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Transport - Lesbian Prison Domination
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star Nine has been apprehended again after her Mesmerizing Release. She sits awaiting transport to Max. Prison guard Dixie Comet has been tasked with watching the prisoner until the wagon arrives. Dixie doesn't know about Star's mesmerizing abilities, but she's experienced with all the silly mind games prisoners try to play. Nonetheless, she soon finds herself falling under Star's spell. First the handcuffs come off, then her clothes. Dixie finds herself returning the prisoner's personal effects which include a strap-on cock. Soon she is confessing her fantasy of being fucked by Star's strap-on. Dixie snaps out of it a couple of times, but Star is always able to quickly return her to her docile state. Speaking to her subconscious mind, Star makes her escape, trading uniforms with the mesmerized, freshly fucked, prison guard.

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Includes lesbian domination, mesmerize, uniforms, costumes, strap-on fucking, clothing swap, woman following orders

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19 minutes



Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Batman appears right on cue, ready to apprehend the devious Catwoman, but he's walked right into her trap. Her Catatonia acts as an aphrodisiac and before long, Batman has been relieved of his belt and gifted with a raging erection.

As always he tries to resist Catwoman's charms, but his mind is no match for the powerful Catatonia and he soon finds himself impaled on Catwoman's cock. She meows with pleasure as she sodomizes the bat, plunging her black strap-on in up to the hilt.

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Includes superheroine, strap-on, super villain, costumes, pegging, mind fuck

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13 minutes



Catfight Over Cards
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nin

Ashley & Star strip out of their uniforms & sit down for a game of cards. Star watches Ashley like a hawk but Ashley still tries to cheat! She reaches out her hand to palm the money & Star quickly grabs her wrist. Ashley stands & throws a punch, Star stands and knocks over the card table to return her punch. Ashley & Star roll around, trading punches, hairpulls & scissorholds until Ashley is ko'd.

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Includes scissorhold, female fighting, cat fighting, uniforms, costumes, pig tails, hair pulling

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11 minutes



Follow The Body
Featuring Star Nine

A scored, A.R. Tiste production.

Star Nine plays an FBI agent who falls into a trap laid by a criminal she previously put away.

Includes zip-ties, bondage, struggling, escaping, damsel in distress, uniforms, costumes, gags, tape gag

16 minutes



The Heist
Featuring Star Nine

A fully scored, A.R. Tiste production.

Sick of her menial secretarial job, Star has dreamed up the perfect heist. Having memorized the combination to the safe, Star stops by the office after hours to "pick up some paperwork". She stuffs the money in her purse, then tears her own blouse at the shoulder. She nervously calls her direct supervisor and tells him her story - someone must have broken in, what if they're still here!

With Jim on his way, Star quickly gags herself and tapes herself to the chair.

Star's plan falls apart when Jim finds the money in her purse, guesses at what she was doing, and tapes her more securely to the chair before taking off with the money himself!

Includes damsel in distress, tape bondage, self bondage, costumes, vintage, gag talk

15 minutes



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