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Arielle & Star Lesbian Domination 2
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star gets revenge on her obsessive ex-girlfriend, Arielle. Using her own methods against her, Star whips, flogs, and vibrates Arielle into pussy eating submission.

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Includes lesbian domination, forced orgasms, pussy eating, flogging

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36 minutes



Wannabe Vamp
Featuring Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers & Miss Quin

Quin has been following Nyssa & Star around all weekend. She just knows that they're real vampires and desperately wants to be turned!

Nyssa is grumpy when she finds Star toying with her in their room, but Star has no intention of actually TURNING her. The two vampires lay out the hopeful little goth girl right on the dining table for an erotic feast which leaves her completely drained.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, pussy eating, mesmerize, magic control

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11 minutes



Hypnotherapy Lezdom
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet's therapist has referred her to me for help treating her sex addiction. Traditional treatments haven't worked & I'm renowned for my successes treating difficult patients with clinical hypnotherapy.

I ask Dixie to explain her situation. She describes her overwhelming urge, no - need, to get fucked & have every cock she comes across in her mouth.

I induce her & amuse myself by having her service my foot like a cock. Impressed by her mouth I check her chart to make sure she's clean before strapping on my cock. As I fuck her, I imprint her, transfer her desire from dirty fleshy cock to clean silicone. Now instead of avoiding male coworkers, she'll only need to avoid walking past sex shops.

When I bring her fully out, she feels . . . satiated & wants to schedule another appointment

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Includes lesbian domination, woman following orders

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26 minutes



Nylon Encasement Double Domination
Featuring Casey Calvert, Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Encased burglars, Casey Calvert & Dixie Cometbreak into Star's home. They hear the front door open as they're tossing the bedroom. Lying in wait, they overpower Star and turn her into their little nylon slut, fully encased with holes cut for her pussy & mouth. Dixie & Casey dominate their encased victim, shoving their feet and cocks in her mouth and taking turns fucking her exposed pussy.

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Includes nylon encasement, lesbian domination, bondage sex

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20 minutes



Ivy's First Clone
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

A redheaded wannabe has followed Ivy back to her lair. Suppressing her annoyance at the eager little intruder, Ivy realizes that the timing is perfect for a plan she's had germinating. This Ivy wannabe is the perfect vessel for her first clone, she has a fertile mind, ripe for imprinting. So easy to seduce as well, she eagerly strips for her idol. Ivy licks and finger-fucks her little vessel, pollinating her in the process.

Wrapped in a protective layer of ivy, her new clone matures, her DNA alters. Ivy muses over her body, revealing her hopes. Studies have shown that identical twins possess unique pheromones. If true, then this little clone will be the perfect weapon against the Justice League - her fresh set of toxic pheromones won't be neutralized by their defensive technology.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, lesbian domination, girl/girl

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19 minutes



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