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Latex & Diaper Ass Worship
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

On your knees before beautiful latex Goddesses Star Nine & Ashley Lane. you're desperate to kiss, lick and be smothered by their latex asses. But do you deserve it? Can you be trusted to worship their asses correctly? They don't think so. Star has Ashley demonstrate proper technique, running her tongue over the tight shiny latex.

Ashley playfully pulls Star down to the ground and smothers her with her latex ass. Star begins to worship Ashley's ass but then pushes her back and puts her in a diaper as punishment! Ashley shoves her diapered ass in your face as Star puts on her own diaper, then worships Star's diapered ass as she makes herself cum with the hitatchi. Ashley is only allowed to cum after she pisses her diaper in front of you. Finally you are allowed the privilege of worshiping their wet diapers. Such a lucky slave.

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Includes ass worship, lesbian domination, smother, femdom pov, diaper, latex

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11 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Hard on your knees before me, pumping your cock. You can't believe your luck, this never happens. You've never gone home with the hot girl from the bar before. You get harder and harder with every movement I make in my tight sexy latex dress. I brought you home because I sensed this, your insatiable erotic energy, almost as insatiable as mine. I could smell it on you. Your nearly constant desire.

You're about to burst when something strange happens, something that never happens when you're home alone with your hand on your cock. I inhale deeply and all that sexual energy you've been building disappears, sucked out of the room. You go from the brink of orgasm back to the beginning as I feed off of you.

This is what you're here for. To be my mindless stroking slave. Brought to the edge and denied again and again as your cock blisters from friction until I've consumed every last drop of your energy.

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Includes orgasm denial, orgasm control, vampire, aliens & monsters, magic control, femdom pov, latex

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12 minutes



Freedom in Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

Let go of the illusion of control and experience true freedom. What ever made you think you had control over anything at all? Led through life by your cock. No you never had any control at all. It's amazing the freedom that can be experienced in a cage. All resistance melts away you gaze at the dangling key. Before you know it you find yourself begging for freedom, begging me to turn the key in that tiny little lock and free you from the responsibility of cock ownership. Feel that sensation? Those cold metal bars on your sensitive flesh? That's the feeling of true freedom. It won't be long before being out of your cage begins to fill you with anxiety. you'll beg to be locked back up even before the cum finishes spurting out on the rare occasions you are allowed release.

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Includes mesmerize, femdom pov, slave training, pantyhose domination, mental domination, chastity

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15 minutes



Batman's Soiled Undies
Featuring Arielle Lane

Batman (viewer) sits tied to a chair awaiting his fate. His eyes widen as Arielle Lane walks in wearing nothing but a skimpy black leotard and sheer pantyhose. His eyes are naturally drawn to her big, red, lips. Arielle poses and teases Batman as she details her evil plan. Her mob boss boyfriend is going to want to make a deal with Batman, but she doesn't want that to happen. She intends to get Batman to soil his underwear with loads of cum so that when her boyfriend walks in he goes blind with jealousy.

Batman, of course, thinks that he'll be able to resist temptation, but then Arielle pulls out a special red lipstick she got from Poison Ivy. When she plants her lips on Batman's lips he will become extremely horny and weak. Doomed to fill his superhero undies with loads of cum as she relentlessly teases and strokes him with her hands, her nylon feet, and her seductive red lips.

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Includes kissing, female domination, femdom pov, foot domination, super villain, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes



Bondage Afterhours
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star stops by the office afterhours to pick up some paperwork and is shocked to see Arielle Lane still slowly cleaning. She suspects Arielle of snooping through her files and chastises her as usual. Arielle is tired of Star's constant scolding and takes advantage of the fact that they are all alone to teach her a lesson! She pulls Star's arms behind her back and ties her wrists! Star is in disbelief and continues to scold Arielle as she ties her with more and more rope, finally shutting her up with a nylon otm gag.

Star struggles on the couch as Arielle leaves the room in search of duct tape. She manages to escape and hide before Arielle returns. As Arielle looks at the pile of rope on the floor in disbelief Star pounces on her from behind, pinning her arms behind her back with one hand while covering her mouth with the other. Star doesn't make the same mistake Arielle did, she makes sure the ropes are nice and tight before stuffing a worn nylon in her mouth and gagging with the other stocking. She leaves Arielle to struggle through the night.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress

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20 minutes



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