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Encasement Assassins
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Back room, VIP, two dancers tower over you, encased head to toe in sheer black nylon. You must have said something last time you were at this conference, somehow your associates know exactly what you're into. You try to put the embarrassment out of your mind. It's easy. The women in front of you are mesmerizing. They glide and tease in their black nylon encasement suits. One of them takes out a special treat. Worn nylons from a baggy. You eagerly open your mouth.

You're barely processing language anymore . . . the blonde mentions something about neurotoxins. Both nylon masked ladies are leaning over you. You try to move as they produce another pair of pantyhose, tightening it like a garrote.

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Includes executrix, nylon encasement, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Self-Cuffed Secretary
Featuring Star Nine

Star takes a break while working late at the office. She snoops in a package that has been left behind & finds two sets of handcuffs! A naughty grin passes over her lips as she decides to see how the silver pair look on her ankles. She clicks them into place & admires how they look over her stockings. She cuffs her wrists behind her back with the other pair & playfully struggles for a few minutes before decided to get back to work. Her playful struggles turn real as she realizes that there were no keys . . .

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Includes handcuffs, self-bondage, secretary

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7 minutes



Budgetary Meeting
Featuring Star Nine

Good boys will come prepared with the supplementary materials available here.

You're having trouble focusing, as usual. Something about these late afternoon meetings - my words just wash over your mind as you stare at the patch of nylon between the hem of my pants & my high heels.

It's a budgetary meeting. I'm presenting my radical plan to attract new talent by cutting managerial pay. You gaze at my feet as I pace back and forth. Before you know it, the meeting is over. You meet my eyes as the other board members file out of the room.

You begin to rise but I stop you in your tracks. It's time for a private budget meeting, just the two of us. Since you have so much trouble focusing I've even made some handy little pie charts.

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Includes financial domination, goddess worship, pantyhose domination

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28 minutes



Burglar Interrupted
Featuring Gigi Lyn & Star Nine

The Burglar finishes pulling on her nylon mask & rubs her breasts through her encasement suit. Chloroform in hand, she exits the bathroom with her little bag of tricks.

Returning to her room, mobster Gigi Lyn hears the intruder. She reaches into her bra & is ready waiting with knock out spray when the burglar appears. Star falls to the ground and Gigi digging through her bag, decides to have a little fun using all her toys against her. She ties up the burglar with her own pantyhose and straps on her black cock. She knocks the burglar out with her own chloroform when she begins to stir.

Positioning the limp burglar on the couch, Gigi rips a hole in her pantyhose and fucks her doggy with her own strap-on. When the burglar stirs, Gigi knocks her right back out and continues fucking her. When she's finished, Gigi calls in her goon to carry the body away.

Includes sleepy, nylon encasement

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11 minutes



Ivy's Kiss
Featuring Star Nine

Pheromones, my intoxicating scent, lead you right to me in my garden. I'm so fertile right now, look at how my ivy grows.

Your mind is in a fog, you're supposed to have technology to protect you from this, to inoculate you against nature's will.

My ivy creeps towards you, wrapping you tight. Natures bonds. Inescapable. Soon you will be nothing but mulch, food for my fertile garden.

Beg me, beg me for my fatal kiss.

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Includes superheroine, executrix

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11 minutes



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