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Float For Me
Featuring Star Nine

An intensely mesmerizing experience in coffee rht stockings. Leave your reality and float to Me. Kneel at My divine feet and feel yourself before Me, stroking on your knees.

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Includes mesmerize, mesmerizing joi, rht stockings, goddess worship, femdom pov

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21 minutes



Batgirl Trapped in Catwoman's Lair
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Batgirl finds herself trapped in Catwoman's lair. She dreams of bringing the sexy feline to justice and scoring points with her crush but instead she's chained up and flogged by the frisky cat. Batgirl tries to find a way to escape, but her utility belt is out of reach and Catwoman is careful to always keep her restrained. After a hard flogging with painful hits to her pussy, Batgirl is left chained spread eagle sweating under heat laps for hours. She finally wakes up thirsty and starving and finds her slave meal of cold pizza and water which she is forced to eat with her hands bound tightly behind her back.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, struggling, flogging, bondage

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36 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Step out of your cell prisoner. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back. It's a big day, the day I'm finally going to end you. your pleading will have no effect on My decision. I gag & shush you as I explain exactly what happen before leading you to the gallows. I kick out the stool and mock you as you struggle desperately until the end.

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Includes executrix, extreme domination, prison play, femdom pov

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16 minutes



Nose Pinch Game
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy is excited to play one of Star's bondage games, she happily presents her hands for the steel handcuffs and her face for the duct tape gag. However, she's a little confused when Star places a swimmers nose clip on her own nose and a similar one on Chrissy's. Chrissy's eyes go wide as Star begins to recite the alphabet A-Z. Her eyes go even wider when Star only briefly lifts the clip to let her breathe & then seals her airways back up to repeat. This continues with Star using the pacing of the alphabet song to tease Chrissy as she has no choice but to take desperate sips of air when Star gives her the opportunity. At the end, Chrissy vows revenge

11 minutes



The Sex Therapist
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Codey Steele has come to see me for a sex therapy session after a bad break up. He's been on some dates but is having a little trouble performing. Codey didn't really know what a session with a sex therapist would be like, but he definitely didn't expect to end up bound and naked having the best orgasm of his life!

After getting Codey to divulge his deepest darkest fantasy I explain that the best therapy is to act on his desires. Since he dreams about being tied up and having the woman take control of his orgasm, I order him to strip. After tying him to the chair I stuff his mouth full of panties & tie a nylon gag over holding them in place. I tease him, stripping down to sexy lingerie and stockings & then make his dick twitch with a vibrator before taking his pre-cum dripping cock in my hands.

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Includes bondage male, handjobs, gagged men, stockings, female domination

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18 minutes



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