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Arielle Spanks Pipsqueak
Featuring Arielle Lane

You're enjoying the view of Arielle's ass in the shower when the phone begins to ring.

You run and hide as she towels off and picks up the phone. It's your annoying sister on the other end, trying to ruin your fun. You've gotten used to being a little pipsqueak sized man and are starting to realize the benefits of being able to sneak around right under everyone's nose.

Sure, no one takes you seriously anymore, but you can sneak in and out of all the neighborhood girls' houses and creep around in their panty drawers.

That's what you were doing when you heard Arielle get in the shower. And that's what your sister is warning her about on the phone. You watch Arielle's feet as they pace in front of you. As she discovers her open panty drawer. As she gets off the phone and begins to call out to you, reminding you of the hard spanking she gave you last time.

Finally her feet get a little too close and you panic. You try to make a run for it, but she easily grabs you and pulls you over her knee for another hard spanking. You had no chance, you're just so little now. She beats your ass as you struggle in her lap gazing down at her feet. You're never going to learn are you?

Includes giantess, pov spanking, OTK Spanking

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11 minutes



Vintage Lingerie & Chloroform
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Arielle Lane & Star Nine take turns knocking each other out with the chloroform Star found online before heading out to the bar to find a plaything.

Includes limp play, 2 x chloroform KOs, vintage lingerie, stockings

13 minutes



Drawn To Her
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star couldn't help but notice Arielle Lane, walking alone on a hot summer day, dressed in a little sun dress, showing off irresistible leg. Star couldn't help herself really. Drawn to Arielle's sheer hosed legs, why would she wear pantyhose on such a hot day?

Star creeps up behind Arielle as she's unlocking her door and clamps a white rag over her mouth. Arielle slumps in Star's arms and is dragged inside.

Arielle is laid out on a white rug for Star to inspect. She wiggles an arm before fixing in on Arielle's legs and shoes. Running her hands down Arielle's legs, she slips a shoe off wondering what she will find. Pleased with the condition of Arielle's feet she continues to perv on Arielle's pantyhose. Arielle comes to, confused, a bit quicker than Star thought she would. Star clamps the rag over Arielle's face again & Arielle's eyes roll back.

Star strip's Arielle of her pantyhose & smells the foot - You don't mind if I borrow them do you?. In love with the smell, she keeps one nylon foot over her nose while she rubs and stuffs her pussy with the other one.

Arielle begins to stir again as Star cums. Having gotten what she came for & not wanting to risk recognition, Star takes off with the pantyhose. Arielle slowly sits up, looking very confused and bare legged.

Includes 3 Chloroform KOS, pantyhose

8 minutes



Arielle's First Encasement
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star puts bondage lover Arielle Lane in her first encasement ever! Star coats Arielle in fuschia pantyhose, binds her hands, slips in the hitatchi & then leaves Arielle to cum again & again.

Includes pantyhose encasement, encasement bondage

13 minutes



Arielle & Star Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Arielle shows Star how she likes to relax with a foot massage. She comments how she's never noticed how nice Star's feet are before. Star always thought her feet were too big, the girls press their feet together, sole to sole, to compare. Star takes a sniff of Arielle's hosed feet & says that they smell good. Arielle sniffs Star's feet out of curiosity. Soon the two girls are worshiping each other's feet & seeing how far they can fit their feet in each other's mouths.

Includes pantyhose foot worship, foot smelling

9 minutes



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