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Star Struck Cuck Castration
Featuring Star Nine

you're My chaste cuckold slave. you live to clean My feet and my pussy after I fuck My more qualified lovers. Today I have a special treat for you - first a demonstration on how to properly please a woman, you watch in ecstasy as I fuck myself with a large dildo. When I'm finished you eagerly lean back between My legs to clean the used dildo of My juices. I'm headed out for a date with My lover, it's a good thing I warmed up my tight pussy because his cock is HUGE.

When I return I order you to clean my sexy stockings as usual, then I stand up, announcing a special treat for My little cucky. you lie on your back as I drip a fresh cream pie out of My divine pussy into your eager mouth. you think you've died and gone to heaven, but of course there's a catch. There's always a catch.

It's not until I've removed your chastity cage, inserted My dildo into your mouth and ridden your face to another orgasm that I let you in on exactly what is going on. That cream pie you so eagerly lapped up? I added a little castration aide. you're about to have your very last orgasm ever. Of course if you refrain from cumming it may wear off without taking effect, but when have you ever been able to resist My stocking feet?

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Includes cuckold, gelding, castration, cream pie, foot domination, ruined orgasm, footjob

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25 minutes



Messy Schoolgirls JOI
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie & Star Nine invite you to get messy with them in their school uniforms. In order to play along you'll need 20 cream pies. Chrissy & Star alternate pieing themselves & each other in the face as they tease you along. The cream builds up nice and thick until there's just one pie left & they give you a countdown for your creamy finish.

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Includes wet & messy, wam, schoolgirl, school uniform, joi

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13 minutes



Amazon vs. Superman
Featuring Star Nine

superman (pov) enters My lair. I've been expecting him, I knew his search for all of his missing superheroine friends would lead to Me. I'm seated, seductively crossing My legs. I explain to you that I'm responsible for your missing friends. For some reason you don't take me seriously. I stand up revealing My full height. Poor little superman, you only come up to My belly button. I lift you up by the neck so that I can look into your eyes, you were obviously underestimating Me little one. you struggle in the air but you're no match for Me little one, just admit it. you give in and I reward you with kisses before setting you back down.

I've broken you physically & now I'm going to break you mentally. I show off my tall, firm body. So much taller than you with My long legs. My superiority arouses you, you gaze up at Me mesmerized as I give you a tour of My perfect body. you belong to Me now little one, just like all your friends.

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Includes super villain, height humiliation, strong women, superheroine, femdom pov

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11 minutes



Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Sexy captive, Star Nine, seduces her guard while waiting for the ransom to be paid. She lures him over to the bed with seductive noises as she arches against the ropes. She sexily suggests that they have some fun together to pass the time & Codey strips before climbing on top of her. Star kisses her captor, arching up towards him as his cock hardens rubbing up against her thigh. She suggests that he untie her hands so that she can take care of his erection. Codey think's he's in control, but as he cums she gains the upper hand and her freedom.

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Includes handjobs, ass smother, smother, executrix, kissing

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15 minutes



The Pantyhose Saleswoman
Featuring Star Nine

I didn't expect to sit down with a male CEO, it's a little unusual in pantyhose sales, but I can tell that you're a very hands on type of guy. I already have you eating out of my hand as I demonstrate my wares, but I know that if I can just get you to put on a pair of my silky nylons yourself I'll be in for a huge sale. There's just something magical about the way they feel as you pull them on for the first time, the way that they glitter on your skin. All thoughts of costs and numbers are erased from your mind as you experience the delicious new sensation of nylon hugging your cock. You quietly nod as I discuss durability and inventory, writing up an inflated order for your signature, ensuring myself a huge payday.

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Includes pantyhose domination, sissy training, pantyhose, office domination, femdom pov

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23 minutes



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