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My Stepmother's A Vampire!
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star catches her stepdaughter, Arielle, trying to sneak out of the house at 2am. Arielle bristles at being caught & wonders why she never sees her stepmother during the day, but here she is lurking & spying on her at night.

Star uses her mesmerizing powers to confuse her stepdaughter, rooting her in place while suggesting she go ahead and leave. Mesmerized Arielle takes on an innocent glow & Star lovingly brushes her hand across her face causing Arielle to flush, her essence rushing to the surface of her skin & making Star lusty.

Pretenses of motherhood temporarily put aside, Star toys with Arielle. She has her stepdaughter strip for her, she pinches her nipples and smacks her ass. Her teeth come in & she almost bites before shoving Arielle away. Arielle turns & sees her teeth - the shock rips her from her mesmerized state, but rather than horrified, Arielle is delighted. She begs Star to turn her.

Star refuses, but Arielle tempts her, shoving her neck, her tits in her face. She pulls down her panties and sits legs splayed, tempting Star with the arteries running through her thighs.

Star bites, Arielle moans orgasmically as her stepmother drains her. She breathlessly asks if she is a vampire yet. Star pulls away just in time & pulls a blanket over her weakened stepdaughter on the couch. She won't be trying to sneak out again tonight!

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, lesbian domination, magic control, biting

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Vampire Lesbian Schoolgirls
Featuring Dixie Comet, Star Nine & Cupcake SinClair

Dixie, Star & Cupcake play a naughty round of truth or dare in Star's room after school. The game is a thinly veiled excuse for the curious girls to have their first lesbian experiences while Star's parents are out of town. Later, Star is home alone when the doorbell rings. She answers the door, stepping back in shock. Her eyes glaze over as she lies on the floor, after a moment she inhales sharply, touching her neck and gasping. She rises, feeling strange, empty, hungry.

Cupcake and Star are studying in the living room. Star keeps glancing at Cupcake, covering her mouth, trying to control her hunger as her new teeth protrude. Her friend smells delicious and Star finally moves in for a taste, quickly draining her completely. There's a brief moment of panic before Star bites her wrist, arousing Cupcake's own hunger. Her friend smiles back at her with new sharp incisors.

Dixie meets her friends in the windowless garage. They dare her to remove all of her clothing and dive on her body, feeding from her tits and inner thighs. Soon she too will be changed.

Includes vampire, schoolgirls

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Baby Slayer
Featuring Star Nine & Evangeline von Winter

Star Nine is a wannabe slayer stalking the neighborhood vampire. She peers in through the window hoping for a glance of the rumored bloodsucker. She gasps as the vampire crosses through the lobby before her very eyes. Star watches her pass & then gently opens the front door, which creaks loudly despite her efforts. She creeps across the lobby and fishes in her pocket for a small round mirror before confronting the vampire. Evangeline rolls her eyes at the intrusion and continues on her way.

Confused, but not shaken, Star trails Evangeline at a distance. This time, when the vampire turns to face her, she brandishes a cross. Evangeline lets her know that won't work either and Star makes a hasty retreat.

Later, Star knocks on the vampire's door. She's been to a special magic shop and is feeling more confident. She pretends to apologize for her earlier behavior and Evangeline invites her in. Star professes her curiosity before brandishing her enchanted weapon which is quickly used against her. She begs the vampire to turn her as she is drained from the breasts.

Includes vampire

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Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

She rests peacefully. Hair pulled back from her neck in a braid. Sheer white nightgown.

I creep in through the window. She'd invited me in for drinks earlier. She seemed disappointed when I left, her face flushed from the wine.

Her eyes flutter open. She's happy to see me. I hold my finger to her lips. She's mesmerized. I reveal my fangs as I pull her up into a tease of a kiss. She's in a blissful dream, her eyes heavy and movements slow. I wrap my legs around her and take a bite. She gasps orgasmically as I consume her. I'm better than she ever dreamed. I teasingly feed on her thighs as her eyes roll back. Finally my mouth moves to her wet, warm, center. She gasps, moans, cums as I drain energy from her. Finished, I glamour her. It was all just a wonderful dream . . .

Includes Vampire, Mesmerize, Lesbian Domination

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Draining Retainer
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

It's so hard to find a decent lawyer, someone who doesn't shy away from my condition, willing to meet after hours . . .

Kymberly Jane doesn't mind, she's pulling an all-nighter and she could use the money. She invites me in and we dance around my condition. I'm so hungry, my teeth are out and I lisp trying to hide them.

I return later to drop of the money. I surprise her, glancing over her shoulder to see if she's dug anything up on me . . . I remind her that she invited me in. She smells delicious. I entrance her. I can't help it. She blankly repeats it back to me, "I'm so delicious". It's not helping. I can't do this, where am I going to find another lawyer?

She smells so delicious. I snarl & feast . . . I go to far, not again. Her eyes roll as she gasps and moans. I pull back, the thick blood dripping from her neck, from my chin. Drained. That all too familiar death stare. Dammit, where am I going to find another lawyer?

Includes vampire, mesmerized

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