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Side Effect B
Featuring Star Nine & Psymon Jerusalem

Star has been absolutely exhausted lately. She visits the Doctor to see if there is anyway he can help.

He asks her if she has changed her exercise habits or diet lately and suggests getting a bit more sleep, taking vitamins, getting a bit more protein.

He offers her a B-12 shot to give her a little extra boost. Before administering the shot, Dr. Jerusalem warns Star about the adverse reaction some patients can experience from injections in general.

The Doctor administers the shot into her arm, promising that it will be the least painful injection she has ever had. Star passes out quickly, Psymon comments that she must not have had anything to eat today.

The Doctor has been waiting years for Star to come in and need an injection of any type really. He checks her eyes, her arms, she is dead weight. He plays with her face, pushing her lips together. He runs his hands over her legs, removes her shoes, shaking her feet as they dangle off her toes. He lifts her skirt, questioning why she would wear one so short to the Doctors Office unless she was expecting something to happen. He massages her breasts, pulling them out of her skimpy top. He plays with her limp body, pushing her over, propping her back up, flailing her arms around.

The Doctor removes her pants and spreads her pussy open, he was always slighty insulted that she chose to see a female gyno. Done with his game, he decides to leave her unconscious in the office for the nurse to deal with.

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Limp Fetish, Molestation, Medical Fetish, Arm Drops Eyecheck Knockouts By Injection

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15 minutes



Foot Worship Break
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

Caroline and Star sip their coffee in the break room lamenting how every day feels like Monday anymore. Caroline mentions that she worked all weekend & Star complains that her feet hurt. Caroline massages Star's hosed feet for awhile before Star returns the favor & more. Caroline worked all weekend, she deserves a little treat.

Star gets on her knees to worship Caroline's hosed feet. Caroline is extremely turned on by the sight of Star kneeling before her and the sensation of warm mouth on her feet. She cautiously checks with Star to make sure it's okay before she lifts her skirt and begins to masturbate while Star worships her feet.

Caroline cums and then returns the favor, taking Star's feet in her mouth until she cums as well.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Foot Worship, Orgasms, Foot Fetish Pantyhose Masturbation Secretary

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12 minutes



Pantyhose Foot Smelling
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Roxie & Star love the smell of each other's feet. Star points out that the tops of the toes smell the best. Roxie has never thought of that before, her favorite part is in between the toes. Star is wearing the same pair of pantyhose as yesterday & Roxie is on her last pair so she's been wearing them all week.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Foot Smelling, Smell Fetish, Foot Fetish Foot Smelling Stinky Pantyhose

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7 minutes



Pantyhose Edging
Featuring Star Nine

Star knows your little secret, did you think she wouldn't notice your obsession with her legs? She knows how just the sight of her long smooth legs in these silky black pantyhose makes your cock rock hard. She thought it would be fun to indulge your little fetish, to play a little game.

You can stroke your cock while I pose for you in my dark, silky, pantyhose. But if you cum before I tell you too, then you have to wear a pair of pantyhose to work tomorrow. Do you think you can control yourself? Well, unzip & start stroking. Now there are a couple of rules, you can't advert your eyes and you have to keep stroking the whole time . . .

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Pantyhose Fetish, Masturbation Games, Edging Games, Black Pantyhose Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Modeling

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9 minutes



Dixie Encases Star
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie has plans for Star. Many pairs of pantyhose. She puts the first pair on over Star's legs, rubbing her hands over the soft nylon, giving the legs a little lick. Dixie cuts the crotch out of the second pair & now Star knows what she has planned. Dixie binds Star's breasts before pulling the pantyhose hood over her face. She adds a nylon crotch rope, teasing Star with it as she pulls it up and down over her clit. Dixie binds Star's arms with more pantyhose before producing the hitatchi. She pulls a strong orgasm from Star's nylon coated body before shoving the hitatchi down her pantyhose, leaving her to writhe and cum.

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Pantyhose Fetish, Nylon Encasement, Vibrator, Forced Orgasms Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Bondage

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email

14 minutes



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