is so surreal - Star accepts. The joy buzzer jolts Star & she collapses on the bed. Quin finishes stripping her and places a bright red foam nose on her face. Soon Star will look just like her.

Includes sleepy, clowns, humor

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10 minutes



Stuck Snoop
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Most stuck fantasies have their origins in the comedic sitcoms of the 1960's. Stuck Snoop is an homage to the genre complete with goofy music and laugh track.

Star is wheeled into the apartment covered in a sheet. Her friend awkwardly helps her up onto the bed, removing the sheet and revealing her condition. Cue the laugh track. Star is in quite the predicament, her hands are firmly adhered to her ankles, and is that a chunk of wood stuck between her toes? Obviously uncomfortable, Star recounts the story of how she ended up in this situation as we view the comedic flashback.

Star sheepishly wraps up the tale of how she snooped and found her friends' porno mag, got a little carried away and broke his favorite mug. Ahhh super-glue.

Her friend jokingly warns her not to get into any more trouble while he heads to the pharmacy to pick up the solvent cream. Star tries to entertain herself, but can barely read a magazine in her condition, much less operate the tv remote or phone! She finally decides to practice walking around in her awkward state but ends up ass in the air over the ottoman! The key turns in the lock, but to her horror it's her friend's buddy trying to pick up his golf clubs! Boy does he ever get an eyeful!

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Includes stuck fetish, struggling, humor

22 minutes



Desperate Captive
Featuring Star Nine & Nate Liquor

Star begs to be put down as the man carries her over his shoulder into the house. He plops her on the couch, then has her switch to his other side. They are cuffed together. Star fidgets, nervous, a little bit scared. She also needs to pee, having been abducted from a party while she was in line for the bathroom. She knows she's being held for ransom & tries to sit quietly while they wait. She crosses and uncrosses her legs.

The other man goes out for supplies and Star works up the courage to politely ask about using the restroom. Her captor explains that he isn't in charge and that they'll have to wait for his colleague (Victor) who just left!

Thirty minutes later, Star is desperate to pee. Her captor ignores her pleas to use the restroom, watching tv, making water related comments. Finally Victor returns and Star begs him to let her out of the cuffs so that she can use the restroom. Victor stares at her in disbelief. What makes her think he has the key? The boss has the key.

More time has passed. The man Star is handcuffed to drags her around the room, sloshing her full bladder. He teases her, pretending he's going to take her to the bathroom, then changing directions to check his phone or grab some snacks. Victor returns and Star begs again to use the restroom, she is now so desperate that she doesn't care if they see her peeing. Victor agrees but they discover that the bathroom door is locked! Star begs to be taken outside, she can pee in the yard, but her captors refuse. Their boss will be there soon with the keys and she can pee then.

More time has passed. Star is beyond desperate, she pulls against the handcuffs, whining and pressing her knees together. The men argue with each other, worried that she's going to make a mess in the boss's house. As they bicker Star releases her bladder making a huge puddle on the floor. The boss is going to be pissed.

Includes desperation, pee, damsel in distress, humor

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22 minutes



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