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Featuring Dixie Comet, Star Nine & Jewell Marceau

Dixie Comet has big dreams of sipping Cuba Libres on the beach with her girlfriend. They've devised the perfect heist . . .

Dixie finishes gagging her girlfriend (Star Nine) and Star's boss (Jewell Marceau) before making off with Jewell's jewelry collection. She leaves Star and Jewell to struggle against the ropes just as planned.

Dixie examines the loot as Star comes up behind her - a celebration is in order. Star flings her down on the bed and pulls her panties off. She holds Dixie down as she licks her pussy until she comes. All Dixie wants is pussy on her face but Star has other plans. She ties Dixie's hands tight behind her back as Jewell walks in. Turns out Dixie was being played from the start.

Dixie is enraged by the betrayal, she yells and curses as Jewell takes over tying her up. Now she gets that pussy on her face to shut her up. Star and Jewell both ride Dixie's angry tongue to orgasm before gagging her and fucking on top of her tied up body.

Includes lesbian domination, bondage, girdles

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38 minutes



Kleio & Star Kissing
Featuring Kleio Valentien & Star Nine

Girlfriends Kleio & Star can't keep their hands off each other after Star returns from a business trip. Kleio pushes Star up against the wall for a deep welcome home kiss before leading her to the couch. Dripping with chemistry, the pair keep their mouths locked together, barely coming up for air as they slowly strip and tease one another.

Includes kissing, girl/girl

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18 minutes



Wedgie Masturbation
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane strips down to her white panties & teasingly pulls them up between her lips. She gasps at the tight pressure of the fabric over her clit. Leaning back she pulls her panties up giving herself a deep wedgie that she yanks against as she moans in pleasure. Ashley plays in her panties, giving herself tons of back & front wedgies and using a vibrator on her melvined pussy until she cums.

Afterwards, Ashley gently pulls her panties even higher against her swollen, sensitive pussy.

Includes wedgies, panty fetish, masturbation

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19 minutes



Welcome To The Neighborhood
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star NIne

Star finishes moving some boxes & sits down to relax. She hears the doorbell, it's one of her neighbors stopping by to welcome her to the neighborhood.

She invites Kym in and they sit on the couch for a pleasant chat that soon takes an odd turn. Star laughs confusedly as she repeats Kym's question - you want me to sniff your asshole?!

Star's face shows that she must think this is some sort of prank, but Kym goes on and on begging her to sniff her asshole until Star complies.

Kym stands up, sheds her bathroom, and spreads her asscheeks wide for Star's reluctant nose.

Includes ass sniffing, ass smelling

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10 minutes



The Eraser
Featuring Stella Liberty

Stella surprises you in your office, it's always a happy surprise, a respite from the day, a chance to stare at her perfect nylon legs. You can never keep your eyes off of them. Your gaze drifts to her high arches, her dangling heel. You have a hard time focusing on her words, like always. It doesn't matter though. She's only a secretary.

It's as though she is mirroring your thoughts, you hear the word secretary pass through her lips. Then she shocks you out of your reverie, commenting that you had better stop staring at her legs and pay attention. Your eyes run up her long legs to her smiling face as she explains what she was really hired for: to erase you & every trace of you. She's an Eraser. It's unbelievable. You refuse to believe it. She has you google yourself. Nothing. It can't be true. You've spent your whole life building your name. How can this be real. You try to leave, but she makes it clear that there is nothing to go back to. Cars, mementos, even your wife. It's like you never existed.

Includes executrix, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



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