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Featuring Star Nine

I think it's about time that you stop pretending you could deny Me anything. you know you want My attention, just a moment ago you were begging for it.

If you want Me to come over there and be more intimate with you, you're going to have to agree to knock those last two petty restrictions off the list & then you can proudly say you'll do anything for Me.

I can sit here all day, I'm not going to come over there or unchain you until you give these two final little things to Me.

Of course you give in, you can't deny Me anything. your heart pounds as I bring a metal tray over, you strain to see what it contains - the box of latex gloves blocks your view. I wouldn't want to get My sexy, unique, fingerprints all over anything incriminating.

Now whatever you do, don't panic. There's just one last itty bitty thing that I want to do before I'm done with you.

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Includes executrix, femdom pov, extreme domination

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17 minutes



Double Agent
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Secret agents Alison Rey & Star Nine return to the safe house after completing their mission. Alison congratulates Agent Star on a job well done & stars to check protocol. Star reaches into her bag and produces a syringe. She jabs her superior in the neck and presses her thumb on the plunger emptying the contents into Alison.

Alison moans & begins to convulse as Star carefully maneuvers her down onto the coffee table. Her eyes roll back as she continues to convulse in Star's arms. Finally she is limp & Star rolls out from under her limp body.

Star locates the microchip & calls her contact to set up the drop. She prepares to go, but Alison's limp body is very tempting. Figuring she has time, Star begins to grope Alison's breasts. At first she just unbuttons her blouse, but soon she's stripped the agent all the way down & has removed all of her clothing as well. She glides her hot bare body over her victim, sucking and licking her nipples before sliding down to her exposed pussy.

She licks Alison's pussy, then begins to finger it. She wonders if she can make Alison cum while she's passed out. Star reaches into her bag and produces a glass dildo & a strong vibrator. She attacks Alison's pussy & is indeed able to make her limp body cum. Experiment over, Star starts to gather her things. She gives Alison another injection in the neck. Alison's eyes pop open, then close. Her body convulses violently again. Star locates her chip & leaves the scene.

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Includes sleepy, pussy eating, lesbian domination

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25 minutes



Panty Slave
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Caught again. Stealing our panties - do you have any idea how much these things cost? Expensive lingerie costs MONEY - now how much MONEY are you going to give us to keep your little secret? There should really be a picture of you up by the mailboxes "PANTY THIEF". You're going to pay us back for every pair that you've stolen, every pair that you've sniffed, every pair that you've soiled.

Stella & I tease you relentlessly, wiggling our tight asscheeks in your face while mocking your pathetic panty thief stroking addiction. We turn you from a panty burglar into our chaste little slave. The only mercy we show is allowing you to cum one last time before being locked up forever.

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Includes panty fetish, femdom pov, double domination, chastity, joi

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12 minutes



Never Without A Spare Diaper
Featuring Star Nine

Star shows off how well she's adjusted to her life in diapers. From figuring out the best wardrobe to wear over them to finding the most discrete bag for the spares she always has to carry around. She's completely adapted to living with her incontinence issue. She shows off her diaper bag and strips down to her purple molicare for a changing. Star demonstrates how she always changes with her next diaper under the first one in case of leaks & talks about her strategies for changing at work. She pees a little in the midst of her diaper change (her incontinence problem involves not knowing/feeling when she's wet herself). After her changing, Star shares an embarrassing story about a time she ran out of diapers and had to stop at a pharmacy.

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Includes diaper fetish

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15 minutes



Spit-Roasted Foot Bitch
Featuring Star Nine

Silly foot slut, I'm not letting you out of that tight little cage today. I'm going to train you to exploit your weaknesses for My amusement. Pop open that bottle you addict and get high on My wiggling toes. Sniff, worship, inhale, lick. Is that slut hole gaping for Me? Wide enough to take My foot? you wish. Slide down on that massive cock, that huge dildo. you depraved slut. Now, open wide and take My foot in your mouth. Spit-roasted. My foot pounding in your mouth, pushing you back onto that huge cock. That bottle up your nose. All your holes filled, your tiny chaste cock limp from the fumes. A pathetic, ruined, anal orgasm for foot bitch.

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Includes mind fuck, foot slave training, ruined orgasms, foot domination, chastity, sph

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15 minutes



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