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Thank God For Dirty Schoolgirls
Featuring Arabelle Raphael & Star Nine

Arabelle drops her books in front of her teacher's desk. She bends over to pick them up, giving the nun a full view of her bare pussy and ass.

Star swiftly stands up and confronts her student. Arabelle sasses her & Star clamps her hand down hard over her student's mouth. Arabelle continues to sass her teacher. Star tries gagging Arabelle with her fingers, but she can still hear her back talk.

Star orders Arabelle over her desk for a spanking. She beats the schoolgirl's ass red until she realizes that Arabelle's exposed pussy is getting wet! How is she supposed to punish a girl with such impure thoughts?

She orders Arabelle to kneel on the floor and lifts the long black habit to expose her pussy. She makes use of Arabelle's pig tails, pressing her student's face into her pussy. The nun cums repeatedly. She warns Arabelle of the dangers of running around with her pussy pheromones leaking out as she fucks her mouth with her fingers before letting her go.

Includes taboo themes, schoolgirl uniform, girl/girl, lesbian domination, nun, spanking, hand domination, hand gagging, hand over mouth

8 minutes



Two Wands
Featuring Chrissy Daniels & Star Nine

I have two wands and a nylon encased girlfriend. Chrissy enjoys the nylon casing I have put her in, rubbing her legs together until I tie her, spread eagle, to the bed.

I tease her with the violet wand, zapping her all over, alternately sticking my ass or my foot in her nylon coated face. I turn the electric wand up to full power for another round of zapping before switching to my other implement.

I turn the hitatchi on, commenting to Chrissy that I bet I can make her squeal even more with this wand . . . I tease her nylon covered pussy while sitting on her face before switching into a tribbing position. After I cum, I lay back and make my nylon slave cum over and over and over again.

Includes nylon encasement, electrical play, violet wand, hitatchi magic wand, pantyhose, girl/girl, lesbian domination, encasement bondage

18 minutes



Addie Releases Star
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Addie unties Star and worships her body, kissing and licking her bare breasts. She presses the hitatchi up to Star's pussy, rewarding her for her long struggle, making her cum over and over.

Includes lesbian domination, kissing, orgasms, girl/girl

11 minutes



Oiled & Kissed
Featuring Whitney Morgan & Star Nine

Star struggles in the rope, her limbs spread and tied off. Her body glistens with oil. Whitney enters. She licks and kisses Star's exposed skin, lips, nipples. Star enjoys her captors attention and convinces her to give her tired arms a break. Convinced she won't run, and leaving her long legs tied precariously apart, Whitney unties Star's wrists. Star quickly embraces her, kissing her deeply.

Includes lesbian domination, rope bondage, bondage, oil, kissing, licking

11 minutes



Odette Whips Star
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine

I struggle in Odette's bed. My limbs pulled apart by rope. She enters, and makes it clear that I won't be going anywhere until I learn to enjoy the lick of her dragontail whip.

Includes lesbian domination, whipping, bondage

12 minutes



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