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Underwater Foot Session
Featuring Star Nine

Worship My succulent summer toes underwater, hold your breath as you lick and suck on your knees in the pool. My violet toes dance before your eyes as your lungs ache for air.

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Includes foot fetish, foot slave training, bikini, outdoors, foot domination, femdom pov

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8 minutes



Pool Boy Foot Slave
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel by My feet eagerly awaiting My next command . . . that coconut oil isn't going to rub itself into My feet. you really do give the best foot rubs, little brother. you're probably more familiar with my feet at this point than you are with your own cock. I know that rubbing that sexy lubey wet oil into my soles gave you an erection - I know you're so used to ignoring them now, now that you're on a monthly milking schedule.

Speaking of your monthly milking, go ahead, hump My oiled soles with your poor neglected cock. you try to draw it out, but I have all the control. you'll come all over my oily sexy shimmering wet lubed up soles exactly when I tell you to, and then of course, you'll lick up every drop.

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Includes taboo, oily soles, foot fetish, foot slave training, foot job, bikini, outdoors, foot domination, cei

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14 minutes



Underwater Lap Dance Seduction
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Playful Jay surprises her older sister, Star with a fun underwater sex game.

Returning home from work, Star finds her favorite lounge chair missing with a folded up note in it's place.

"If you're looking for the chair, I'll give a clue. It's almost as wet as I am. Find it, and get a prize. Jay P.S. You'll need the proper attire for this party."

Star peers down into the pool to discover Jay lounging underwater on her chair! Smiling & shaking her head, she walks over to the pool steps where Jay has left a package - bikini, weight belt, goggles - everything necessary for an underwater adventure.

Star suits up & joins her sister in the pool. They make-out for a bit before Jay pushes Star down onto the chair for a hands-off lap dance tease. Reprimanding Star whenever she tries to touch herself, Jay has her squirming in anticipation by the time both sisters are naked. Then it's no holds barred as the girls get into a full on underwater orgasm competition, licking and fingering each other to one submerged orgasm after another.

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Includes underwater fetish, lesbian, taboo, wet-look, girl/girl

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26 minutes



Taboo 4th Pool Tease
Featuring Star Nine

I can't resist teasing you by the pool. I told you to stop by early for the 4th of July BBQ just so I could watch you squirm. Some things you just don't grow out of, like teasing a little brother.

Remember when we were kids and you always perved on me when I would lay out? You were always too chicken to do anything about it. Of course I knew. Of course I noticed. It amused me, it still does. I bet you always wished I was sunbathing nude. Then you'd really get an eyeful.

I'm going for a dip. You should join me, you uhhhh look like you need to cool off.

Once in the pool I tease and torment you, stripping underwater, daring you to skinny dip, making you go under with me. Remember that game we used to play, were we'd sit on the bottom of the pool. So innocent.

Lucky you I swim away so you can focus on hiding that boner. Happy 4th of July, brother, listen, the fireworks are starting.

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Includes taboo, outdoors, bikini

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13 minutes



The Witness
Featuring Star Nine, Janira Wolfe & Tim Woodman

Tim's assignment is going unbelievably well, until he looks up and sees the witness. Was she a witness? Did she see him? He can't have any lose ends. He quickly & quietly creeps up behind the woman floating in the pool. He clamps his hand down hard over her mouth. She screams and struggles. Her floating lounger drifting away in the commotion.

It's easy to flip her small frame over in the water. He pushes her head under and holds her down as she desperately struggles and tries to hold her breath.

It's over so quickly. He turns her limp, lifeless body over in the water & removes her bikini, groping her tits.

Later her body is checked and bagged as the crime scene is investigated.

6 minutes



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