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Featuring Star Nine

You come to tied to a chair. Your memories of last night, hazy at first, come into focus as I pace before you. I explain how you followed me home from the halloween party, convinced I was a vampire, claiming to be a slayer, carrying crosses and garlic. I tease you with my tight dress & cleavage - vampires aren't real, but eventually I grow bored and reveal my fangs. Of course I am a vampire, and with just one bite I will turn you into my slave forever.

You surprise me with your struggle, the chair topples to the floor and shatters with you still in it. Before I can react you've picked up the broken chair leg and staked me right through the heart. I moan and thrash in a futile struggle to remove the cruel wooden stake from my heart.

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vampires, aliens & monsters, latex, cleavage

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10 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

I saw the way you were looking at me across the bar, so fucking hungry.

Am I making you nervous, why don't you tell me all the things you think you're going to do to me. Go on, I want to see you blush.

Tell me how you felt an irresistible urge, like a string, pulling you to me. Tell me how your heart beat in your chest.

Show me that big bloody hard cock & I'll tell you exactly how I read your fucking mind. Yes, I want all the blood. All of it. See I can smell your blood from here, just like I could smell it across the bar. I have quite the nose for blood you see.

You've found yourself in quite the predicament, your cock is so hard, and you are so scared. I can smell the fear on you, detected it the moment I showed my teeth.

Yet you can't run away, you find yourself rooted in that spot. What kind of venomous creature am I? The original femme fatale. I've been around forever, draining men like you.

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Includes vampire, executrix, mesmerize, aliens & monsters, latex

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15 minutes



Thin Veins
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

I thought I was just bringing her home for a nightcap. One long hot drink. I don't know why she tastes like coffee, but it's going to save her life. Her veins must be thin, her essence concentrated. I chain her up and experiment with chocolate. A celebration is in order, flavors I haven't had in centuries fill my mouth as I feed on My new pet.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, aliens & monsters, mental domination, magic control

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15 minutes



Lost in the Woods
Featuring Dixie Comet

Dixie takes a shortcut through the woods, she rips her skirt ducking some barbed wire & soon after that she loses the trail. She keeps getting tangled up in the bushes and low lying tree limbs & begins to get a little creeped out, lost in the woods all by herself. As the branches pull at her clothing they begin to take on a life of their own. She struggles and stumbles, eventually losing her skirt, sweater & even her panties. She tumbles into a pile of brambles and stands up with her tank top ripped open. Cowering with her back up against a tree, naked besides her converse & shredded tank. She wonders whether she will ever make it out of the forest.

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Includes clothing destruction, aliens & monsters, wedgies, damsel in distress, struggling, humor

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Ashley in the Elevator
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley paces nervously in the elevator, trying to make her way to safety. Soon she is trapped in that little metal box. The doors won't open, the elevator begins to shake, and suddenly a monstrous hand punches through the wall and grabs her.

The hand is coated in green slime and it grabs at her tits. Soon another hand has punched through the wall, and another, and another. The monsters paw at Ashley, coating her in their green slime, tearing her shirt open, spreading her legs. One monster produces a vibrator and holds it fast to Ashley's crotch as the others pull her legs apart and hold her hands over her head. Ashley cums over and over before finally making her way to the center of the elevator.

Her relief is short lived as she hears the elevator cable creak & then snap. The fall leaves her dazed and covered in slime.

Includes aliens & monsters, wet & messy, damsel in distress, forced orgasms

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12 minutes



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