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Temporary Position
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

The job sounded perfect, but Sinn is unnerved during the interview. The pale blonde tosses her resume away and asks her questions about food, commenting on her scent. Sinn starts to leave but the woman leans in and with intense eye contact, suggests that Sinn would do anything for the job.

Glamoured, Sinn becomes compliant and eager to please. Eager to feed the woman's appetites.

The vampire resists as long as she can, growing hungrier and hungrier as she has her meal strip, dance, and arouse herself first.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, woman following orders

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13 minutes



Sissy's Addiction
Featuring Star Nine

Another full two weeks in chastity when I gave you ample opportunity to cum. Silly little sissy, not squirting on cue for me. Luckily you still have a good supply of those poppers, lets see if you can "pop" out of your cage today. Step one, unscrew that teasing little lid. Step two, stroke your silky nylon leg. Step three, inhale. That rush, your addiction growing with every whiff. What is it that you're afraid of? You'll do anything if I keep that cock caged up and those poppers pop pop popping through your bloodstream.

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Includes mind fuck, sissy sluts, pantyhose domination, latex

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16 minutes



Seduced with Lashes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane brings a reluctant girlfriend home from the bar. Star resists at first, but Ashley seduces her with lashes from her whip, patiently edging her closer and closer to saying yes.

Ashley wraps her arms around her conquest, kissing her gently before they devour each others pussies (softcore).

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includes lesbian domination, softcore, girl/girl

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24 minutes



Edging Cuck
Featuring Star Nine

I'm afraid we'll be cutting this session short. You didn't think I wore this dress for you? I have dinner plans with a real man. What would you give to be the waiter pulling out my chair, getting a whiff of my hair. Watching me take the first sip of my wine, aching for my approval.

I suppose I have time for a little diversion. A little edging for my aching cuck slave. Stroke along with the fantasy of being the man sitting across from me, hard under the table, the meal a prelude to something that will never, ever, happen for you. Imagine our titillating conversation, my feet stroking his leg. The side of Me you will never experience.

Oh, did you want to cum? You stay here, and stroke and drip and stroke and drip. If you're still here in three hours when I come back with the dinner bill, well, maybe then I'll let you cum.

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Includes orgasm control, edging, cuckolding, financial domination

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24 minutes



Ivy's Gift
Featuring Star Nine & Evangeline

A plant delivered to Batgirl's fanmail box leads Ivy right to her lair. She sings to her plant as she waits for Batgirl's return. The happy little vine grows for her.

Batgirl does a doubletake when she discovers Ivy lounging on her couch. She tries to alert her security system, but Ivy blows pollen in her face confusing the Bat.

Ivy compliments Batgirl on how well she has cared for her plant. Her baby must love her cool dark cavernous apartment.

Batgirl tries to get her wits about her. She reaches for the belt she has already removed. She tries to speak to her security system but Ivy presses her fingers to her lips & follows with a toxic herbal kiss, numbing Batgirl's mouth, causing her to lose speech.

Ivy pulls Batgirl into the lush bed of her plant. She teases her, cooing at her about how she cannot resist her natural urges as she arches above her and runs her fingers down Batgirl's body.

The plant wraps around Batgirl's limbs as Ivy distracts her.

Batgirl, sober now, struggles against the tightly wrapped vines. Two of them curl up and take root in her temples. Ivy mocks her, nature is planting root in her mind, soon she will be a slave to nature, a tool to destroy her precious Gotham. The evil, filthy city, the cement will crack with the plants growing out of it as Batgirl does nature's bidding instead of trying to save filthy man.

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11 minutes



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