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First Xmas as a Slave
Featuring Star Nine

I knew I'd find you here, under the tree, snooping through the presents. You know the good stuff doesn't get put under the tree until the night before, right? I bet all these boxes are just socks. Christmas socks.

Wanna open one early?

See, look, socks! Although . . . these ones seem a little . . . worn.

I almost forgot my prank! Good thing you're opening this one early. I think Mom & Dad would recognize the worn socks as a prank, but they probably wouldn't understand these dirty panties. Oh, and my well worn pantyhose. Three of little brother's favorite things in one shiny box.

Mmm, memories, right bro? Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Who knew that your teenage proclivities would lead to you being a chaste slave for Big Sis?

Is an orgasm a good present for a chastity slave? 10 strokes to cum, if you miss this chance you'll be chaste for all of 2018

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Includes chastity, taboo, femdom pov, orgasm control

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9 minutes



Chichi's JOI Tease
Featuring Chichi Medina

Chichi Medina dominates you in an instructional JOI. She demands that you tease yourself slowly, building up to an explosive orgasm for her. Bonus if your name happens to be Zeeshan as this was a custom video & the viewer is named throughout ;)

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Includes JOI

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11 minutes



Coerced Sissy 3
Featuring Star Nine

Mmm stuck in chastity all week long. Beg Me to give you your life back, you can't do it, can you? What is it that you're so afraid of? Ruining your life for Me? Why don't you take a nice big whiff of those poppers and tell me all about it.

Poor little sissy, worried your girlfriend is going to notice something's up. Maybe I should just tell her for you .There's no escaping your addiction. A whiff of My feet, a whiff from the bottle. It just gets deeper and deeper. Will you be able to make your clitty squirt in your cage this time or will it be another week of conspicuous denial?

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Includes mind fuck, sissy sluts, chastity, pantyhose domination

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17 minutes



Kym & Star Forced to Watch
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym & Star wake up bound in the office. Confused, they struggle against the ropes trying to free themselves. Neither can remember what happened.

Suddenly a monitor turns on, along with the vibrators tucked in their pantyhose! They see their coworker Kate in the elevator. They excitedly encourage her, thinking that she is on her way to save them. Their hopes vanish as they watch the monsters attack Kate. They struggle and moan as the vibrators increase in intensity and the scene of Kate's attack plays out over and over again.

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Includes forced orgasms, secretaries, bondage

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10 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

I have a new toy - heavy, stainless steel, castration pliers.

Have you ever imagined how much better you could serve me without those pesky balls of yours getting in the way? Those balls were of course an integral part of you exploring and discovering your devotion to me as your goddess. However, you're in so deep now, I no longer need the effects of testosterone to control you.

Oxytocin in the male brain, well, that's where devotion comes from. Where he stops being a pig spilling his seed and becomes a good provider. A slave. When testosterone levels plummet that male still has that permanent devotion. Perhaps even more so. No more distractions, no more raging erections at inopportune moments towards inopportune people. Just a devoted slave.

I just want you to know it's an option. I don't think we'll need it. I'm so deep inside your mind, I'm certain that I already have your total life long devotion. It's good to have options through. Such a fun toy. Just a nice heavy smooth pair of pliers made of surgical steel. Lucky for you, oxytocin isn't produced in the balls, so if anything were to ever happen to them, it wouldn't have any effect at all on your absolute worshipful adoration of me.

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes gelding, mind fuck, love addiction, mental domination

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