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Auntie's Stockings
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Nothing excites you more than mommy's dressing room. A safe cozy space with it's own special scent. Heels and stockings and silky, satiny panties. It's so much more exciting than your own room, your boring comic books and video games.

You're peeping on Mommy & Auntie as they get dressed in their long silky stockings and satin garters. You're nervous, uncertain whether Mommy will play the game with you if Auntie is there, but they coo lovingly when they catch you peeping. Auntie even gives you her vintage silk stocking to rub on your hard little cock.

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Includes vintage stockings, taboo, double domination, JOI

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14 minutes



Mistress Abducts Your Wife
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

You've been fantasizing about it for years, running up your phone bill discussing it with Mistress Stella Liberty for $5.99 a minute. You thought it was just a fantasy, you're all talk, no follow through, but Stella meant every word.

Now she's abducted your hot little wife for a special cam show. You watch, horrified and aroused as Mistress sucks your wifes little toes and wifey turns from hurt to vengeful - you're going to go broke paying alimony.

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Includes foot worship, mind fuck, femdom pov

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11 minutes



Late Again - Dirty Nylon Seduction
Featuring Star Nine

I hurry into your office, late again. I have yet to show up to work on time since you hired me. You ask for today's excuse and I spin a long story about my car breaking down, how I walked the rest of the way to work in the rain, removing my high heels & walking through the mud in my stocking feet in order to get here faster. I nervously dangle my heels

You ask if there's anyway I can prove my story & my face lights up. I drop my heels to the floor & prop my filthy wet nylon feet up on your desk. I was nervous at first, but now I see how distracted you are by my filthy pantyhose and I know exactly how to manipulate you into keeping me around.

This was a custom video & the viewer is referred to as Mr. Samuel. Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes pantyhose, dirty feet, secretary

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11 minutes



Breaking Ashley Lane
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star has Ashley Lane stung up in her garage. She plans to turn the tall blonde into her lesbian sex slave, wearing her down with whipping and forced orgasms. Ashley submits and Star enjoys her conquest as the two blondes cum under each other's tongues.

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Includes lesbian domination, whipping, forced orgasms

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43 minutes



Shrinking Leg Domination
Featuring Star Nine

I've got something really cool to show you. A little magic trick. I tell you to get closer and you approach, happy for the attention, eager to be near me.

I surprise you with a kick and a strange feeling washes over you as you shrink to breast level. Before you can gather your wits I deliver another strong kick and all of a sudden you're eye level to my waist.

You glance down at my strong legs as I taunt you with my new power. Were they always so muscular? A final kick leaves you a mere two feet tall.

Now I taunt you, you're so weak at your new size. You try to run away, afraid of shrinking further but I easily drag you back. My legs are so much longer than yours. I laugh at your diminished strength, encouraging you to try to knock me over. You run at my legs pushing with all your strength. I don't budge an inch.

Soon enough, I grow bored of taunting you. I kick and knee you, abusing your puny little body before finally knocking you down to the floor. I'm tired of this game, and unfortunately for you, there's no antidote. I should just put you out of your misery.

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes giantess, pov femdom, legs

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11 minutes



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