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Oiled & Kissed
Featuring Whitney Morgan & Star Nine

Star struggles in the rope, her limbs spread and tied off. Her body glistens with oil. Whitney enters. She licks and kisses Star's exposed skin, lips, nipples. Star enjoys her captors attention and convinces her to give her tired arms a break. Convinced she won't run, and leaving her long legs tied precariously apart, Whitney unties Star's wrists. Star quickly embraces her, kissing her deeply.

Includes lesbian domination, rope bondage, bondage, oil, kissing, licking

11 minutes



Odette Whips Star
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine

I struggle in Odette's bed. My limbs pulled apart by rope. She enters, and makes it clear that I won't be going anywhere until I learn to enjoy the lick of her dragontail whip.

Includes lesbian domination, whipping, bondage

12 minutes



Kym Trains Star Part 2
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym doesn't think Star came hard enough in part 1 Star has somehow managed to get her hands loose, but she doesn't flee. She reaches for Kym's large breasts, arching as Kym rubs her pussy.

Star cums, but Kym's not done with her yet, she reties Star's hands and fucks her pussy with a glass dildo, rubbing her super sensitive clit and shoving her amble breasts in her mouth. She tells Star that she wants her final orgasm to be loud and violent, like the whipping she received earlier. She claims that Star's clit belongs to her now as she walks away, leaving Star to struggle.

Includes lesbian domination, bondage

9 minutes



Slave Auction 2
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie brings her new slave home after purchasing her at auction.Star is defiant at first, insisting that she is not a slave & demanding release, but Dixie is able to break her in using a combination of pleasure and pain.

After a thorough examination of her new property, Dixie ties her slave up on the bed. She pushes her toes into Star's mouth, instructing her to worship before rubbing and fucking her pussy with her toes. Star cums, but she is still defiant. Dixie ties Star's thumbs to her toes & then punishes her exposed soles with a cane. Less defiant now, Dixie decides to use Star for her pleasure. She shoves a dildo gag in Star's mouth and bends over, ordering Star to plunge it into her wet pussy. After she cums, she sucks her juices off the gag, still attached to Star's face. Her slave is beginning to come around now. Dixie orders Star on her hands and knees & produces a double ended dildo. They fuck ass to ass, Star answering to "pet".

Includes lesbian domination, slave training, bastinado, foot domination, foot worship, dildo gag, double ended dildo, foot fucking

29 minutes



Dixie Tops Star
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie clamps her hand down over Star's mouth. She wants Star's pussy & she's going to take it. She chains Star spread eagle on the floor. A large black dildo and large ball-gag lie next to her.

First she fucks Star with the dildo, listening to her moans. Then she gags her with it, getting the taste of Star's pussy in her mouth before shoving the large ball-gag in before fucking her harder.

Includes lesbian dominationt, bondage, ball-gag, dildo fucking, hand over mouth

11 minutes



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