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Wake Up
Featuring Star Nine

Hours, days, years spent entranced at My feet, it's time to wake up from that beautiful dream. your credit has run out. It's time to sacrifice, to give Me the last tiny little thing that you have left to give. Time to cash in on that life insurance policy you signed so many years ago. Remember the joy you experienced when you signed your name? The even greater joy when you wrote My name under beneficiary. you thanked me then, and you'll thank me now.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, financial domination, executrix

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12 minutes



Belly Button of the Deceased
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Special Agent Chrissy Marie delivers the files I had commissioned. She asks me for a glass of water and then empties in a mysterious white powder while I look over the files. I ask her if she wants a receipt and she surprises me by explaining that she's just drank some poison and that her corpse will be the receipt. Shocked & concerned, mostly for myself, I worry about being in a room with a dead body. Chrissy explains that it was unavoidable, her cover was blown & someone from the agency will come in a few hours to collect her body. Chrissy lies down for a nap and I continue to examine the files.

After awhile I look over at the sleepy agent, wondering if she has expired. Feeling oddly aroused, I begin to finger my belly button, stealing glances across the room at the peaceful corpse.

Finally I get up and check the agent's pulse. Dead as advertised. I stick my tongue in her mouth and unzip her jacket exposing her sexy belly button. I enjoy her lifeless body, licking and fingering her sexy navel, gliding my belly against hers, plunging my tongue in her mouth and even fingering my own belly button with her lifeless fingers.

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Includes death fetish, belly button fetish, limp fetish

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22 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Pavlovian Isn't it interesting how you find yourself almost instinctually in that position on your knees when you beg?
What's even more interesting is that you beg at all.
you've been trained to associate this quiet unobtrusive submission with getting what you want.
you've learned that if you just behave like a good boy maybe you won't be shooed away.

What you might not be so conscious of is how conditioned your responses have become.
Pavlovian really, you've been trained on a subconscious level.
Notice your breathing, it's a conditioned response, your heartbeat quickens, turns your brain right off. Blank & ready to be trained.
man was of course the first animal to learn how to behave in order to curry favor.
All of the cues are buried deep in your genetic code, easily activated by Me.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, goddess worship, slave training

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20 minutes



Fibonacci Sequence
Featuring Kim Chi & Star Nine

IRS auditor, Kim Chi, loses control and falls into a mesmerized state when I hand her a paper containing the Fibonacci Sequence. Her conscious mind gets lost in the numbers leaving her subconscious open to my commands. I cruelly snap her back to reality a few times in between completely sabotaging her job and having her sooth herself with her own nylon toes.

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Includes mesmerize, office domination, magic control , woman following orders, lesbian domination

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16 minutes



Dark Supergirl JOI
Featuring Star Nine

I know you've been imaging what it would be like since I arrived on this planet - what it would be like to fuck full force. You'd never admit it of course, your mind poisoned by earthly morals, but I know exactly how aroused you are right now, cousin. X-Ray vision and all . . . there's no hiding from me. You need an excuse, don't you? Something to blame your male weakness on. I might just have the excuse you need in this little box. Such a tease, Kryptonite - is this weakness what its like to feel human? Now your cock is out, now that you're convinced that you can't help it. Now you're frantically stroking to your cousin's exposed tits & pussy. I bend over, exploiting your weakness. Imagine plunging it in, fucking someone you can't break, so hard that we bust through the wall. Of course you cum, Of course you immediately start backpedaling, constrained by those pesky morals. I have no such problem, now that I've shed those human morals and re-realized my reason for coming to this planet, my mission has never been clearer. I was sent here on purpose to eradicate a mistake - you.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, masturbation encouragement, joi

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13 minutes



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