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Captured Outdoors
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star is abducted and bound in the woods. Dixie, her captor, cuts her dress off and whips her before staking her out spread-eagle with nipple clamps and a vibrator. Star's oiled body glistens in the sun as she whimpers and cums.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, outdoors, nipple clamps, flogging, forced orgasms, bdsm

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23 minutes



Dixie's Job Interview
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

I interview a new assistant to attend to My higher level needs - tension, stress relief. Dixie easily accepts My suggestion that she rub My nylon feet, but takes a bit more convincing when I suggest she sniff & kiss them. I explain how My previous assistant found My foot pheromones to be very calming. By the end of the interview, I have Dixie happily licking and sucking My nylon soles & toes.

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Includes foot worship, pantyhose domination, foot fetish, office domination, pantyhose, dangling

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11 minutes



Experimenting with Sovereign
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

Sovereign has just gotten back into shooting & we catch up on her couch. As she rubs lotion on my feet the topic of poppers comes up - I've been shooting a lot of Femdom POV involving poppers lately & she just happens to have a bottle on hand.

I strip down to my bodysuit and give Sovereign a strap-on foot-job, pressing against her strategically with my feet until she cums. Then I experiment with her little bottle, trying poppers myself for the first time (I really don't get the point, you perverts ;p)

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Includes candid, foot jobs, lesbian, foot fetish

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41 minutes



Triple Date Ballbusting
Featuring Nyssa Nevers, Star Nine & Dixie Comet

Andrea Dipre thought it would be fun to schedule concurrent dates with three women & he suffers the consequences as Nyssa, Star & Dixie bond over abusing his balls. His aching balls endure punches, hard kicks & stomping. At the end of the date, he receives three hard kicks with heels on & three hard kicks without from each woman.

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Includes ballbusting, ball abuse, female domination, double domination

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6 minutes



Foot Domination Hypnotherapy
Featuring Star Nine

you're here because your conscious self wants to take something away from you. Something deep deep deep old in your mind. Something you hold very dear. Do you remember the first time?

Lets see how deep we can go, do you remember this? Curling flexing, nylon soles, reinforced toes. Soft feet at eye level, delicate & smooth. Arches popping out of high heels. It doesn't matter whose they were, doesn't matter the relationship. Only the inanimate, soft shiny, perfect, feet. The delicious scent, just barely there for your nose to detect.

Gaze at My wiggling, shimmering, toes and go deeper. deeper. deeper. Go back to the first time. The first time. In your room thinking about gorgeous feet, barefoot, walking in the summer, those soft silky feet in your lap for a foot rub. your raging erection. Harder than it'd ever been before. Impossible to ignore that hard cock in your pants and those toes dancing in your head. The tension, did - does, she feel how hard My cock is. Stroke, stroke how you did the first time. your hands so tight around your cock. your cock so much more alive, urgent, throbbing, needy, so fucking needy. Those toes dancing in your head those soft soles. Those feet. Perfect toes high arches stroke stroke stroke. Keep stroking and listen to me. Once you've cum to this deep entrenched memory this deep perfect memory, your addiction can only be satisfied by My shimmering soles. Here on your knees once a week for My treatment to satisfy your urges. At work you'll only be thinking about My soles, no longer a wandering eye, you'll come here for your fix

Fixated on My soles fixed in your memory. My soles own you now.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, foot domination, mind fuck, pantyhose, foot fetish, femdom pov, mental domination

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25 minutes



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