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Cucked By Catwoman
Featuring Star Nine

you watch dejectedly as I prepare My little bag of tricks. you gave up your manhood when you became My minion, sylvester. Besides you don't have that tight muscular physique - so much fun to toy with the bat, turning him on with a little stroke of my claws against his chest. It's a good thing he has all those gadgets, otherwise he's just a pretty face, so delightfully dumb, but so much fun to toy with. I'm just going to bat him around and have My way with him. are you jealous sylvester? I'm sure you just ache for Me to scratch you with My claws. you silly little neutered tomcat.

Maybe i'll just lure him right here and have it all go down right in front of you, cut a little hole in his batsuit, strap My cock on and fuck the bat right out of him right in front of you, how would you like that sylvester, would you like to watch Me play with the bat, watch Me confuse and taunt and tease him? Maybe while I fuck him you can clean my boots. Yes, a little ankle brushing tomcat right up against my leather boots, sniffling, snuggling, licking, lapping up all the street dirt while I bend that bat over and thrust thrust thrust. Mmmmm I'm going to have that bat for dinner, but don't you worry sylvester, you know I always give you the scraps.

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Includes super villain, catwoman, cuckolding, boots, femdom pov, superheroine

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The Perilous Catwoman
Featuring Star Nine

I always have room in my lair for more sylvesters. you don't exactly have an option. One little whiff of My catatonia and you were just aching to tell Me all about the keys - just imagine what a full tank can do. Now inhale and tell Me all about it. Nothing like chemical mind control to train the perfect henchman. Soon you'll be My obedient tomcat. Brushing up against My calves, purring, nuzzling My stiletto boots. A little pet, a little nuzzle, a little feather to play with. There really is no point resisting Me. Yes, you want to obey Me. You crave My attention above all else. My obedient sylvester. Soon you'll be eating My table scraps and following My every command. Imagine all the things you will do for Me. The crimes you'll commit. So much easier to be a puppet instead of a man. You will thank Me over and over and over again.

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Incudes super villain, mind fuck, mental domination

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Cuntbusted Queen
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine confronts renowned Dominatrix & corrupt cop, Ashley Lane, regarding the death of her husband.

Ashley taunts the grieving housewife, detailing how she crushed the man's sexy balls with her high heeled boots, how he came from having his testicles crushed and expired from the her expert destruction of his testicles.

Star rushes angrily at Ashley and they trade blows, Ashley dominating with high kicks.

Defeated, Star crawls to Ashley and worships her boots. She tentatively kisses up her legs and begins to lick her pussy. Ashley moans in distracted pleasure. A look passes over Star's face and she goes in for revenge. Star pulls back & punches Ashley in the cunt. She grabs and tortures Ashley's delicate flower, pulling her lips, threating to tear them off. In desperate pain, Ashley falls into a chair, crossing & uncrossing her legs as she grips her tortured pussy.

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Includes cunt busting, beatdowns, female fighting, boot worship

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14 minutes



Star's Sybian Ride
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine rides her sybian in her thigh high latex boots and not much else. She makes herself cum over and over, forcing herself to endure the strong vibrations as she gradually increases the power to the highest setting.

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Includes sybian, masturbation, boot fetish

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The Photo Shoot
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star Nine plays Laura Rodriguez, a young woman looking for a job. Her job search has not been going well and she's down to her last month's emergency savings. As she looks in the classifieds, a huge ad seeking models jumps out at her. She toys with the idea, scoffs at it, before standing up and examining herself. She calls the photographer and sets a meeting for the following morning.

It turns out to be a lingerie shoot, Laura hems and haws about going through with it, but as the photographer reminds her, it is a lot a money. She puts on the lingerie, blue lace, fishnets, thigh high latex boots and awkwardly poses as he takes photos of her.

Finally he suggests an artsy pose. He has her kneel, close her eyes, and open her mouth. She nervously complies.

It's worse than she feared! He shoves a white rag in her mouth and tapes her hands together as she struggles to stand in the high heeled boots. He pulls her to her feet and puts a bag over her head, drags her out of the room.

Now she is tied with more of the black tape to a post. Her wrists and elbows are bound behind her and her hands begin to go numb. She desperately struggles to free herself, but it's no use. He removes her gag and forces her to drink water, clamping his hand over her mouth after she spits it out on the floor. He calls his client, planing to sell the Spanish Beauty.

Includes DID, tape bondage, struggling, boots, bondage

16 minutes



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