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Left Out
Featuring Casey Calvert & Penelope Reed

Casey Calvert cleans up the morning after her all girl underwater orgy. As she's picking up the towels, she gets a surprise visit from her little sister Penelope. Penelope happened to drop by last night & is hurt that she wasn't invited to the party. At first Casey denies even having the party, but soon asks why, if Penelope wanted to be included so badly, she didn't just join in? Penelope stammers as the truth comes out - she wants her big sister all to herself. Casey eyes the pool, telling her little sister to strip before leading her in.

Penelope shoots up out of the water after her first orgasm, but Casey pushes her head back under and rides her face before leading her little sister deeper into the pool for the rest of their sister's only underwater fuck party.

Includes lesbian domination, underwater fetish, taboo, pussy eating

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28 minutes



Racked & Fucked
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey has Star stretched out, racked, in her warehouse. Star wiggles on the table, her movements severely restricted. Time passes and her skin glistens with the efforts of endurance.

Casey comes in to add nipple clamps to her predicament, stretching Star's sensitive bits up to the ceiling. She adds a large gag, then a vibrator.

Star is nice and warmed up, extra sensitive, by the time Casey tongues her pussy, lapping at her prey, feeling her cum under her tongue.

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Includes lesbian domination, nipple play, bdsm, whipping, flogging, bondage, pussy eating, forced orgasms

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26 minutes



BDTV - Bound Newscasters
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

BDTV newscaster Casey Calvert reads the horrifying report of a woman, rescued in her home by police after being left bound with tape by an intruder for days. Star daydreams beside her as she recounts the sordid details.

The image dissolves to Star's daydream as she wrenches Casey's hands behind her back, securing them with silver duct tape. The voice over from the newscast continues as Star places three pieces of tape over Casey's mouth, kissing her before taping her ankles together, unbuttoning her shirt & groping her before taping her into a hogtie.

Star continues to fantasize, groping and pushing her tape tied colleague around, but something is not quite right. She loses control of her fantasy & suddenly it's her being taped up by Casey! Her wrists taped together, her mouth taped over with white duct tape as she protests. Soon she is hogtied as Casey runs her hands over Star's taped up body.

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Includes tape bondage, lesbian domination, bondage

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14 minutes



Lesbian Release
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Star struggles spread eagle on the floor, her nipples pulled by cruel clamps to the ceiling. Her crotch rope holds a hitatchi in place, forcing her to cum over and over while a large ball-gag is crammed in her mouth, drool pouring out.

Casey frees her from her predicament and teases her sensitive body, kissing her with tongue before licking her swollen clit. Star rewards her enthusiastically, fucking Casey with her tongue as she moans in pleasure.

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Includes lesbian domination, BDSM, nipple clamps, forced orgasms

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17 minutes



Casey Forced By Monsters
Featuring Casey Calvert

Casey receives a strange phone call from a coworker demanding that she shut the building down - something about monsters? The woman on the other end of the line is clearly in a panic, but Casey convinces her to take the elevator up to her office, promising to monitor the security feed.

To Casey's horror, the woman is telling the truth - she watches helplessly as the monsters break into the elevator & attack the woman. Casey runs to the door but discovers she is locked in. She backs away from the door, realizing that she isn't alone.

The monster grabs Casey's nylon leg. She screams and everything goes dark. With Casey tied to the chair, the monster has his way with her, groping her and forcing her to cum over and over.

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Includes monsters, forced orgasms, damsel in distress

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9 minutes



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