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2 Pump Chump
Featuring Star Nine

you've come to me seeking training, wanting to last longer. So misguided - see women can smell it on you, you'll never be a worthy mate. you should just give up on it now. Learning how to last longer is the opposite of what you need. you wouldn't want to throw away what you truly excel at - premature ejaculation is a quality in your case. you're not meant to have a girlfriend, not meant to add to the gene pool. you're meant to pay Goddesses like Me & the faster you cum, the faster you're out of My hair. Go ahead, show Me how fast you can cum. What if I told you that you could cum on the count of 3 without even trying? Wouldn't that make you feel accomplished? Pump pump cum pay - your new mantra. Accept it, glow with it, cum to it.

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Includes verbal humiliation, premature ejaculation, JOI, masturbation humiliation, pantyhose, bodysuit

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Experimenting with Sovereign
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

Sovereign has just gotten back into shooting & we catch up on her couch. As she rubs lotion on my feet the topic of poppers comes up - I've been shooting a lot of Femdom POV involving poppers lately & she just happens to have a bottle on hand.

I strip down to my bodysuit and give Sovereign a strap-on foot-job, pressing against her strategically with my feet until she cums. Then I experiment with her little bottle, trying poppers myself for the first time (I really don't get the point, you perverts ;p)

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Includes candid, foot jobs, lesbian, foot fetish

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41 minutes



Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet is my lucky slave, fully cocooned in silky sheer nylon. She writhes and arches on the bed, enjoying her encasement. I enter and tease my nylon plaything, sitting on her face, smothering her in my wolford admirals before unsnapping my bodysuit and allowing her to run her warm wet tongue over my gusset. I ride her face as I make her cum. I straddle her in her nylon cocoon and wedge the hitatchi between our nylon covered pussies, grinding to another orgasm. Playtime over, I leave her in her wet warm nylon cocoon.

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