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Patch of Pheromones
Featuring Star Nine

It must have been terrible for you - a month without me. I got you a souvenir, something new to worship, a good month's growth. Soft fur in my moist fragrant pit. You smell that? Take a good big whiff. That smell, that aroma that's making your cock throb? That's the smell of pheromones. Sweet damp goddess sweat. My natural odor is intoxicating. Sniff and stroke.

Includes hairy armpits, goddess worship, smell fetish

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8 minutes



Double Stuffed
Featuring Star Nine

Star slowly removes her business suit after a long, productive, day. She tosses off her jacket, dangles and drops her classic black pumps. She admires herself in the mirror as she unbuttons her blouse and plays with her perky tits. Down to just her shimmering tan pantyhose, she leans back and rubs her long toned legs together. Finally she removes her pantyhose as well, inserting a clear glass plug into her tight little ass. With the tight plug firmly in place, she reaches for her hitatchi and thrusts against it as she cums over and over again. Finally, Star stuffs her silky pantyhose inside her wet pussy, cumming again, before slowly pulling them out inch by inch.

Did you know that you can buy Star's well worn nylons? Email to inquire.

Includes pantyhose, butt plug, masturbation

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13 minutes



Blackmailed By HR
Featuring Dixie Comet

Technically Dixie is supposed to be firing you, just look at that thick folder of complaints, all about you. She's prepared to make an offer though, Dixie is very resourceful. While she was preparing the paperwork for your termination she noticed something interesting. Your performance bonuses, you rolled them all into your 401k. Smart boy, most of the associates blow theirs on strippers and vacations. Dixie could make all those pesky little complaints go away if you were to just sign her on as the beneficiary of your 401k. Of course, she's prepared to do a little convincing . . .

Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, blackmail

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11 minutes



Easy Prey
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

She invites me in for a drink. Easy prey. It's so simple to pick up girls at the bar. Become their new best friend. Follow them home. Feed. She startles as the sight of my teeth, but is easily glamoured. She falls silent, then moans as I drain her.

Includes vampires

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5 minutes



Sleepy Roommate
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star finishes showing Ashley the house. She's put an ad up seeking the perfect roommate. Ashley likes the place, now it's time to see whether she fits the bill.

Star leaves the room to get the paperwork. Ashley begins to feel light-headed. She shakes it off, but her eyes start feeling sleepy, her body grows heavy and she falls into a deep sleep.

Star returns, pleased to see Ashley asleep. She plays with Ashley's limp limbs, lifting and dropping her arms, rolling her head from side to side. When Ashley wakes, Star offers her some water & begins to go over the paperwork. It's not long before Ashley has fallen asleep again. It looks like she will be the perfect roommate. Star plays with Ashley some more, stripping her fully nude and tying her up. Ashley wakes up long enough to protest, but soon she has fallen right back to sleep. When she wakes up and signs the lease she'll have forgotten everything & Star will get the perfect, quiet, controllable roommate she has been seeking.

Includes limp fetish, sleepy fetish

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16 minutes



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