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Filthy Nylon Incentives
Featuring Dixie Comet

Your sales numbers have hit an all time low since Dixie drained your 401K. You're no longer the positive upbeat high performer you once were. You don't even chase all the nylon wearing secretaries around the office anymore. And the company has definitely noticed.

Knowing how easy you are to manipulate, Dixie really doesn't want to see you go. So she's developed a three point plan to get you back on track with positive reinforcement in the form of dirty nylon feet.

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Includes pantyhose domination, dirty feet

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10 minutes



Taboo 4th Pool Tease
Featuring Star Nine

I can't resist teasing you by the pool. I told you to stop by early for the 4th of July BBQ just so I could watch you squirm. Some things you just don't grow out of, like teasing a little brother.

Remember when we were kids and you always perved on me when I would lay out? You were always too chicken to do anything about it. Of course I knew. Of course I noticed. It amused me, it still does. I bet you always wished I was sunbathing nude. Then you'd really get an eyeful.

I'm going for a dip. You should join me, you uhhhh look like you need to cool off.

Once in the pool I tease and torment you, stripping underwater, daring you to skinny dip, making you go under with me. Remember that game we used to play, were we'd sit on the bottom of the pool. So innocent.

Lucky you I swim away so you can focus on hiding that boner. Happy 4th of July, brother, listen, the fireworks are starting.

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Includes taboo fetish

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Sleepy Slayer
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

Star runs into an old flame while battling a nest of vampires. Janira is freshly turned and still fairly weak. She flirts with Star, flattered that she remembers her, buying time.

Star knows better, she has to get rid of the whole nest. It's too bad that Janira has to be dusted, but there's no other way. She delivers a couple hard belly punches, dropping Janira to the ground. Lifting the vamp back up by her neck, Star begins to feel dizzy. She tries to shake it off, then tries to stake Janira, but it's too late. Star collapses into Janira's arms.

Janira plays with her old flame, perhaps for a little too long. Star is strong, she wakes up early and pushes Janira to the ground, fumbling for her stake. Janira knocks her back out and finishes tying her to the chair. She sets up an IV so she can continue to control and enjoy her ex. Star wakes and Janira fiddles with the IV flow, slowly putting her back out. She plays with her topless toy, bringing her back up and putting her back out.

Finally Star wakes, she frantically unties herself and rips the IV from her arm. Janira sneaks up on her, startled Star jumps to face her. A mistake. Her defenses weakened, Star makes eye contact and is trapped. Mesmerized she rocks back and forth at Janira's lead. She exposes her neck.Janira exposes her fangs and goes in for the bite.

The vamp pops off Star's neck and they both fall to the ground. The slayer's final defense is her blood. Janira flutters her eyes on the ground and passes out.

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Includes vampire, sleepy, mesmerize, magic control

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19 minutes



Frail Noun
Featuring Star Nine

Memory is a construct. Every time you access it you're remaking it. It can't be trusted. It can be implanted. Especially by someone you trust implicitly, someone in a position of psychological authority. Like me. I can make you believe anything I want. Mesmerized by my legs, soothed by my soft nylon soles and dangling heels. I can make you do anything I want. False memories are easy to implant in the weak minded, and you are so very weak. Easily distracted, easily manipulated.

Every weakness is a tool in the right hands. Your mind is equipped with deeply ingrained triggers, cues, and I know just how to use them. Your desire is so great, there isn't much else left, is there? You're a frail noun, too weak and insubstantial to hang blame off of - you can't be held responsible for your mesmerized gaze, can't be expected to perform as a distraction free adult. Mesmerized, soothed, and in your place with an eye level view of my soft nylon soles and dangling heels. Ego-less. At my mercy.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, mind fuck

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The Family Business
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Tim snaps when his sister fires him from the family business. He shows up at her door demanding answers and keeps her bound and gagged as he tries to make her see reason. Pushed over the edge as it becomes clear that his efforts are futile, Tim plans to cut his sister out of the art biz once and for all. He psychotically begins to paint her restrained belly for the gallery's grand reopening.

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Includes damsel in distress, sleepy, tape bondage

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