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Elevator Peril
Featuring Star Nine

There's nothing so stimulating, so arousing, as taking from the unworthy.

Of course there's one little thing left to take care of before we leave this building. Give me your hands. See I always land on my feet but you've somehow allowed yourself to be tied up in a stopped elevator after a robbery. While you might be able to wiggle out of those ropes, I don't believe you'll be able to do it in under three minutes. It was worth it wasn't it? The exhilaration, the fear of getting caught, getting to watch me work my magic. You're a grown man, you knew interacting with me has it's perils. You knew exactly what you were getting into.

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Includes super villain, executrix, superheroine, catwoman

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10 minutes



Music Box
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star's neighbor Dixie makes too much noise so Star has a plan to get her to move. She brings her a peace offering of a music box, explaining that she understands how Dixie just must like to blow off steam with music & maybe this soothing song will calm her. Star surreptitiously sneaks ear plugs in while a sarcastic Dixie winds the box. While Dixie is under her control Star has some fun first making Dixie strip for her & worship her feet, legs & pussy. Once she's finished using her mindless slave, Star schemes to have her list her house, but when Star orders Dixie to answer the door for the realtor the music box falls and the delicate music mesmerizes Star as well.

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Includes magic control, lesbian domination, mesmerize, woman following orders, pussy eating

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18 minutes



Revulsion to Love
Featuring Star Nine

How quickly your feelings turn from rivalry and revulsion to pure adoration with just a tiny little spritz of pheromones. you're ready to give up everything for me, drop all competition and become my little foot rubbing office slave.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mind fuck, mental domination, foot domination, love addiction, magic control

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14 minutes



Featuring Sinn Sage, Star Nine & Drake

Sinn's husband listens in as she blabs to her therapist all about their sex life. She misses foreplay and he's ready to give it to her. The therapist looks down at her notes as he creeps around the corner. She mistakes her patients gasps for tears and misses his approach. Drake unbuttons Sinn's shirt and gropes her tits before getting her bottoms off. He plays with her clit and then plunges his fingers inside of her. He shows her exactly what type of foreplay he is into before throwing her over his shoulder and taking her home.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, groping, male domination

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11 minutes



Mesmerized Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Casey Calvert, Serena Blair & Star Nine

Star stops into her teacher's office (Casey Calvert) to discuss her grades. Casey won't budge, but Star has some special tools that always make her get her way. She begins to dangle her heel off her nylon toes. Casey catches a whiff of her foot odor and has a hard time staying focused. The heel drops and Star wiggles her nylon toes. Casey is unable to look away & soon finds herself on her knees desperately worshiping Star's nylon soles. Casey is unable to stop herself, even when another student pops into her office.

Serena looks incredulously at her teacher on her knees. Star explains what happened & Serena refuses to believe her even as she finds herself experiencing the same urges. With both student and teacher on their knees before her, Star gives some instructions. When she snaps her fingers Casey & Serena will snap out of it with no memory of what has transpired. However, when Star drops her shoes in front of them they will have an irresistible urge to remove their own heels & worship the nearest nylon foot until they erupt in orgasm.

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Includes foot worship, lesbian domination, mesmerize, pantyhose domination

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20 minutes



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