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Documented Behavior
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Roxie Rae is getting you fired. This meeting with HR, it's just not going your way. You try to explain that you just had a misunderstanding last week, but Roxie has documented everything. Every little indulgent mistake you've made sounds far worse when they're all laid out together. Star seems to take a sadistic joy in torturing you - pointedly dangling her high heels off her soft nylon soles - putting them right in your face as she tells you you're fired. You're frozen in place, gazing at Star & Roxie's nylon feet as they flex and arch. They taunt you, musing on your future job opportunities until Star grows bored and threatens to call security.

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Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Domination, Female Supremacy, Pantyhose/Stockings

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The Eraser
Featuring Stella Liberty

Stella surprises you in your office, it's always a happy surprise, a respite from the day, a chance to stare at her perfect nylon legs. You can never keep your eyes off of them. Your gaze drifts to her high arches, her dangling heel. You have a hard time focusing on her words, like always. It doesn't matter though. She's only a secretary.

It's as though she is mirroring your thoughts, you hear the word secretary pass through her lips. Then she shocks you out of your reverie, commenting that you had better stop staring at her legs and pay attention. Your eyes run up her long legs to her smiling face as she explains what she was really hired for: to erase you & every trace of you. She's an Eraser. It's unbelievable. You refuse to believe it. She has you google yourself. Nothing. It can't be true. You've spent your whole life building your name. How can this be real. You try to leave, but she makes it clear that there is nothing to go back to. Cars, mementos, even your wife. It's like you never existed.

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Executrix, Pantyhose Domination, Extreme Domination, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Dangling

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Monster Grope
Featuring Ashley Lane

The monster waits under Ashley's desk, watching her long nylon legs, her dangling heels. It slowly extends it's gnarled hand towards her delicate exposed soles. Ashley screams when it touches her, pushing her chair back from her desk.

Ashley struggles against the ropes tightly binding her to her chair. She tries to reach her phone to call for help, but the monster quickly reaches out and takes it away.

Ashley struggles as the monster gropes her, pulls her glasses off her face, rips open her blouse to get at her tits and pulls her skirt up, exposing her. She cries out for help.

Suddenly a video feed begins to play on Ashley's laptop. She sees her friend Kate coming to save her! Ashley watches as her friend is attacked in the elevator. She wonders what the monsters are going to do to her. The monster approaches Ashley wielding a powerful vibrator. Pressed up tightly against Ashley's clit, it becomes too much. The monster forces her to cum over and over again.

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Aliens & Monsters, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Forced Orgasms, Vibrator, Bound Orgasms

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The Applicant
Featuring Star Nine & Jay Wimp

He's unqualified. Unprepared. Nervous. Fidgety.

Star toys with him throughout the interview, dangling her high heels, rubbing her nylon legs together. She establishes how desperate he is and soon has him by the tie, on his knees worshiping her nylon feet solely for her amusement - he's clearly not getting the job.

Includes office domination, foot domination, pantyhose domination

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Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Evangeline & Star are having a girls night in, reading each other's tarot cards. Eve is much more familiar with the cards than Star is . . . she's always harbored a secret obsession with the occult. Star turns over Eve's cards, not noticing the excitement that glimmers in her eye as the devil comes up. Eve pays close attention to the cards as they are placed, vigilant. She can't believe it's finally happening.

As Star turns over the final card and sits back, Eve knocks her out with a punch to the head. Eve arranges her unconscious friend on the floor & then sits back to wait - she's making an offering to the devil.

Eve is disappointed, nothing happens, and Star wakes up. She must have done it wrong. She punches her friend back out and arranges her limp body again, this time stripping her. Eve grows more and more frustrated as her offering continues to be rejected. She knocks her friend out again with a sleeper hold, again with a truncheon. As dawn nears, Eve mumbles and paces. Exhausted & frustrated, Eve finally trips over her unconscious friend, hitting her head. Stumbling, she loses consciousness and crosses her body over Star's on the floor.

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Pantyhose Domination, JOI, JOI Games, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Domination, Dangling

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