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Cuntbusted Queen
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine confronts renowned Dominatrix & corrupt cop, Ashley Lane, regarding the death of her husband.

Ashley taunts the grieving housewife, detailing how she crushed the man's sexy balls with her high heeled boots, how he came from having his testicles crushed and expired from the her expert destruction of his testicles.

Star rushes angrily at Ashley and they trade blows, Ashley dominating with high kicks.

Defeated, Star crawls to Ashley and worships her boots. She tentatively kisses up her legs and begins to lick her pussy. Ashley moans in distracted pleasure. A look passes over Star's face and she goes in for revenge. Star pulls back & punches Ashley in the cunt. She grabs and tortures Ashley's delicate flower, pulling her lips, threating to tear them off. In desperate pain, Ashley falls into a chair, crossing & uncrossing her legs as she grips her tortured pussy.

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Includes cunt busting, beatdowns, female fighting, boot worship

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14 minutes



Sissy - Addicted & Denied
Featuring Star Nine

Out of your cage for almost a week, does it make you feel like a man?

You're addicted, and when you're an addict, that's the only thing you have room for in your life. The poppers merely mask your true addiction, which is to my shiny, perfect goddess feet, legs, body, mind. My soothing, sexy, voice. The way I make you do what you truly deeply yearn to do.

I'm going to prove your addiction to you right now. Think of that cage and everything it represents. Now think of your little clitty swinging free between your legs, and everything that represents. Now beg me. Beg me to cage up your little clitty for me. You don't need the aid of poppers for this.

See, your addiction is only to me. Those poppers only cement things, but you're right, we should cement it, shouldn't we. You're going to be begging to send me that key. You're going to realize that you don't need it anymore. That you don't need to stroke and cum. You don't need anything but me.

Beg me for permission to let you rub your little clitty. Do you think you really deserve to come? Admit that you're my little sissy addict. Admit. Beg. Whiff. You want to throw your life away for me, give everything to this addiction. You'll take all the risks, because you're not taking that cage off for another week. Take another whiff, maybe it will soften the blow.

That's right sissy, I'm not going to let you cum today.

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Includes orgasm denial, sissy sluts, chastity, latex, mind fuck

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24 minutes



Stroking Schedule
Featuring Star Nine

An important end of year meeting. My silky pantyhose peak out from under my pant legs driving you to a very familiar distraction. We've achieved a lot this year, of course you'll agree that I deserve most of the credit, it's not that hard to do exactly what I say, now is it? I've devised a new schedule for 2018 and it involves something you're very interested in.

Rules, structure, denial.

Four days of stroking, edging, denying, followed by one day of cumming, followed by another four days of denial and then two days of edging & cumming. A stroking schedule for 2018.

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Includes pantyhose under pants, orgasm control, office domination, pantyhose domination

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8 minutes



Mesmerizing Counter Offer
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane & Star lead rival companies. Ashley's company has just won a huge government contract. Knowing that Star's company will no longer be able to compete, she's invited Star to her home & presented her with an insultingly low buyout offer.

Star hasn't gotten this far just to hand over her business for pennies, she stands and begins to rub Ashley's shoulders. Ashley protests at first, but soon falls under the spell of Star's mesmerizing touch. The strong business woman slowly transforms into Star's willing slave.

Following Star's commands, Ashley first strips, takes a sybian ride & then chooses a french maid uniform over her old business clothes. Star easily convinces her mesmerized slave to sign over her company in a much more advantageous deal. In celebration she allows her new slave to worship her ass through her expensive latex dress.

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Includes lesbian domination, mesmerize, french maid

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21 minutes



Nylon Worship
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Kneel and worship as Dixie & I prepare a special pair of pantyhose for our little nylon slave. Sniff & lick our nylon soles as we ignore you, getting our pantyhose wet in all the right places, showing you how it's done.

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Includes pantyhose domination, double domination, foot domination

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11 minutes



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