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Wildest Dreams
Featuring Star Nine

you're very familiar with the power of suggestion, all of those triggers I've implanted in you to bend your body, your mind to My will. It's time to participate more actively. Sit and imagine in detail your wildest dreams while My powerful voice guides you towards your best life in a more positive world.

19 minutes



Tie Up Game
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star play a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to get tied up. Chrissy loses the first round, so she removes her socks and sticks them in her mouth. Star loses rounds 2 and 3, gagging herself with her own socks & then with tape. Chrissy loses the final two rounds & Star leaves the room to get the rope.

Chrissy decides she doesn't really want Star to tie her up, so she lies in wait and pounces on Star when she comes back in, tying her wrists, ankles, knees and chest.

Once Chrissy has Star all tied up, she gets a little jealous & asks the camera man for a little help. Finally Chrissy & Star are bound and gagged happily struggling next to each other in their ropes.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, tape gag, rope bondage, struggling

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33 minutes



Final Trust
Featuring Star Nine

What an odd combination of terror and arousal. you stare at Me, dumbfounded, as I sit across from you in your living room. It's been so long since you've seen Me, since you were discarded with nothing left to give. Completely drained. But there was one little cache of cash left for Me to take from your family. Something you couldn't touch, couldn't hand over to Me. your son's trust fund.

Now that cash will transfer to it's proper owner, Me. There's nothing you can do about it but fume with jealousy as I describe just how deep My plot goes. Cuckolded by your own son as I manipulate him into giving Me every last penny.

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Includes financial domination, cuckold, pantyhose domination, humiliation, femdom pov

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12 minutes



Purposely Occupied
Featuring Star Nine

You hear me rushing to the bathroom, my bladder is about to bust. I push the door open, to find you planted on the toilet, waiting. I plead with you as I hold my busting bladder. You don't budge. My pleads turn to threats. You just did this to your sister last week. You sat on the toilet and touched yourself as she was finally forced to wee in the shower.

I threaten to tell your father & that finally gets your ass off the loo, but you don't leave. You watch from the bathroom door as I hover over the toilet. My skirt lifted, showing my panties. I plead with you to leave, but my bladder is busting. Pee drips through my panties until I pull them to the side in frustration.

You get what you wanted, a full view of me peeing into the toilet, but as I sit, my mind clear now that the pressure is off, the perfect punishment comes to mind. As I release the rest of my piss into the bowl, I detail exactly what will happen if you ever pull this shit again. Star Nine

6 minutes



Stocking Sustenance
Featuring Star Nine

you're My stocking slave. you've been in heaven, locked up in My shoe closet with nothing to do besides clean and organize My vintage stockings and high heels.

I've let you out for a short break to allow you to clean the high heels and stockings that I am wearing. First I make you clean My sexy high heels from heel to toe, from sole to insole. Next you have the pleasure of running your tongue over My stocking feet and kissing My nylon toes.

you've done a good job so far, but you can't just breath in My nylon, you need sustenance too. I tease you with my well worn stockings, sweaty from the hot day. Starting today you eat and breathe My stockings. I cram the worn nylon down your throat, ordering you to swallow.

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Includes stockings, foot slave training, high heels, foot worship, vintage stockings

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15 minutes



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