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Save Yourself
Featuring Star Nine

you've been saving yourself, it was so exciting to wait for Me & now that the ink is drying on our marriage certificate the sex is going to be mind blowing. Heart stopping, really. you've given Me so much, signing without a prenup & now you're going to give Me your final orgasm too, your last gasp.

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Includes executrix, femdom pov, lingerie, extreme domination, virtual sex

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12 minutes



Catwoman's Secret Weakness
Featuring Star Nine

Were you trying to prove yourself as a hero, sneaking into Catwoman's lair? Of course you've just stumbled into one of her traps. Now that she has you, she has a scheme to mesmerize you into leading all your little hero friends to their doom, especially the bat. Catwoman slips off her boots and begins to take control of your mind with her sexy stocking feet. As you gaze at her tights you begin to lose control, but then you remember. The devise you have in your pocket may look like a toy, but it contains Catwoman's secret weakness - water. She mocks you as you point it at her, but then recoils in shock as you squirt water on her. Her beautiful body begins to melt, her sexy legs and all, until she's nothing but a puddle of goo writhing on the floor.

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Includes super villain, superheroine, tights, boots, foot fetish

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11 minutes



SPH Task 1
Featuring Star Nine

Make some use of your tiny little dicklet. you're so accustomed to hearing how small and useless your cock is that you've learned to eroticize the humiliation. Sure, you'll never be able to achieve penetration, much less hit a woman's g-spot, but you can still engage in creation with your tiny little penis. I have a creative SPH task for you, a little art project to make use of your itty bitty cock. What project would be complete without critique? you even have permission to send me pictures of your small penis in it's creative state, so long as you've paid the price of admission.

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Includes sph, small penis humiliation, rht stockings, slave tasks, verbal humiliation, femdom pov, humiliation

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7 minutes



Ashley's Ears Underwater
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane submerges underwater in the bath and displays her pierced ears, tilting her head from side to side.

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Includes underwater, ear fetish, bathtub fetish, wet look

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12 minutes



Supergirl in a Box
Featuring Star Nine

Supergirl is trapped in a metal box with a kryptonite crystal. Normally she could easily punch through the walls, but not with the kryptonite weakening her. She tries to plan a way out, but there are no options. The green crystal taunts her. She gingerly picks it up and tries to throw it away from her, but it burns her hand and she only manages to toss it a few inches away. She paces her weakened body around the metal cell, tired and stumped. Suddenly she hears a hissing noise. Gas enters the chamber. She shouts out proudly that Supergirl is impervious to gas, but quickly finds that's not the case in her weakened state. She takes a desperate gulp of air as the gas continues to fill the room. Her eyes bulge as she tries to sustain herself on that one breath, but eventually she fails and begins to choke and cough on the smoke. She falls to her knees as her hands desperately claw at her throat. She falls into involuntarily convulsions. As the gas stops her eyes glaze over, the final image burned into her retinas is the kryptonite crystal.

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Includes superheroine, death fetish, struggling, limp fetish

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9 minutes



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