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Dinner with a Vampire
Featuring Kim Chi & Star Nine

New to the neighborhood, Kim Chi accepts a dinner invitation. She nervously eats the food that her host has placed in front of her, not realizing that she's the main course. The oddities in her host's behavior continue to add up, but Kim Chi has no chance of escaping the vampire's mesmerizing powers.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, magic control, woman following orders

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12 minutes



My Stepmother's A Vampire!
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star catches her stepdaughter, Arielle, trying to sneak out of the house at 2am. Arielle bristles at being caught & wonders why she never sees her stepmother during the day, but here she is lurking & spying on her at night.

Star uses her mesmerizing powers to confuse her stepdaughter, rooting her in place while suggesting she go ahead and leave. Mesmerized Arielle takes on an innocent glow & Star lovingly brushes her hand across her face causing Arielle to flush, her essence rushing to the surface of her skin & making Star lusty.

Pretenses of motherhood temporarily put aside, Star toys with Arielle. She has her stepdaughter strip for her, she pinches her nipples and smacks her ass. Her teeth come in & she almost bites before shoving Arielle away. Arielle turns & sees her teeth - the shock rips her from her mesmerized state, but rather than horrified, Arielle is delighted. She begs Star to turn her.

Star refuses, but Arielle tempts her, shoving her neck, her tits in her face. She pulls down her panties and sits legs splayed, tempting Star with the arteries running through her thighs.

Star bites, Arielle moans orgasmically as her stepmother drains her. She breathlessly asks if she is a vampire yet. Star pulls away just in time & pulls a blanket over her weakened stepdaughter on the couch. She won't be trying to sneak out again tonight!

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, lesbian domination, magic control, biting

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13 minutes



Feeding on Jessica
Featuring Jessica Ryan & Star Nine

I saw her earlier in the hallway - well, I smelled her first & then I saw the flash of her pale milky skin as she walked by. Mmmm. The pale ones always taste delicious.

There are some blurred lines with hotel rooms - once *somebody* has invited me in . . . it's never too difficult to glamour a key card into my hands. I've lived in this hotel for awhile now, there are enough dark nooks and crannies for me to pass away the days.

I wait for dusk to fall and let myself into her room. I inhale deeply, such an inciting aroma. I approach her pale form, wrapped in satin as if she's just waiting for me. She questions my presence, but they're never too frightened. They certainly never suspect the truth until it's too late, until I've gazed into their eyes, aroused and pacified them.

I bend down and tilt her chin up towards mine. She wants to be close to me. I strip the lingerie from her creamy flesh and sniff the thick arteries pumping close to the surface of her skin. My fangs protrude. I'm ready to taste my victim. I tease, sniffing down her body, the nipples, the soft furry patch between her legs. I settle on her thick creamy thigh and begin my feast. I pull back, exposing the holes from my bite, two little perfect red dots on her pale skin, to exclaim just how delicious she is. She agrees with me and I dive back in, sucking and draining more of her life force. I can feel her getting weak. She's so delicious. I decide to keep her alive. Just a little more. I bite her creamy breast, just one more taste. She moans deeply, orgasmicly. I release her and she collapses back onto the couch, mesmerized and breathing deeply. I assure her I'll be back.

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Vampire, Mesmerize, Biting, Lesbian Domination, Lesbian, Girl-Girl

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