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Batman Enslaved By Kisses
Featuring Ashley Lane

Batman (viewer) kneels in bondage, thinking back on the last time he encountered the Villainess Ashley Lane, how she drained his balls almost permanently with her intoxicating lips. She struts in, teasing and posing in her skimpy leotard and sheer pantyhose. Batman searches for his strength, but as she lifts him up to face her all he can think about are her glossy red lips.

Ashley teases the bat, leaning in to kiss him, weakening him with her lips. She taunts him about the last time they met, she knows he's one more kiss away from begging her to destroy his manhood permanently. Dreaming of her glossy lips wrapped around his cock, so ready to give it all up. Ashley sets him down and informs him that she's never wrapping her lips around any man's disgusting cock ever again.

She orders him to crawl to her, and he obeys, desperate for one more kiss. She makes the bat worship her silky nylon feet, breaking and humiliating him as her intoxicating kisses reveal his perverse desires. All Batman wants is one final kiss to completely break him and put him out of his misery.

Ashley towers over him as he worships her legs, then leaves him bound and helpless.

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Includes kissing, body worship, femdom pov, foot domination, super villain, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Vampire Anatomy
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed needs anatomy lessons. She's all tripped up by the arteries, and who knows more about veins than a vampire? Star is a strict tutor and insists that Penelope put on a schoolgirl uniform before they begin. Penelope is resistant, but the vampire's mesmerizing manner is irresistible.

With her pupil all dressed up and compliant, Star begins the lesson, tracing the veins on Penelope's body and picking the most delectable areas to bite. Her teeth erect, the vampire first bites Penelope's petite foot, then the back of her knee, working her way up to Penelope's most sensitive spot, where the veins pump close to the surface of the skin. Penelope moans, gasps, cums under her tutor's expert tongue. Her eyes roll back as the vampire sinks her teeth in.

Star gives her pupil a chance to demonstrate what she's learned, laying back and spreading her legs for Penelope's eager tongue. She bares her fangs as she cums. The vampire pulls Penelope in close, for one final bite.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, pussy eating, biting, mesmerize

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17 minutes



Ziptied College Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

College girlAshley Lane is captured & bound with zipties. Heavily blindfolded, tape gagged and barefoot, she struggles on the floor with her ankles, wrists, and toes tightly ziptied. After awhile she is moved to the bed & her blindfold removed, but she is still unable to free herself from the tight ziptie bondage.

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Includes bondage, damsel in distress, gagged women, struggling, barefoot, blindfold

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20 minutes



Regression Center
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ashley Lane eagerly signs on the dotted line. She's signing up for Star Nine's Regression Program. Star specializes in transforming women into care free babies & her results are guaranteed.

As the ink is drying, Star has Ashley strip out of her big girl clothes and lays her down on the changing table for her first diaper. As Star is diapering up Ashley, she wets her own diaper & asks Ashley for a change. Ashley comments that it's cute that she's a baby too & Star explains that she's not a baby, she just wears diapers for convenience.

As they sit back down to go over the requirements of the program, Ashley asks how she can know whether or not the program is a scam? The phone rings & Star tells the person on the other end to "send her in". She hangs up the phone & raises an eyebrow at Ashley - if you want proof, check this out!

Chrissy Marie enters, fully regressed. She's sobbing and pouting about her wet diaper. As Star changes the sobbing baby, Ashley realizes that she recognizes her as her friend who has been missing for months! Ashley tries to talk to Chrissy but Star explains that she really doesn't recognize her, she's completely regressed with all of her adult memories gone.

Chrissy is a happy baby in her dry diaper and Star takes her to the couch to breast feed her as Ashley looks on in shock. Star sends her happy little girl back to her crib & Ashley begins to doubt her decision. Star reminds her that she's already signed the contract & Ashley fussily wets her diaper. After a change, the regression process begins for Ashley & she happily makes out with Star & then lays across her lap to feed.

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Includes diaper fetish, breast feeding, abdl, age regression

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16 minutes



Girl's Night Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane, Star Nine & Chrissy Marie get together for a girl's night. They're excited to see each other and are joking about their evening plans. Chrissy strips down to her bra & panties to get more comfortable & Ashley and Star quickly join her. They're thinking about opening a bottle of wine when they are interrupted by an intruder!

Now all three girls are tied together, their wrists behind their backs, their legs frogtied and their tits wrapped up in rope and connected to each other. They struggle and moan around the big ball-gags in their mouths. They do their best to try to get free, but only manage to move around in a circle as drool drips out of their mouths.

The intruder returns, but instead of untying them he moves them to the bedroom. Now all three girls are tied with their legs spread and hands above their head. They each have a tight crotch rope and are gagged tightly with microfoam. They struggle on the bed, with their knotted crotch ropes tight against their clits but are unable to reach to untie each other.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling

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25 minutes



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