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Ivy & The Developer
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Successful developer Dixie Comet surveys her new parcel of land. It's a beautiful plot, but most of the trees will have to come down before she can develop it.

Poison Ivy sits in her favorite oak tree swinging her legs & frowning at Dixie's conversation. She leans and and kisses a flower bud before blowing it's pollen in Dixie's direction. The developer is drawn over by the intoxicating smell of pollen in the air.

Ivy tries to bring the developer over to her side, encouraging her to strip and feel the natural breeze on her skin. She laps at Dixie's pussy, making her cum nude in nature. To her disappointment, these charms don't work. Dixie is still money hungry. She leaves Ivy no choice, she binds the developer to the tree with her vines & paralyzes her with a poison kiss.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, pussy eating, lesbian domination, outdoors, natural light, forced stripping, poison ivy

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14 minutes



Escaped Prisoner
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

After a successful prison break, Star looks to equip herself with a new identity. She walks through the woods, searching for a farmhouse. Instead she finds Dixie working in her sketchbook. She creeps up on her and asks her nicely to trade clothes.

Star had initially only intended to take Dixie's clothing, but she gets turned on by her fear. She creeps on Dixie, forcing her to strip & eat her pussy. Then she licks Dixie's pussy while humping her hand before dressing in her clothing & going on her way.

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Includes lesbian domination, limp fetish, sleepy fetish, clothing exchange, forced stripping, pussy eating

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15 minutes



Left Penniless
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is tricked into signing away her inheritance when her stepmother exploits her masochistic tendencies.

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Includes lesbian domination, french maid, blackmail, spanking, forced orgasms, forced stripping, mental domination, mind fuck, slave training

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23 minutes



Codes From Quintuplets
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kymberly Jane plays a secret agent on a mission to retrieve a code from a rival agency. The code is protected by a set of quintuplets who each have a fragment of it memorized. Kym must track down and interrogate each sister in order to gain all four parts of the code for her agency. She sails through sisters 1-3, leaving each one bound and gagged before moving on to the next. Quintuplet #1 gets a brutal hair tie. Sister #2 gets her head duct-taped to a post . . .

Kym's made one fatal error, perhaps she just enjoys torturing the sister's too much - by the time Kym reaches the final quintuplet, she's expecting her.

Includes bondage, forced stripping

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29 minutes



Tamed & Sold - Part 2 of 3
Featuring Selene Drake & Nixi & Star Nine

Part 2 of an epic, feature length, slave training movie that I shot this fall with Steve Noir. I will be releasing the full video this week in 3 big chunks, as well as selected individual scenes. - Part 1 is available here The Tamer continues to wear the Business Woman down, putting her through a series of submissive poses. Finally, the Tamer breaks her captive utilizing a mixture of pleasure & pain. The Tamer demands submission. The Business Woman repeats that she will not be tamed as the Tamer begins to spank her. She protests until the Tamer begins to handle her pussy. Losing herself to the Tamer's powers, she moans. Finally, allowed to cum, the Business Woman loses her self completely.

The Tamer's pet sits quietly by her side. A surprise visitor storms in. The Tamer stands to face her. Who would have thought that the American Business Woman would be the perfect bait for an Amazonian Warrior Princess (Nixi)?

The intruder throws her lasso. It lands around the Tamer's waist, but it betrays her. The Tamer mocks the Amazonian, naming her Saviour. She explains that she's too late, her pet won't leave willingly with her now. Grasping the intruder's lasso, she details her plans for a double auction. The intruder feels the Tamer's powers rushing through her. She does her best to resist the Tamer's powers, but she is soon worn down, stripped of her bracelets, trained & forced to cum.

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Lesbian Domination, Slut Training, Forced Orgasms, Superheroines, Submissive/Slave Training, Forced Stripping

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43 minutes



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