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Stalking Little Feet 2
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Roxie Rae finally moved away from her creepy neighbor, but Star's obsession with Roxie's petite feet runs deep. It took some doing, but Star was finally about to track her down, following her home from work. Star waits in the bushes for Roxie to return from her afternoon job & soon those sweaty little feet are back in her mouth where they belong.

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Includes foot fetish, sleepy, limp

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9 minutes



Pool Rescue CPR
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Star hears a loud splash and runs outside. Hannah floats face down in the pool. Star runs in, fully clothed to save her friend. She turns Hannah over and discovers that she isn't breathing! Star breathes into Hannah's mouth. Hannah's chest puffs up in the water but there's still no breath.

Star drags Hannah out of the pool and performs CPR. After several rounds of compressions and mouth-to-mouth with no result, Star rushes for the defib. Hannah's body bounces with the shocks. After several shocks, Hannah finally comes back to life, spitting up water as her relieved friend cradles her wet body.

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Includes CPR, medical resuscitation, underwater

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11 minutes



Nylon Lover Transformation
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

With a special potion Goddess Star gives you a gift that you never dared dream of, the experience of a lifetime, the chance to temporarily inhabit the body of a Goddess.

Your eyes flutter open from the most wonderful dream. Goddess Star was there promising you the most amazing things. Your look up and see Star watching over you & your long sleek nylon legs. It's incredible, you never dared imagine. You run your hands over your new legs.

Goddess Star rubs your long nylon legs with her silky nylon feet, you press your matching 8.5's together. You experience the deepest bliss. You can't help but ask to touch your new pussy. Star denies you this at first, teasing you with her soft nylon toes. Sparks shoot through your clit. A new sensation, you can barely handle it. Finally Star shows you how to rub your pussy & allows you to cum. You can't bear the thought of returning to your old male body.

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Includes gender transformation, pantyhose, transformation fantasies

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12 minutes



Your Nylon Fetish Exposed
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

I punish you for slacking off at work by swinging by your house for a surprise visit. I'm sitting with your hot little wife, Janira, when you walk in. You involuntarily gasp, correctly guessing that you're in big trouble.

I teach wifey all about your humiliating nylon foot fetish, I show her exactly how I keep you in line. Your home life is about to get turned upside down, now that she knows that you're just a pathetic little foot slave. I rub it in deep, massaging and worshiping your wife's soft soles while you kneel before us like a little bitch.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot humiliation, double domination

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13 minutes



Birthday Bondage JOI
Featuring Star Nine

Star strips down and ties herself up into a special package for your birthday. She writhes on the bed, encouraging you to stroke and cum with her as she pulls on her nipple clamps. After you've cum together, she fills her mouth with a huge red ball-gag and adds more rope. She struggles happily on the bed, waiting for more.

This was a custom video & the viewer is referred to as Florian occasionally. Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes self-bondage, bondage, joi

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11 minutes



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