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Crusty Sock JOI
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella and I humiliate you for your dirty sock addiction. That's right, I found my crusty worn sock in your bedroom. I know exactly what you were doing with it, wrapping it around your cock while you sucked and sniffed it's mate. Pretty pathetic of you, brother. Stella and I make you give us a little demonstration, teasing your with our smelly toes while you stick your cock in my warm, worn sock.

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sock smelling,double domination, taboo, foot domination

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17 minutes



Wrong Girl
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie knows a rich bitch when she sees one. The girl her partner fingered in the park insists that she can't be who Dixie is looking for. Her father can't pay any ransom, he's dead! She gets hysterical, convinced that Dixie must have kidnapped her for other reasons, stuttering about being made into a sex slave. Dixie knocks her out, she's making too much noise. That whole sex slave thing's not a bad idea though, she does have her strap-on.

Dixie strips the limp blonde and straps her cock on. She takes a selfie for her partner with her cock in her mouth. The girl wakes up gagging and Dixie puts her back out. She fingers her tight little butthole before plunging her cock into her pussy.

Dixie gets a taste of her own medicine when her partner arrives. It WAS the wrong girl & he is not amused at the mess he has to clean up

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Includes sleepy, lesbian domination

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20 minutes



Keeping Your Key
Featuring Star Nine

Foolishly, you've sent me your key along with payment for your latest worn pantyhose purchase. I tease you with my well worn nylons describing the scent and the texture, you'll soon be burying your face in them, begging for release. I suppose you're expecting me to send your little key along back with them. Expectations. I love exploiting them. I imagine you aching in anticipation. Counting the days before you receive my special package. My soft silky worn nylons, perfectly scented. How you'll kneel at the feet inhaling & imagining permission to take back the key. To release your throbbing appendage. To be allowed to cum to my sheer worn nylons. I rub my hands over my nylon curves, posing, teasing. I consider the key, deciding to prolong your chastity. To hold the key. It may or may not come back to you at my whim. Sniff and suffer and hope I don't swallow it.

Key holding services start at $100 & well worn nylons at $75 - email to submit to my torment

Includes pantyhose domination, chastity

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18 minutes



Kleio's Turn with Star
Featuring Kleio Valentien & Star Nine

Kleio wants her turn with Star, her sweet little pussy and her talented tongue. She teases and torments her prey, whipping & flogging her, forcing her to cum, until Star is dripping wet and gives into her desires.

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Includes lesbian domination, forced orgasms, flogging, pussy eating

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53 minutes



Foster Care 2
Featuring Cupcake SinClair & Star Nine

Cupcake seeks refuge from the chaos of her group home in the quiet garage. Kicking her feet in the air, she reads comic books while eating from a package of cookies. Her solitude is interrupted by her foster mom, Star, who swiftly punishes Cupcake for sneaking around, hiding, and pilfering cookies. Star draws Cupcake over her knee for a hard spanking, pulling her panties down midway through.

As Cupcake rubs her sore bottom, Star devises further punishment. Spreading a diaper out on the floor, she orders Cupcake to chew and spit the pilfered cookies into it before fastening it tight over her sore bottom. Cupcake is ordered back inside without her skirt, humiliated that all of her foster siblings will see her in her messy diaper.

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Includes otk spanking, schoolgirl, f/f spanking, diaper humiliation

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18 minutes



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