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Home Clinic
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Not one to let a silly thing like getting her medical license revoked, Dixie Comet has started seeing patients out of her home, luring them in with a discounted rate.

Star Nine comes in for an appointment to get her prescriptions refilled but walks out dazed and confused after unwittingly submitting to Dixie's treatment.

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Includes sleepy fetish, medical fetish

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18 minutes



Sheer Pantyhose Games
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella Liberty & I tease you with our sheer nylon feet and legs, encouraging you to stroke to our glossy pantyhose. It's pure torment isn't it? Watching Stella and I enjoy our shimmering feet, legs, asses - stroking and licking each other's glossy pantyhose while all you can do is stare and stroke.

You'd better be prepared, because the torment just goes on and on as Stella and I decide to play some games with you. We keep you on your toes with a long game of red light, green light before finally allowing you to lick your cum off our perfect sheer nylon toes.

Includes pantyhose domination, JOI games

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19 minutes



The Pony Trainer
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star works for a prestigious accounting firm. Some questions have been raised as to the business operations of a female client. Star sets out to interview the client ahead of the IRS audit to get to the bottom of exactly what sort of business she is in so that her firm can best defend her.

Unable to hide her shock when Ashley answers the door in a tight latex dress, Star tries to interview her client, but is swiftly handcuffed, collared, and groped. Ashley promises to turn Star into a perfect, obedient, show pony.

Ashley dresses Star up in full Leidermiester pony regalia, whacking her with a riding crop when she resists. Once the bit is in Star's mouth, Ashley leads her outside for training.

The resistant pony is put through her paces - walk, prance, posture, but it's not until she is led back inside and made to cum that she realizes it might not be so bad, being a pony.

Includes ponyplay, lesbian domination

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30 minutes



Swampy Sneakers
Featuring Star Nine

Intoxicating. My scent, My foot stench, My well worn sneakers. These beauties were already ripe before I brought them on vacation. Now they've been marinated in my delicious sweat and fermented to an intoxicating vinegar.

You're just dying to smell it for yourself aren't you? Don't miss out. Never have I sweated so much in a pair of shoes. Search for Star Nine's Stinky Barefoot Sneakers on ebanned for a chance to experience the stench for real.

Includes sneakers, foot smelling

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3 minutes



Sleepy The Clown
Featuring Miss Quin & Star Nine

Star bends over a box complaining to herself - she should have just hired movers. The doorbell rings. Star opens the door to one of her new neighbors welcoming her to the neighborhood. The petite clown motions at Star to sniff the flowers. Star leans in and is surprised by one of the clown's tricks.

Quin plays with the new girl in her lair. She has grand plans to turn her into a fun loving clown. She squeezes Star's mouth open and penetrates her with a balloon animal. She begins to strip her play thing, running away when she wakes up.

Star struggles to her feet and gives chase. She corners the clown, who extends her hand for a shake. This is so surreal - Star accepts. The joy buzzer jolts Star & she collapses on the bed. Quin finishes stripping her and places a bright red foam nose on her face. Soon Star will look just like her.

Includes sleepy, clowns, humor

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10 minutes



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