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Bionic Power Struggle
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Star is investigating the cause of a large power drain on the grid in a certain area of the city. She pinpoints the surge in power usage to a single family home & knocks on the door. The woman who answers (Kymberly Jane) is suspicious, but doesn't stop Star from coming in.

Walking past Kym into the living room, Star uses her bionic ear to listen for anything high voltage. She detects something behind her & walks around to the other side of Kym to listen again. Now the sound is coming from the direction she started in! She wonders whether her bionic ear is malfunctioning, and then Kym attacks!

Kym & Star trade blows, Star marveling at how strong Kym is, until suddenly Kym's vocals begin to malfunction. Star realizes that she is fighting a robot as Kym hurries towards the nearest electrical outlet to recharge.

Star bionically jumps over to push Kym away from the power outlet and the battle continues until Kym's hand comes in contact with Star's bionic ear & discovers that she is fighting a power source! Suddenly the battle is over access to Star's bionic limbs. The fight continues, but Star's limbs are drained by the robot one by one.

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Includes superheroines, robots, female fighting, pantyhose

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18 minutes



Lance's Dream Hogtie
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Lance confesses his bondage fantasies to his girlfriend & is shocked when she pulls out a bag of rope! Soon Star has him at her mercy in a tight hogtie. She teases and tickles him before leaving him to struggle against the ropes, just like in his fantasies.

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Includes rope bondage, tickling, CFNM, bondage, bondage male

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16 minutes



Sticky Predicament
Featuring Star Nine Holden Holloway

Star finds herself between a rock and a hard place when one of her coworkers blackmails her into entrapping another. The situation quickly escalates leaving Star stuck & humiliated. In her compromised position she finds herself used in a perverse game, as a crudite platter, as a party decoration, stored overnight in a garage & abandoned in a field.

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Includes stuck fetish, humiliation, odd insertions, damsel in distress, struggling

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18 minutes



Controlled By Nylon Soles
Featuring Star Nine

I think we can both agree there are many things My wiggling toes control. your motivation, your happiness, the bulge in your pants.

Hard in your slacks once again, eager to please Me, eager to give in, to submit, eager to be on your knees.

you ache to feel My soft soles pressed up against your eager little face. Soft silky nylon controlling your breath in ways you can't deny.

So aroused & so breathless.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot domination, foot smother, office domination, foot slave training

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15 minutes



Lance's Bondage Fantasy
Featuring Lance Hart

An intruder catches Lance in his underwear, on the couch, stroking his cock to gay bondage porn. Just like in his fantasies, the intruder has a bag of rope. He orders Lance to strip & Lance desperately tries to hide his growing erection.

Tied to a chair, Lance struggles to free himself from the intruder's ropes. His erect cock bounces with every movement. Lance manages to free himself & call for help just as the intruder returns to check on him.

Finally, the intruder has gone, leaving Lance tied to the bed. Lance struggles and moans through a cleave gag. The intruder has left, but now Lance is desperate to free himself before the cops arrive! Just the thought makes his cock hard again as he struggles.

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Includes male bondage, gay bondage, male forced to strip, gagged male, male in distress

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10 minutes



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