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Supergirl vs. Spandexxa
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Supergirl confronts the villainess Spendexxa (Arielle Lane) in her layer. Supergirl vows to bring her to justice but Spandexxa freezes her with her ray gun! Spandexxa is notorious for turning her victims into spandex objects & this is soon to be Supergirl's fate. Another beam from her ray gun and now Supergirl is a spandex chair. Spandexxa props her feet up and taunts Supergirl as she struggles inside the spandex chair but is unable to free herself.

After a while Spandexxa decides she's hungry so she uses her secret weapon to transform Supergirl into a spandex table and eats fruit off of her. Next Spandexxa turns Supergirl into a mattress and tickles and toys with Supergirl before snuggling up for a nap.

Spandexxa wakes and stretches. As she stands up to make a phone call we see that Supergirl is now a spandex pillow. Trusting that Supergirl will never escape her spandex cocoon, Spandexxa places a call to Lex Luthor revealing her evil plan. At this point Supergirl gets the upper hand. Did you really think a daughter of Krypton would be defeated by some spandex material? Spandexxa's only "power" is the nefarious gun she got from Lex Luthor and now it's in Supergirl's hands. Supergirl gives Spandexxa a taste of her own medicine and Spandexxa struggles inside a nylon coccoon while Supergirl alerts the authorities.

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Includes human furniture, superheroine, spandex, super villain, freeze fetish

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20 minutes



Transference 2
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Transference 2 with Arielle Lane. you know you want to BE Us, but given the opportunity will you just give in to your cock and lose the chance? Of course you will. Exchanging moments of bliss for . . . moments of bliss. you try your best to harness your arousal at our instruction, briefly transferring your consciousness and looking and feeling through first My, then Arielle's eyes, but your untrained cock explodes too quickly, taking you right back into your own, disappointing, body.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, femdom pov, joi, goddess worship, masturbation instruction

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11 minutes



Nathan & Ashley Bound
Featuring Ashley Lane & Nathan Bronson

Ashley & Nathan are in a playful mood, getting ready for bed. Ashley strokes Nathan's cock as they talk about her tying him up. Suddenly their pillow talk is interrupted by a burglar! At first Ashley and Nathan are terrified, but after the burglar has tied them both up Nathan is the only one who seems to be concerned.

Nathan has been tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded, but Ashley only has her wrists and ankles tied. She struggles in the ropes and manages to free her ankles, but then she get distracted by Nathan's vulnerable position. Ashley strokes Nathan's cock with her bound hands while Nathan futilely tries to get her to untie him.

Ashley strokes away, teasing his cock until she eventually decides it's time to get her hands free. She leaves Nathan alone on the bed with his hard cock bouncing as he struggles in the ropes.

10 minutes



Romantic Lift & Carry
Featuring Nathan Bronson Star Nine

Two romantic lift & carry vignettes!

Scene 1 Nathan carries Star home from a party where she has twisted her ankle in her high heel. He cradles her in his arms, carrying her around effortlessly as they kiss. He sets her down on the couch and gently removes her heels, massaging her hurt ankle. Star tries to walk on it. She only makes it a few steps before failing. Nathan quickly scoops her up into his arms, promising to take care of her.

Scene 2 Nathan finds Star sleeping on the couch in sexy lingerie. He lifts her up and cradle carries her to the bedroom. Star wakes up and kisses him, suggesting they skip their dinner plans and spend the evening in bed. She has Nathan carry her to the shower and then back to bed where they kiss passionately.

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Includes lift & carry, kissing, cradle carry

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11 minutes



Encasement Femdom
Featuring Star Nine

There's something about an encasement suit. Like any other costume really. Pulling on those sheer layers of nylon, completely encasing your body can inspire a personality shift. What will come out when you're covered completely in My worn pantyhose? Possibly your inner slut. An insatiable whore eager to have his holes filled.

When creating a monster it's important to use proper restraints. So this session doesn't truly start until you're coated and bound in My dirty black nylons. Immediately you are salivating, begging to be used. Begging for My cock you must first service My feet, opening wide to take them in nice and deep. Such a delicious warm up before My nylon cock penetrates your mouth.

Ignoring your hard, dripping, cock I plug your mouth with the wet nylon. My hand over your mouth encouraging you to suck every bit of flavor out of the delicate nylon. I pull the mask over your face, obscuring your vision & then leave you to wait. Anticipating the anal training to come.

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Includes nylon encasement, femdom pov, female domination, slave training, pantyhose domination

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17 minutes



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