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Having a Ball
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Lauren (Star Nine) is on a weekend trip with her husband for his bowling tournament. Toweling off from a shower, she comes across a magazine article about a man who bowls with his feet. Skeptical, she eyes her husband's bowling bag. She's able to get her big toe into the ball with the help of a little lotion. Her amusement turns to horror as she realizes she's stuck - that lotion was superglue!

Lauren struggles to free her hands & big toe from the heavy ball, but it's hopeless. She braves the trip to the hospital and the trip home, stuck nude with the heavy ball attached to her. Finally her hands are free, but that ball is a little more stubborn . . .

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Includes stuck fetish, damsel in distress, struggling, humor

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17 minutes



Sorority Prank
Featuring Star Nine, Holden Holloway & Ashley Lane

After playing an epic trick on a rival sorority, Star finds herself the target of their revenge. Late to class, she rushes to put lotion on her legs, only to discover the hard way that she's been pranked. Her lotion replaced with glue, Star ends up stuck and naked, subjected to humiliation after humiliation in her helpless state.

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Includes stuck fetish, struggling

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24 minutes



A Captivating Dream
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Star falls asleep reading a risqué book and has a kinky dream. She's carted into a room and held in bondage in various devices, kept naked indoors and out, trained as a slave. The dream goes on and on and eventually Star isn't sure what's actually real. Finally she falls asleep om a pile of straw in a wooden crate. Waking back up in the bed she fell asleep in she sighs in relief. It was just a dream. Or was it?

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Includes bondage device, slave training

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38 minutes



Stuck Snoop
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Most stuck fantasies have their origins in the comedic sitcoms of the 1960's. Stuck Snoop is an homage to the genre complete with goofy music and laugh track.

Star is wheeled into the apartment covered in a sheet. Her friend awkwardly helps her up onto the bed, removing the sheet and revealing her condition. Cue the laugh track. Star is in quite the predicament, her hands are firmly adhered to her ankles, and is that a chunk of wood stuck between her toes? Obviously uncomfortable, Star recounts the story of how she ended up in this situation as we view the comedic flashback.

Star sheepishly wraps up the tale of how she snooped and found her friends' porno mag, got a little carried away and broke his favorite mug. Ahhh super-glue.

Her friend jokingly warns her not to get into any more trouble while he heads to the pharmacy to pick up the solvent cream. Star tries to entertain herself, but can barely read a magazine in her condition, much less operate the tv remote or phone! She finally decides to practice walking around in her awkward state but ends up ass in the air over the ottoman! The key turns in the lock, but to her horror it's her friend's buddy trying to pick up his golf clubs! Boy does he ever get an eyeful!

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Includes stuck fetish, struggling, humor

22 minutes



Slave Auction
Featuring Star Nine & Holden Holloway

Star is on a business trip, getting ready to go to an important industry dinner. She steps out of the bath & realizes that she forgot to fix her broken heel! She sits on the bed in her bath towel and gets the superglue she picked up earlier out of her purse. She tries to glue her heel back on, but ends up getting glue on her hands in the process. Soon she is stuck! Her hands stuck to her lower legs - she struggles to break the bond, but she is stuck!

After a long time, she hears a knock and a male voice saying "maid service". Star reluctantly tells him to come in, she desperately needs his help. After having a good laugh, the man tells her he will take her to a doctor.

Star is suspicious of the doctor, but she really wants her hands unstuck! She pleads with him to free her, but instead he examines her and puts her through slave training! She has to endure clothespins on her toes and nipples, being used as human furniture & cumming on command! Finally she is packed up with saran wrap and a ball-gag and shipped off to auction.

Star struggles desperately to free herself before it is announced that she has been sold to a mystery bidder . . .

To Be Continued ;)

Includes stuck fetish, damsel in distress, forniphilia, human furniture, male domination, orgasm control, slave training

33 minutes



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