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Cucked By Catwoman
Featuring Star Nine

you watch dejectedly as I prepare My little bag of tricks. you gave up your manhood when you became My minion, sylvester. Besides you don't have that tight muscular physique - so much fun to toy with the bat, turning him on with a little stroke of my claws against his chest. It's a good thing he has all those gadgets, otherwise he's just a pretty face, so delightfully dumb, but so much fun to toy with. I'm just going to bat him around and have My way with him. are you jealous sylvester? I'm sure you just ache for Me to scratch you with My claws. you silly little neutered tomcat.

Maybe i'll just lure him right here and have it all go down right in front of you, cut a little hole in his batsuit, strap My cock on and fuck the bat right out of him right in front of you, how would you like that sylvester, would you like to watch Me play with the bat, watch Me confuse and taunt and tease him? Maybe while I fuck him you can clean my boots. Yes, a little ankle brushing tomcat right up against my leather boots, sniffling, snuggling, licking, lapping up all the street dirt while I bend that bat over and thrust thrust thrust. Mmmmm I'm going to have that bat for dinner, but don't you worry sylvester, you know I always give you the scraps.

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Includes super villain, catwoman, cuckolding, boots, femdom pov, superheroine

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13 minutes



Cucked to Death
Featuring Star Nine

This is the deepest, darkest, cuckolding fantasy - the furthest it can go & should only be viewed as such - pure fantasy. If you have trouble separating fantasy from reality, this is not the clip for you.

You watch me dress as always, you can't count the number of times you've sat right there, watching me pull on something tight and sexy for another man.

Tonight is special, I've finally found the right cock, the right sperm donor. Soon my belly will be swelling with his genetically superior seed.

I seductively joke with you as I step into my sexy high heels, about how you would just die if I walked out on you in them. Your cock swells at the thought. You've eroticized your worthlessness over the years, learning to enjoy the little crumbs. The reverse strip tease as I prepare myself to go out with real men, but nothing has ever made you harder than this - my little throw away line about your death.

This is what gets you hard now. Fantasizing about your own death. I maneuver my legs in their opaque pantyhose through our routine predate leg tease - this is the most sexual contact you ever get from your superior wife - permission to stroke to my fully clothed, perfect form. I muse on this new development as you stroke. Perhaps it's not such a bad idea, killing yourself. It was always the plan for me to get pregnant by someone more appropriate, a real man with better genetic material to pass on. Always the plan for you to spend every penny you earn providing for me and my child. Perhaps we would be better off without you though, now that you point it out. What kind of a role model would such a worthless man be? In fact, I bet your insurance policy would provide more for us than the rest of the working hours of your pathetic life.

Go ahead, make this your last orgasm, cum to the idea of ending it all to provide for your cuckolding, pregnant, wife.

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Includes executrix, cuckolding, verbal humiliation, tights, pantyhose domination, legs

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15 minutes



Edging Cuck
Featuring Star Nine

I'm afraid we'll be cutting this session short. You didn't think I wore this dress for you? I have dinner plans with a real man. What would you give to be the waiter pulling out my chair, getting a whiff of my hair. Watching me take the first sip of my wine, aching for my approval.

I suppose I have time for a little diversion. A little edging for my aching cuck slave. Stroke along with the fantasy of being the man sitting across from me, hard under the table, the meal a prelude to something that will never, ever, happen for you. Imagine our titillating conversation, my feet stroking his leg. The side of Me you will never experience.

Oh, did you want to cum? You stay here, and stroke and drip and stroke and drip. If you're still here in three hours when I come back with the dinner bill, well, maybe then I'll let you cum.

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Includes orgasm control, edging, cuckolding, financial domination

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24 minutes



Pussy Licking Lesson
Featuring Chrissy Daniels, Star Nine & Terra Mizu

Terra walks in on her girlfriend rubbing up against Star in her pantyhose. Chrissy and Star aren't phased at all, they just continue, ignoring, then mocking Terra as she sits in the corner looking uncomfortable. They strip down to their pantyhose and lean over Terra, teasing her. Star mocks Terra for not knowing how to eat her girlfriend's pussy.

They tie Terra up in the corner and give her a little show. Chrissy tells Terra to pay close attention as Star snips the gusset out of her black pantyhose and attends to her puffy, wet, pussy. Terra watches on, gagged and jealous as Star fucks her girlfriend and makes her cum.

Continuing to fuck, Chrissy & Star decide to give Terra a Doxy to play with - they cruelly turn it on low and barely press it up to her so that she is forced to hold it against her pussy with her feet. Jealous & frustrated Terra looks on as her girlfriend licks, sucks and fucks Star's exposed pussy.

Includes cuckolding, lesbian domination, pantyhose, pussy eating

30 minutes



Foot Smelling Cuck
Featuring Star Nine

You watch me dress for a night out. You aren't invited, but I let you help chose my outfit. A tight short skirt, black halter, shiny black Wolford pantyhose.

I'm so glad we've come to this understanding my darling husband, my career has just soared since I stopped letting you come with me to these events. Tonight I'm entertaining a famous rock star, trying to poach him from his current label. Which shoes? Sexy heels? No, rocker booties. I remove my wedding ring and toss it on the dresser. I prance off, I'll let you smell my feet later if you finish all your chores.

I come in late, exhausted. I'm surprised to see you still up. I let you help me remove my shoes and allow you to sniff my sweaty nylon feet.

Includes foot smelling, wolfords, black pantyhose, nylon feet, cuckolding

11 minutes



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