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Mesmerized into Regression
Featuring Stella Liberty

The best part of your workday is staring at Stella Liberty's dangling heels and nylon soles. It's the only reason you get out of bed in the morning and make it into the office, if you're honest with yourself. Your work has been slipping, the price of shares has been falling, and you're not sure that you even care.

When Stella finally calls you out, you offer no resistance, no attempt at denial. She talks you back to a simpler time, staring at teacher's feet during nap time. It's time to just give in to the urge, get cozy down there in your happy place, free from responsibilities.

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Includes mesmerize, office domination, pantyhose domination, foot domination, age regression

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11 minutes



Don't Cum Challenge
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

An impossible challenge, I do love to watch you suffer. Can you control your desperate urges, watching me play with Stella's soft nylon soles? I don't give a fuck if you stroke or not. The only rule is you have to watch . . .

Watch my hot little mouth on Stella's toes. You know you're going to lose control. You love to fail. If you cum it will be costly.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot worship

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12 minutes



Foot Sucking Vamp
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

Star & Janira hit it off on their first "date" - both surprised that the girl in the photos actually showed up (Star more so than Janira. Being a vampire, Janira doesn't waste a meet up)

Back at Janira's place, Star apologizes as she pulls her feet away from Janira's playful hands. She's just not into having her feet touched.

Janira leans in & makes eye contact with Star as she calmly explains that Star has beautiful feet, she should want to show them to everyone. Each and every one of her little toes should be pampered. In fact, Star should find it highly erotic and enjoyable to have her feet worshiped.

Glamored, Star agrees.

Janira again lifts Star's feet and softly, slowly runs her fingers over them, stroking the veins. They smell delicious. She beings to worship, trying to draw it out, it always ends so soon. Star gasps in pleasure.

Janira goes for the first bite. Star moans as Janira feasts. She gasps, and arches until she is completely drained.

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Includes vampire,, foot worship

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11 minutes



Unbreakable Part 2
Featuring Selene Drake, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

After months of abuse, The Tamer (Selene Drake) finally gets the upper hand in Part 2 of this sequel to 2015's Tamed & Sold & 2016's Taming The Tamer. Don't miss last week's Unbreakable Part 1

Stressed to almost breaking, The Tamer (Selene Drake) is carried back indoors by The Buyer (Ashley Lane) and her slave (Star Nine). Ashley now believes that The Tamer is fully broken, and she can't resist the urge to gloat. She toys with her limp property. The Tamer's eyes snap open when Ashley leans in for a kiss. She's made a huge mistake. The unrestrained Tamer has her now. Alone. Skin to skin, and Ashley will not be able to resist. Soon, the arrogant Buyer is begging to strip, begging to be fucked. When it's all over, the Tamer will walk away unscathed leaving her captors broken and alone.

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Includes lesbian domination, slave training, forced orgasms, erotic magic, magic control

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41 minutes



Transfer of Shares
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie & Star have called a meeting with you. They have meticulously collected evidence of your various improprieties. The intern who quit last week? The one you took to dinner, pretended you were going to mentor? Did you bill that as a business expense? Did you register that "mentorship" with HR? HR sure does like to credit and promote mentoring. What would your wife think?

Dixie actually HAS your file from HR . . . no mentorship mentioned in here . . . lots of sexual harrassment complaints though. It's shocking you haven't been fired. Perhaps all they needed was evidence? Photographic evidence perhaps? Maybe with a little audio-visual accompaniment? Don't you worry . . . we've been working on this take-down for the last year - we have all the documentation anyone could possibly want - HR, Fraud Mitigation, your wife's divorce attorney.

Do we really need to say anymore? Rest assured - you're in no position to negotiate. Your buddies on the board won't save you from this pile of evidence. Your little nylon fetish has been your undoing. There's only one question that should pass your lips right now - that's right, what do we want, what will it take to save your marriage, your job, your reputation.

Your Shares. All of your shares in my name. NO you are in NO position to argue. If you look at your phone all of the necessary paperwork is available for you to esign RIGHT NOW. If you leave this office without signing, the deal is off. We will fucking destroy your life. Go on, sign. Good boy. Now get the fuck out.

Dixie & Star are fucking hot. They watch as eight figures hit their bank accounts. Between the two of them, they now have a controlling share of the company. They stroke each other's legs & share a celebratory kiss. Destroying men makes them fucking wet. They trib & cum, breathlessly planning their next take down before heading out for drinks. An expensive bottle is in order.

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pantyhose domination, pantyhose, tribbing

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