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Roaming Feet
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Addie & Star are having a girl talk, absentmindedly petting each others pantyhose. Their feet creep up to rub at each other's pantyhose covered pussies as the conversation turns to how everyone is pretty much bisexual. They bring each other to orgasm with their feet without acknowledging what is happening.

Includes pantyhose orgasms, girl/girl footjobs

7 minutes



The Interview Part 2
Featuring Star Nine

An A.R. TISTE production - background music throughout. Star drifts off to sleep in the aftermath of her orgasm and dreams of a pantyhose masked man. He binds her wrists and ankles with pantyhose. She struggles as he sniffs her soles and runs his hands over her hosed legs.He begins to encase her in pantyhose. He pulls a final pair of pantyhose over her head and uses the legs as a gag. He finds her hitatchi and rubs it on her encased soles before tearing a hole in the layers of pantyhose and tying the hitatchi in place against her clit. The masked man leaves Star, fully encased, to cum again & again.

Includes reinforced toes, pantyhose bondage, pantyhose encasement, damsel in distress, forced orgasm

15 minutes



The Interview
Featuring Star Nine

An A.R. TISTE production - background music throughout. Star is offered a prestigious new job with one catch, it's company policy that all female employees wear pantyhose. Star thinks it's pretty outdated, but decides that the position is worth it. On her first day on the job, Star complains to herself about how uncomfortable the pantyhose are, fidgeting a lot & scratching her legs. Towards the end of the day, she begins to enjoy the sensation & rubs her feet & legs together unconsciously while reading reports. When she gets home at the end of the day, Star has decided that pantyhose aren't that bad after all. What was once itchy seems smooth, and her hitatchi feels great over them.

Includes forced into pantyhose, pantyhose masturbation, reinforced toes

13 minutes



Stinky Pantyhose Foot Massage
Featuring Elizabeth Andrews & Star Nine

Lizz tells Star about an article she read about a spot on the foot which, if massaged just right, can cause an orgasm. Of course she wants to try it out. Star starts to massage Lizz's feet, discovering that using too light a touch results in uncontrollable giggles, she also discovers that Lizz's pantyhose trap in a pretty amazing aroma. Lizz & Star banter back and forth, but conversation comes to a halt when they discover that there really is a magical spot on Lizz's foot.

Includes stinky pantyhose, pantyhose orgasms

10 minutes



Schoolgirl Pantyhose
Featuring Galas & Star Nine

Galas and Star notice right before class that they are both wearing pantyhose! They are super excited as most girls wear silly tights instead. As class starts, Galas and Star begin rubbing their hosed legs up against each other under the desk. Eventually they get so excited that they have to get out of that classroom and meet in the hallway where they rub up against each others pantyhose thighs until they cum.

Includes pantyhose tribbing

6 minutes



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