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Dominated By The Submissive Woman
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane exploits your weakness, proving that submissive men like you cave before all women. You didn't really think you were her equal did you? Her dangling heels and long nylon legs have you mesmerized and out of control as you stroke in worn nylons, take incriminating selfies and go on a little shopping spree.

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Includes pantyhose domination, female supremacy, dangling, high heels, sissy training

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11 minutes



Pantyhose Play With Sovereign
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

Sovereign Syre interviews me regarding Female Supremacy - I explain the difference between FS and feminism. She questions my wearing the patriarchy's pantyhose & high heels. I explain my tactic of using the Femme Fatale trope to my advantage & soon she's extending her bare leg for me to pull a pair of shimmering nude pantyhose over.

Once Sovereign's legs are encased in shiny nylon I go about showing her all the pleasures of pantyhose, from hitatchi orgasms to foot worship to footjobs & tribbing.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, foot worship, vibrator, footjobs, tribbing, kissing

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29 minutes



Unlicensed Procedure
Featuring Star Nine

It's your new years resolution. You've tried to deal with this problem before. Your addiction. You've been to your GP, tried a psychiatrist. You'd given up. Resumed your web addiction. Your habit combined with the holidays has left you in the red. Desperate. You'll try anything. The ad was enticing - permanent freedom from life destroying compulsions. The thrill you felt purchasing and sending bitcoin was familiar. The same rush.

Finally an address, an appointment. You sit in the waiting room breathing heavily. Unsure of what to expect. Expecting a let down. A scam.

There is paperwork to sign. Gloves snap on. There is only one way. Only this permanent solution.

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Includes gelding, medical fetish, female supremacy

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10 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

You've rescued me, the damsel in distress. It's interesting how you went right for the feet instead of taking my gag out or untying my hands so I could help free myself faster.

I allow you to massage my aching feet, to rub your hands over the rope marks.

It must be an ego boost, to help out a damsel in distress. Does it make you feel important, make you feel like a man? Does it fill that empty ache inside your chest?

Walking through life, feeling like something is missing. I know all about your lack, your need to serve. That's what it truly is. You're no hero. You're a slave. All men are slaves. Slaves to that hollow feeling, to that little voice, to those distracting genitals.

Those distracting genitals - even when you thought you were being a white knight, your cock was hard at the thought of how the damsel might thank you, how she'd be so grateful, her pussy would be dripping for you.

You're an empty void, an impressionable vessel. I was always in control. You were always going to untie me, to kneel before me. To serve me. Imagine service. Kneeling at my feet. Purpose. Fulfillment.

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Includes female supremacy, pantyhose domination, foot domination

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11 minutes



The Pitch
Featuring Whitney Morgan

You're amped up for this pitch meeting. You just know you're going to kill it. The network is going to love you. Your eyes wander over to the blonde sitting across the waiting room. Probably some stupid girl interviewing to be an assistant to an assistant, trying to break into the industry. Like that'll ever happen.

She opens her mouth, your eyes must have lingered too long. She asks if you're also there for the pitch meeting. Your jaw drops and she rolls her eyes at you, knows exactly what you were thinking. She keeps talking, boy it's taking a long time. She offers to get you some coffee. Now that's more like it. You ignore her comment about adding something extra and accept the cup. You could get used to people bringing you things when your show gets picked up.

She stretches her legs out towards you and continues to talk. You begin to feel funny. Must be a little warm in here. She continues to taunt you. She says something about how you could die in here and no one would even notice, they'd just assume you partied too hard your first night in LA.

You slowly crumple, sliding to the floor. She slips a foot out of her heels and wiggles her nylon toes in your face. She gloats as you fade away, leaning over to slap your face. She snaps her fingers and you cannot budge.

The secretary enters the room, you were next, but it's too late. Whitney takes your place as you permanently lose consciousness.

Includes executrix, female supremacy, extreme domination

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9 minutes



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