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Sniffing Miss Popular's Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

Star had a strange new experience last week at school when a popular girl decides to push her down, sit on her stomach, and force her to smell her nylon feet. Star was humiliated of course, but also, intrigued. She almost . . . enjoyed the scent.

Now she's stolen the pantyhose from the mean girl's locker while everyone else is in gym class to explore the scents privately.

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Smell fetish, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Smelling, Pantyhose Worship Pantyhose Sniffing Pantyhose Fetish

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5 minutes



Can I Borrow Your Pantyhose?
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star finds Dixie in the break room, she has a run in her hose, she's late for her annual review, and she was really hoping to get that promotion. She asks Dixie, the only other female employee, if she has a spare pair of pantyhose. Dixie is reluctant to help Star, she's up for the same promotion & it's a very competitive workplace. Star finally manages to convince Dixie to go check her desk & is relieved when Dixie returns saying that she does actually have a pair of hose that Star can borrow.

Dixie begins to remove the pantyhose she is wearing. Star is disgusted, but desperate. Dixie tells her that there's no rush, she just saw another interviewee head into the office late. Star puts on Dixie's worn pantyhose, assuring her that she will make it up to her. Dixie has something in mind, Star can make it up to her right now.

She shows Star what she retrieved from her office - the hitatchi. Whatever Dixie is planning, that is not what Star had in mind. Dixie wants to see Star cum in her worn pantyhose, she needs to relax anyways, and the pheromones may even make her do better in her meeting. Star begins to remove the pantyhose, but can't see anyway out and decides to go along with it. After Dixie makes her cum, she lets it drop that Star had better hurry, she was lying about the other interviewee and now Star is very late.

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Forced Orgasms, Pantyhose Orgasms, Trading Pantyhose, Office Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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13 minutes



Mesmerizing Legs
Featuring Star Nine

Star is in your office for your weekly meeting. It's friday afternoon, you had your extra martini at lunch didn't you? Good it's very important that you're relaxed for these meetings. Now, before we discuss the usual budgetary concerns, I have a couple of other issues we need to resolve this week . . .

Star has you wrapped around her little finger, or in this case, her hosed legs. She instructs you on how to handle key issues for the company you "run" while posing her long, hosed legs, flashing the gusset. You are mesmerized by her legs, absolutely under her control. She reminds you of the things you must accomplish this weekend - purchase a new watch for your wife since you pilfered the vintage Gucci to give to Star. You're going to have to drink the office coffee and make other, personal, cuts next week since Star will still be requiring her 30% and you wouldn't want the missus to notice you dipping into the household budget. You're such a good little puppet.

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Financial Domination, Female Supremacy, Home Wrecker, Office Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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10 minutes



Give Me Back My Pantyhose
Featuring Sydney Lee & Star Nine

Star didn't think her roommate would mind her borrowing a pair of pantyhose but obviously she was wrong, Sydney is very possessive of her things. She insists that Star take them off and when Star doesn't she begins to try to forcibly remove them from Star. Star resists and the girls struggle and argue until Sydney finally puts a huge run in the hose and begins tearing them piece by piece from Star's legs.

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Clothes Destruction, Pantyhose Wrestling, Cat Fighting, Scolding Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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6 minutes



Addie Goes Under
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Girlfriends Addie & Star enjoy playing knock out games with each other. Addie's always a little nervous to go under, but that just adds to the excitement. It's Addie's turn to get chloroformed. Star kisses her gently after putting her out. She thinks about how really, she can do whatever she wants to Addie, even though she did say she would only do things she would like. Star slowly begins to strip her limp girlfriend, taking time to rub up against Addie's body and amuse herself with her limp limbs.

Addie begins to come to, half stripped. She laughs at her state and Star quickly puts her back under. She finishes stripping her and plays with her breasts. She positions Addie's limp body, spreading her legs. She has a great way to wake Addie up - Star holds the hitatchi against Addie's clit and she slowly comes to, gasping in pleasure.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Consentual Chloroform, Forced Orgasm Sleep Fetish Girl/Girl

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11 minutes



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