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Star Gas Chamber
Featuring Star Nine

Emily Morris (Star Nine) is sacrificed by her twin sister in a cruel plot to unleash sadistic monsters on the world. She comes to tied to a chair in a strange room. Her sister's voice comes over the loudspeaker explaining her deadly plot. Emily cried and begs her sister to free her, but one of her creations, a horrible monster, pops up and begins to roughly grope her.

Her twin's plan required Emily to cum under the monster's hands before being painfully executed by gas. She tells her sister not to worry, that her monsterous creation is impervious to gas, so she will not die alone.

Emily tries desperately not to cum, but the creepy monster forces her to. He pulls her hair back, lifting her head as the gas hisses into the chamber. Emily coughs and gasps for air. As the toxic gas hits her system she begins to convulse until she finally goes still with a lifeless stare as the monster continues to grope her.

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Includes death fetish, forged orgasms, struggling, bondage, monsters

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10 minutes



Full Body Cavity Search
Featuring Star Nine

Star submits to a full body cavity strip search when an officer shows up to serve a warrant on her unpaid parking tickets. The arresting officer's examination of Star is extremely thorough. First he orders her to shake out, then tie up her hair before flashing his light into her mouth, ordering her to stick out her tongue & pull out her lips. He follows with an examination of her nostrils and ears before ordering her to strip.

As he proceeds with his examination he asks Star uncomfortable questions which she nervously responds to honestly. He examines her breasts, having her lift them. Then her belly button, ordering her to spread it open. As he shines his light at her vulva he asks her about her sexual history and comments that she's wet. He finishes with an examination of her spread asshole before having her redress for the ride to the station.

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Includes forced stripping, interrogation, humiliation, extreme close-ups, mouth fetish, ear fetish, belly button fetish

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12 minutes



When The Cat's Away
Featuring Star Nine

With the Cat away you couldn't resist joining a plot to do the unthinkable. A couple of alley cats convinced you to participate in a redistribution scheme. Stupid sylvester, did you think she wouldn't find out?

Catwoman hasn't been missing, she's been taking advantage of the situation, using the current plague to access some superior loot. you freeze in your tracks as she catches you tiptoeing out with a sack of her top shelf valuables.

A few cruel cracks of the whip and you fall to your knees. Prey to Catwoman's slave reconditioning scheme, she removes her golden necklace and mesmerizes you into giving up your co-conspirators. Of course she knows you're too stupid to plan this all on your own, silly domesticated tomcat.

Next you are allowed the privilege of licking her high heel boots clean. She locks up your disobedient cock in a cruel steel chastity cage before giving you just a little taste of your beloved catatonia.

There's 36 million in unearned cash being released upon the city. you won't be graced with another taste until you place all that money where it belongs, at Goddess Catwoman's feet.

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Includes super villain, superheroine, mesmerize, foot domination, femdom pov, boot domination, mind fuck, chastity

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18 minutes



Nose Pinching
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star make each other breathless with their nose pinching bondage game.

Chrissy goes first, Star is tied a chair with duct tape over her mouth. Chrissy pinches her nose repeatedly only letting her up for air at the last moment as Star desperately tries to breath through her duct taped mouth.

After 5 minutes it's time for Star's revenge. They've traded places and now Chrissy finds out how impossible it is to breathe through the solid duct tape gag as Star pinches her nose closed. Star makes things even more difficult for Chrissy, producing a cruel pair of steel forceps to seal her airways.

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Includes nose pinching, bondage, tape gag, breathplay, lesbian domination

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12 minutes



Barefeet Through Time & Space
Featuring Star Nine

A rare barefoot video. Mesmerized by My divine soles, you yearn for connection. A taste of Divinity.

Kneel, worship, pay careful attention to my instructions. Open your senses and inhale My aroma.

Stick your tongue out and make contact, feel the electricity flow from My baby toe down the tip of your tongue, coursing through your veins, engorging your cock.

My divine power coursing through your unevolved body is too much to bear, your must stroke to release.

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Includes barefoot, foot fetish, mesmerize, foot domination, goddess worship

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17 minutes



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