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Regressed & Sissified
Featuring Star Nine

Do you think My skirt is short enough for this meeting? We both know I'm really here to distract all the silly men in their big boy suits with My long legs and shiny pantyhose in order to increase our bottom line.

you're no different, you know. Just another little boy playing dress up. Staring at Mommy's legs, at her dangling heels, at her colorful toes peeping through sheer nylon. you want to pop them in your mouth and suck on them, admit it.

A leftover oral fixation, sucking your thumb, sucking Mommy's nipple.

Go ahead, get on your knees, pop them in your mouth like candy.

Now look at that bulge in your pants, we'd better take care of that before the meeting, too. you wouldn't want to go in all tight and distracted. In fact, I think you've already made a mess in your big boy pants.

It's so easy to replace My nylon toes in your mouth with a pacifier. That's right, be a good little boy. Suck on that binky just like you were sucking on My toes.

you don't really want to worry about big boy trouble anymore do you? No, you want to be My little diapered pacified sissy.

Now don't you worry your infantile little brain about this. you're going to be my good quiet little girl today while I go in there without you and close this deal.

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, office domination, sissy training, diapers

13 minutes



New Little Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane, Alison Rey & Star Nine

Babysitter Ashley Lane is shocked and confused when she discovers that her "babysitting" charge is an adult woman! She decides to leave, but "mommy" Star grabs her and forces a pacifier into her mouth! Star's little girl, Alison Rey, helps hold Ashley down as Star strips & diapers her.

Star never really needed a babysitter, Ashley is going to be Alison's new playmate. Star & Alison hold Ashley down & force her to cum in her new diaper which makes her much more docile & accepting of her new role.

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Includes diapers, age regression, forced orgasms

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11 minutes



Never Without A Spare Diaper
Featuring Star Nine

Star shows off how well she's adjusted to her life in diapers. From figuring out the best wardrobe to wear over them to finding the most discrete bag for the spares she always has to carry around. She's completely adapted to living with her incontinence issue. She shows off her diaper bag and strips down to her purple molicare for a changing. Star demonstrates how she always changes with her next diaper under the first one in case of leaks & talks about her strategies for changing at work. She pees a little in the midst of her diaper change (her incontinence problem involves not knowing/feeling when she's wet herself). After her changing, Star shares an embarrassing story about a time she ran out of diapers and had to stop at a pharmacy.

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Includes diaper fetish

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15 minutes



The Game Show
Featuring Star Nine

Star finds herself in the bottom of the rankings as the game show she's on enters the final round. She tries to stay positive as she walks back on stage in the ridiculous costume she's been put in as part of her punishment from last round - she's an oversized baby complete with diaper, pacifier & giant novelty rattle.

The final round is scored on audience approval, so she tries to ham it up, hiding her aggravated humiliation. She shakes her rattle and tried to mouth the giant binky. The announcer hands her the final envelope, Star opens it and reads the card aloud - Be a messy baby, give yourself a great big . . . pie in the face? She tries to bargain with the audience, but eventually pies herself, hoping to win. The audience roars with laughter. Star wipes the pie from her eyes and looks to the scoreboard in disbelief. She's lost!

Includes wet & messy, diapers

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9 minutes



Diapered Nightlife
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Star flirts with you at the bar. She's confident, she knows she's hot, and she knows you want to buy her a drink. A friend of hers interrupts your conversation, coming up to her and groping her ass. The friend mentions something about checking to see if she needs a changing. Star pretends she doesn't know what Kym is talking about & tries to resume the conversation. Kym lifts Star's shirt up revealing a white waistband - Star insists that they are just panties & tries to play it off sexy, talking about how if you're lucky you might be able to see more of her underwear later. Kym is having none of it - she removes a pacifier from her purse and shoves it in Star's mouth, telling her that if she doesn't submit to a diaper check she'll be spanked in front of everyone. Star looks on horrified as Kym pulls her pants down and shows you her full, wet, diaper. Kym puts on a show of covering her wet diaper with pink plastic pants and squirting baby powder down it before pulling Star's pants back up and leaving you to your chat. Star removes the pacifier from her mouth and tries to salvage the evening, weakly asking if you still want to buy her a drink.

Includes diapers, adult diapers, humiliation

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8 minutes



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