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Office Chastity Key
Featuring Star Nine

However did you allow yourself to get so out of control in a professional setting as to wake up with a cage on your cock? And now to find the key dangling from My perfect nylon ankle, what a life changing night.

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Includes chastity, office domination, dangling, pantyhose domination, femdom pov

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12 minutes



Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

The doorbell rings as Star finishes securing her latest piece of merchandise. Ashley Lane waits on the front steps, fundraising for a trip in her school uniform. Her eyes widen as Star opens the door in her sheer catsuit.

Star looks the young woman up & down, calculating a double payday for herself. She directs Ashley towards the living room while she calls her client & prepares a special glass of lemonade.

Star questions the young blonde on the couch, encouraging her to drink up, Ashley stands to go but collapses into Star's arms. Star strips the coed down, examining the merchandise before carrying her over her shoulder to the bedroom.

Ashley wakes up tied spread-eagle to the bed. Star has her way with her, fingering and licking her wet pussy before strapping on her cock and making the restrained girl suck it. She unties her legs in order to fuck her properly. Ashley moans, obviously enjoying it. She sees her chance and begs Star to lick her pussy, wrapping her legs tightly around her captor's neck.

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Includes lesbian domination, limp fetish, bondage sex, strap-on

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30 minutes



Encased Slave Adara
Featuring Adara Jordin & Star Nine

Watch Me use my nylon encased slave girl, Adara. Encased in black nylon head to toe with her pussy exposed, she struggles gently. Her legs clamped together with leather straps, her hands bound to her waist in leather mitts, a large ball gag presses into her mouth over her nylon mask.

I enter in matching black nylon encasement and tease her wet waiting pussy before removing her gag and sitting on her face. I tease my captive slave girl before unstrapping her legs and penetrating her wet pussy with my strap-on cock.

My little nylon slut loves the attention and greedily takes My cock until I've decided she's had enough.

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Includes lesbian domination, strap-on, nylon encasement, bondage sex

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17 minutes



Ex-Girlfriend Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy holds her ex-girlfriend under the shower, trying to wash the skank off of her. Star can't believe this is happening. She tries to break the zip-ties around her wrists. Chrissy is doing a great job as reminding her why they broke up - what a crazy bitch! Determined to win her girlfriend back, Chrissy marches her out of the shower & ties her, still dripping wet, to a post. She gags her with her new girlfriend's panties & pantyhose. Star shivers and tries to free herself, but there's too much rope.

Star's hair is starting to dry and Chrissy has her tied to a bench with her legs wide. She dips her fingers into Star's panties & fingers her familiar warm pussy, thinking that making Star cum will win her back.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, rope bondage, damsel in distress, struggling

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12 minutes



Forced Bi Boots
Featuring Star Nine

These boots you bought make you weak, they remind you of how weak you felt when you were paying for them. you really can't resist doing anything I say can you? Anything I want for My amusement. you're lucky really, lucky that basic things that get other men's dicks hard really do nothing for you. Lucky that you're happy to be My sexless, obedient, self-denying, nylon stroking, slave. you'd never even fantasize about fucking a Goddess, all those vanilla things are totally off the table. you'd rather be a good boy. Anything for Goddess's amusement. So lucky, all the new things you get to experience for Me.

If I were to allow you to fuck in my presence, for my amusement, can you imagine what that would entail? Of course tease & denial is endlessly amusing to Me . . . can you guess what else I have in mind for you? Sure I could put on my strap-on and have you slobber all over it, but today you're going to suck real live fleshy cock for Goddess. All that conditioning, all that cum swallowing, you didn't think it was just going to stop there did you? No you're going to be a real life cock sucker for Goddess.

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Includes forced bi, strap-on, femdom pov, slave training

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15 minutes



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