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Sleepy Hotel
Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets & Star Nine

Jacquelyn Velvets & Star Nine picked up a gig reviewing hotel rooms to earn a little extra money. They check into their first hotel, excited by the novelty of spending the night in a different city. The room seems nice at first, but it's a bit stuffy and soon both girls have passed out on the bed. Surprised to have fallen asleep, they do their best to perk themselves up, chugging water, but unexpectedly find themselves passing out again.

Determined to get through the review and out of the room for some fresh air, Star sits down with the hotel's special app on her phone. She opens a brainteaser game with a monotone voice which quickly puts her in a mesmerized state. With her eyes closed, Star announces her intention to knock Jackie out.

Star strips Jacquelyn's limp body down to her bra & panties. She wakes Jacquelyn up and forces her to look at the mesmerizing app while speaking to her in monotone. She snaps her fingers to wake Jackie up.

Mesmerized, Jackie snaps her fingers in turn, knocking Star out of her mesmerized state and stating that now it's her turn to knock out Star. The mesmerized knock outs continue until an unexpected noise snaps Jackie out of it. She hurries to wake up Star and the girls struggle to dress and escape, but the stuffy room soon has them passed out on the bed once again.

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Includes sleep fetish, mesmerize, limp fetish

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22 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Another eight-figure deal - that meeting couldn't have gone better if I'd scripted it myself. I see you noticed my new shoes, you couldn't keep your eyes off them. Shiny, and expensive, dangling, keeping you in line. You've been a good boy, a good boss. We both deserve bonuses today. A little release for you, a nice fat check for me.

You always look so disappointed the days I wear pants, but we both know there's no way you would have been able to focus on that deal if you were busy staring at my glimmering nylon legs.

I let you stroke to them now, slipping off my pants. I want you to think very carefully about how many zeros belong on my check as you stroke to my shiny nylon legs, delicate expensive pantyhose. Everyone on the board knows I'm your secret weapon, you wouldn't want to disappoint me.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose under pants, financial domination, mesmerize, office domination

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16 minutes



Supergirl's Self-Defeat
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

The Villainess controls Supergirl with a kryptonite soaked collar, forcing her to strip from her costume and serve her in a french maid uniform. She taunts Supergirl, telling her that she knows all about her secret submissive side. She shows off a special acquisition of hers, a small box containing golden kryptonite with the ability to take away her powers permanently and leave her an ordinary girl. Will Supergirl be able to resist the ultimate temptation? Will she open the box?

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Includes superheroines, slave training, lesbian domination, french maid

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22 minutes



Caged Day 1
Featuring Star Nine

First day in your cage - examine it with your fingers. It's a trainer. A boy trainer. Tell Me, how did you get to this point, did you ever imagine when we shopped for an appropriate device 8 months ago that you would cave this far, bend so much to My will, that you'd actually go through with the purchase, let alone be fondling the device now in your hand. Contemplating wearing it.

It's an easy trainer, that's for certain. No metal teeth to bite into your tender flesh. Touted as the most comfortable male chastity device on the market . Medical grade silicone . . . of course that also means there's no excuse to remove it. Ever.

I've already trained you not to stroke. To deny yourself for longer and longer stretches of time. you've grown used to the aching in your balls. To suffering for My amusement. To achieving for Me. Days upon days. Will this little soft silicone device make any difference?

It's time to try it on. your breathe quickens. A nervous form of arousal. Fear of the new. Fear of failure.

Slip it on. Lock it. Now, that's not so bad is it? Spend the day wearing it around the house. Wash with it. Piss through it. Sleep in it. Obsessively worry about the key.

Imagine it under your pants at the office. Obsess about the key. Where will you keep it safe. What if Goddess demands you send it to her?

Breathe. This is day one. Just a simple test.

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Includes chastity, mind fuck, mental domination

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18 minutes



Sister Swim
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Jay & Star get naughty in the pool.

Star, sunbathing topless, convinces her pale little sister to sunbathe in the nude. Little sister, Jay, coaxes Star into the pool, splashing water all over her magazine.

The sisters' play fighting turns to underwater kissing, tribbing, and pussy worship with plenty of sisterly ribbing in between.

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Includes underwater, taboo, wet look, girl/girl

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28 minutes



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