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Beach Day
Featuring Star Nine

So many dreams coming true for you in this video. Not only do you get to serve Goddess at the beach today, but since you'll be going to a gay nude beach, you'll also get to service men in the bushes. While Goddess is tanning in the sun, frolicking in the waves, and drinking champagne, you'll be on your knees in the sand getting your virgin throat busted open. The perfect introduction to cock sucking for Goddess' little virgin.

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Includes bisexual encouragement, femdom pov, slave training, forced bi, mental domination, bikini

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12 minutes



Taped & Diapered Cheerleaders
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane has a crush on her cheerleading coach, Star. She's always making excuses to stop by her office & today Star isn't there so Ashley takes the opportunity to snoop through her desk. Ashley finds a cheerleader uniform from the rival team and two roles of colorful duct tape. She's trying to make sense of these items when Star returns and ties her to the desk!

Star stands over Ashley holding a diaper and one of the rolls of duct tape. Its Ashley's dream come true, Star not only knows all about her crush, but the attraction is reciprocated! Ashley is excited, but confused. She's sure what Star is planning with the diaper and duct tape, but her concerns fade as Star leans in for a kiss. Ashley hungrily kisses back, moaning in disappointment when Star pulls away to neatly tape up her mouth with three pieces of pink tape.

Ashley begs for more kisses as Star pulls up her cheer-leading skirt and tapes her into a diaper! This is not going how Ashley had hoped at all, but she gives in as Star gets her off with a strong vibrator over her diaper.

As Ashley is bucking and moaning Star fantasizes about being diapered and taped up herself. She dreams herself into a diapered, tape gagged, hogtie, rolling on the floor next to Ashley with her vibrator taped to her thigh.

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Includes tape gagged, lesbian domination, orgasms, bondage, diaper, cheerleader

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14 minutes



Spy vs Spy Executrix
Featuring Star Nine

It's finally happened, all these years as a spy and you've finally encountered a rival female agent. A real femme fatale. Is it all you've ever fantasized about? I unzip the hood of my black zentai suit and run my hands through my long blonde hair. I'm just as confident as you are in my abilities, so tell me, how does this fantasy unfold?

I regale you with stories of my conquests, all the men I've dispatched before you, over drinks. It's a huge mistake that you know you shouldn't be making, falling under my spell, disarmed by my smile, hesitating, fantasizing, but you make it anyways. That fatal confidence in your skills, your physique, is going to be your downfall.

But the fantasy continues. I peel off the rest of my zentai suit revealing my perfect body. I expertly ride your cock, with the energy of a true professional. Instead of thinking about how it's all going to end, you're only concerned about outlasting me. It really shouldn't be a surprise that this is your final orgasm, but you were too caught up in the fantasy to think about that, weren't you?

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Includes executrix, virtual sex, femdom pov, femdom sex, extreme domination

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14 minutes



Burglars Possessed
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine break into an abandoned house to look for things to steal. It's all going smoothly until the ghost of a young man appears! The ghost shows himself to Star first and she pretends not to be afraid until the ghost announces that he's going to try to possess her and flies into her breasts! Star's body convulses as she struggles to keep control, but the ghost wins. He's about to use her cellphone to call the cops but then he notices her boobs. He's never gotten to touch boobs before. The ghost gets thoroughly distracted, using Star's hands to grope her tits and stripping down in front of a mirror. He uses her voice to call Ashley into the room. Ashley backs away in confusion as Star tries to kiss her. The ghost flies out of Star as her body collapses on the floor. Ashley runs to the door but it's locked and the ghost flies into her butt, possessing her. The ghost enjoy's Ashley's body, rubbing her tits and pussy and marveling at the sensations. Finally he pulls himself together and manages to call the cops before first Star and then Ashley up. Star looks on in horror as Ashley gleefully gags herself before the ghost releases her body. The tied up burglars struggle against the ropes as the ghost mocks them until the police come.

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Includes gender transformation, magic control, tape gag, transfer fetish, bondage

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20 minutes



Cum Eating Cuckold
Featuring Star Nine

you've taken to kneeling by the door when I go out at night. An urge to feel connection. I haven't fucked you in years and that particular jealousy has faded, but you miss the erotic connection. you yearn to experience it again, with anyone, in any way.

When I get home I tell you all about my three hour sex session. you can't even imagine it can you, you never lasted more than three minutes. I know you love hearing all about it, even though you can't participate - but this time you can, participate, in some small way. I allude to having brought you a delicately wrapped creamy treat. Normally I abhor condoms so you should feel really fucking special. I've brought you a used condom, coated with my pussy juices and fulled with his superior cum.

So desperate for connection you barely need encouragement. you eagerly slurp it down, sucking every last drop of cum out of it's latex sheath, savoring the flavor in your mouth before swallowing it all. Maybe if you practice on a dildo to improve your oral skills I might let you taste it directly from the source someday. Unlikely though, you were always fucking terrible at giving head.

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Includes cuckold, cei, cum eating instruction, femdom pov

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13 minutes



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