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Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet is my lucky slave, fully cocooned in silky sheer nylon. She writhes and arches on the bed, enjoying her encasement. I enter and tease my nylon plaything, sitting on her face, smothering her in my wolford admirals before unsnapping my bodysuit and allowing her to run her warm wet tongue over my gusset. I ride her face as I make her cum. I straddle her in her nylon cocoon and wedge the hitatchi between our nylon covered pussies, grinding to another orgasm. Playtime over, I leave her in her wet warm nylon cocoon.

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11 minutes



Room Service
Featuring Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers, Miss Leya & Miss Quin

Nyssa and Star have set up their new nest in a luxury hotel. It's the perfect set-up until hotel staff start to go missing. The two vampires bicker about who is to blame, Star for draining the maid, Nyssa for sucking the life out of the maintenance man they glamoured to get rid of the smell. A late night television commercial draws their attention away from the argument. A sexy maid service, that could be the solution to all their problems.

Miss Leya knocks on the door, she's obviously annoyed when she realizes there are no men involved. Female clients can be so difficult. Nyssa explains that they want the full experience & Leya gets to dusting, bending over and wiggling her ass in their faces. Star salivates, eager for a bite.

Leya goes about her routine until she notices the smell. Star glamours the sexy maid as Nyssa peaks through her things. She's been holding out on us - we said we wanted the full show!

Nyssa empties out Leya's bag of tricks and demands that she use everything in it. Miss Leya obediently begins to tie herself up as Star plugs in the hitatchi. The aromas become irresistible as the maid's arousal draws her blood to the surface. Nyssa & Star feed, careful not to go too far this time.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, woman following orders, magic control, lesbian domination

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23 minutes



Arielle & Star Hardcore Lesbian Domination
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

This scene includes Arielle Lane's first hardcore girl/girl on camera ;)

Arielle loves to play games with her ex-girlfriend. This isn't the first time she's got Star strung up, captive to her whims. She always gets what she wants in the end.

Arielle whips and flogs Star, forces a huge ball-gag in her mouth, and makes her cum over and over until she finally gives in. Arielle kisses her drool smeared mouth, then puts Star's tongue to work as she arches and moans.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, forced orgasms, flogging

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48 minutes



Personal Assistant
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star examines her new assistant, it's not a very demanding position - lots of errands mostly, but she is very particular about a few things. Dress being one of them. She runs a hand down Jay Taylor's leg. Drugstore pantyhose. They'll do for today.

Star has Jay complete a few tasks before asking for a foot rub. Jay settles comfortably into the task, applying firm pressure to her boss' soft nylon feet. She does such a good job, Star is inspired to give her a little reward. She instructs her new assistant to strip down to just her pantyhose. Jay complies.

Removing her dress, Star pulls Jay close and introduces her to the eroticism of pantyhose tribbing. She grinds her nylon pussy up against Jay's making her new assistant gasp and cum.

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Includes pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, foot massage, tribbing

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22 minutes



Supergirl's Self-Defeat
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

The Villainess controls Supergirl with a kryptonite soaked collar, forcing her to strip from her costume and serve her in a french maid uniform. She taunts Supergirl, telling her that she knows all about her secret submissive side. She shows off a special acquisition of hers, a small box containing golden kryptonite with the ability to take away her powers permanently and leave her an ordinary girl. Will Supergirl be able to resist the ultimate temptation? Will she open the box?

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Includes superheroines, slave training, lesbian domination, french maid

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22 minutes



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