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Nylon Denial
Featuring Star Nine

It's to be expected, this lack of control. This is what training is for. There are many ways to control a disobedient cock, and many more ways to control a disobedient mind. Edging is clearly not the same thing as not stroking at all. This was willful disobedience on your part, but you're new, so we'll start with a gentle reminder. A silky, smooth, barrier between your aching, dripping, cock and your disobedient hand. For this round of your training, you will pull my sexy worn pantyhose up over your legs, over your cock. Wear them 24/7 until they are fully shredded. A reminder that no touching is allowed unless I say so.

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Includes orgasm control, slave training, tease & denial, pantyhose domination, chastity

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11 minutes



Duct Tape & Pantyhose
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is accosted in her home by a catsuit clad thief! She catches her getting ready for the day wearing nothing besides her black pantyhose. The thief searches through her drawers and finds a pile of worn pantyhose to tie her up with. She uses another pair of pantyhose to gag her and then wraps around her mouth with duct tape.

The thief searches her house and taunts her with the loot she finds. Unexpectedly, she comes across a suitcase full of cash. Score! She asks Ashley whether anyone important is going to miss the cash, teasing her about all the trouble she will be in.

Before she leaves, the thief adds to Ashley's bondage, putting her in a pantyhose hogtie & duct taping her feet together.

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Includes duct tape, pantyhose bondage, tape gagged, pantyhose domination, bondage

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15 minutes



Goodbye Letter
Featuring Star Nine

I know how deeply you've been missing Me since you lost everything. your business, your bank accounts, all that you had in life, reduced to a tiny apartment, no spare cash for any of life's pleasures.

I know that you won't be able to resist opening My letter. you've been desperate to hear from Me since I abandoned you, left you penniless.

I've just discovered that there is one last thing you have left to give. I checked on your insurance policy and it appears that I am still the beneficiary.

I can see the look of joy wash over your face when you check the mail. Of course, once you've eagerly ripped open the envelope, you won't be around long enough to read any of these words.

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Includes executrix, glove fetish, mask fetish, financial domination, extreme domination

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6 minutes



Diapered Escort
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane sits alone at home in her dipey scrolling through diaper porn on her phone. She sighs in frustration, nothing is doing it for her. She wants a real Mommy.

Ashley nervously dials an escort service. She's delighted when she hears that they can accommodate her fetish and asks them to send a Mommy over.

Star enters and puts her diaper bag down. She grabs Ashley's crotch and asks if her diaper is wet. Ashley nervously admits that it is. Star turns her around and gives her diapered bottom a smack ordering her to reply with yes Mommy.

She leads her little girl to the changing table and begins to change her into a pink diaper. Halfway through she realizes that she herself is wet. Ashley is confused as Star drops her pants. She explains that as an escort she offers both sides of the abdl experience. Ashley laughs, Mommy has un-potty trained herself.

Ashley doesn't want to play with a Mommy in a wet diapey so she asks Star to finish changing her and then she changes Star.

Both girls in fresh diapers, Star leads Ashley to the couch and begins to breast feed her while rubbing her diapered crotch. Ashley is in heaven as she wets herself. Mommy changes her again & then their time is up.

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Includes diaper fetish, abdl, breast feeding,

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15 minutes



Special Worn Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

you crave My delicate worn pantyhose, fresh off My body, sheer and scented. Watch Me tease you with my long legs, My soft nylon feet, then go buy this pair & follow My instructions.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, foot fetish, foot domination, femdom pov, goddess worship, worn pantyhose

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4 minutes



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