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Ashley's Execution
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane pleads for her life, claiming her innocence, but it's too late. The time for appeals has passed & her execution begins. Gas slowly seeps into the chamber as she desperately holds her breath. Eventually she is forced to gasp. The poison fills her lungs as she begins to convulse. Eventually she begins to foam at the mouth. Her long hair whipping back and forth into the mess. Her convulsions slow as she expires.

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Includes death fetish, wet & messy, damsel in distress, limp fetish, struggling

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11 minutes



Happy Neurotransmitters
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Leggy therapist Candle Boxxx exploits your fetish, teasing you with her long nylon legs, silky arches & high heels. Her legs crossing & uncrossing are a strong trigger for you and your session grows more and more costly as she snaps her fingers demanding tribute from you. You're putty under her nylon soles, unable to resist her demands.

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Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination, office domination, foot domination

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10 minutes



Belly Pushing Orgasm
Featuring Star Nine & Chrissy Marie

Star penetrates Chrissy's belly, pushing her fists in and out of the soft part around her belly button. Each push feels like a punch as it goes in deep, causing Chrissy to gasp and moan. When Star moves one hand down to rub her pussy through her yoga pants, Chrissy bucks her hips forward as she folds around Star's fist. Whenever Chrissy gets close to orgasm, Star takes a break to rub and press her hands into her stomach, gently & firmly stimulating her through her stomach. The belly pushing continues. Star lays Chrissy out on the floor and straddles her as she pushes her fists in and out around her belly button. Finally she increases the thrusts of her fists and Chrissy climaxes before falling into a peacefully exhausted sleep. Star continues to push her fists in and out facilitated by Chrissy's soft, pliant, belly.

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Includes belly fetish, belly punching, lesbian domination, yoga pants

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15 minutes



Worn Nylon Footjob
Featuring Star Nine

Such a pervy little brother. I caught you stealing my pantyhose again. This time I force you to wear them in front of me. After all, that's what you do with them, right? Feeling the sheer silky nylon on your cock while staring at me in my pantyhose makes you instantly hard. I relentlessly tease you, rubbing my soft nylon feet over your hard nylon cock. After you explode, the torment isn't over as I force you to keep my worn, cummed in pantyhose on!

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Includes pantyhose domination, taboo, footjob pov, humiliation, femdom pov

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10 minutes



The Magician 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

In this sequel to The Magician nerdy spell casting superheroine Star Nine has Chrissy Marie stashed away in a safe house. Of all the Magician's victims, Chrissy is the only one who was able to have her memories recovered. All is going well until Star receives a phone call from the villain himself. Her eyes glass over as she holds the phone to her ear. Under his control, Star sets up a video broadcast and hypnotizes and molests Chrissy for his entertainment.

Stay tuned for The Magician 3 where Star & the Magician meet face to face.

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Includes woman following orders, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, magic control

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10 minutes



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