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CEI Sissy Training
Featuring Star Nine

you can thank Me now for the special treat I'm going to give you, you can call it a sacrament. you get to be My little sissy, cum guzzling, whore today - just what you've always aspired to. Tell Me how much you ache to slurp it out of your hand and swallow it down for me.

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Includes cei, sissy sluts, sissy training, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, mental domination

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10 minutes



Belly Button of the Deceased
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Special Agent Chrissy Marie delivers the files I had commissioned. She asks me for a glass of water and then empties in a mysterious white powder while I look over the files. I ask her if she wants a receipt and she surprises me by explaining that she's just drank some poison and that her corpse will be the receipt. Shocked & concerned, mostly for myself, I worry about being in a room with a dead body. Chrissy explains that it was unavoidable, her cover was blown & someone from the agency will come in a few hours to collect her body. Chrissy lies down for a nap and I continue to examine the files.

After awhile I look over at the sleepy agent, wondering if she has expired. Feeling oddly aroused, I begin to finger my belly button, stealing glances across the room at the peaceful corpse.

Finally I get up and check the agent's pulse. Dead as advertised. I stick my tongue in her mouth and unzip her jacket exposing her sexy belly button. I enjoy her lifeless body, licking and fingering her sexy navel, gliding my belly against hers, plunging my tongue in her mouth and even fingering my own belly button with her lifeless fingers.

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Includes death fetish, belly button fetish, limp fetish

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22 minutes



Vampire / Angel 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Dirty clipped wings. Captive, hands in mitts, hair tied to the ceiling. Despondent. My angel.

She's learned to crave this, being fed on, the only thing that makes her feel alive in this broken state.

I make her beg. I tease her with my teeth & she arches towards me, pulling against her taught braid. She arches towards my teeth, I lick my lips and toy with her more, make her repeat degrading phrases. She presents parts of her body, asking me to bite them, to feed.

My pretty angel is a depraved piece of meat & I tease her with little bites until she's at her last gasp again.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, bondage, biting

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16 minutes



Dominated By Kendra James
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra captures her target and tortures her for her own amusement. She leaves her bound tightly by the wrists, standing with legs apart in her tall high heels, watching her struggle before adding the torment of a well placed, powerful, vibrator. Her captive drools and moans. Next comes the whipping, then the nipple play. Kendra attaches cruel clamps to her new toy and ties them off to the ceiling. She plucks the rope, watching her squirm, torturing her nipples while simultaneously teasing her knotted crotch rope with the hitatchi. Satisfied with the tortuously intense orgasms she's invoked in her slaves body, Kendra leaves her alone to sweat. She languishes, exhausted, sweating under heat lamps until she finally wakes, delirious, unconscious of the passage of time. Finding her hands bound behind her back, her hungry nose leads her to food and water which she hungrily consumes without the use of her hands. Her training is only beginning.

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Includes forced orgasms, damsel in distress, struggling, bondage, lesbian domination, slave training, flogging

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64 minutes



Susceptible While Stroking
Featuring Star Nine

How easily exploited you are; I can manipulate you so easily into doing exactly what I want. Oh I'm not talking about hypnosis, of course it's easy to hypnotize you too. I'm talking about making you so excited about something that you just have to do it.

It's been proven in neurological studies - get a man hard, get him actively stroking, and he'll do all kinds of things that he'd find repulsive under other circumstances. A slave to your hormones.

I'll prove my point, by the time this clip is over, you'll have agreed to put a plug in your ass and cover it with satin panties for Me. Don't believe me? Start stroking, it's for science. So horny, so lustful, so fucking turned on that you'll do anything right now including placing that order for those satin panties and that stainless steel butt plug . . . along with a few additional items for me. Stroke stroke spend.

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Includes financial domination, cei, joi, masturbation instruction, pantyhose domination, mind fuck

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21 minutes



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