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Messy Infomercial
Featuring Star Nine

The messy game show Star Nine participated in back in 2016 went viral and she's since become an influencer with a huge following. While she's happy to profit off her fan base, she's not in love with being known as that messy girl which is apparent today as she prepares to shoot a commercial. On the one hand she's eager to get this project over, get paid, and go home. On the other, she's dreading the moment she has to take off her dressing gown and reveal her outrageous costume.

Finally the director is ready for her & Star removes her robe, revealing a huge layered diaper. She reluctantly puts on her bib and bonnet and proceeds to shoot the commercial, complete with voice-over. It's one of those stereotypical pharmaceutical ads and she is shown going about her day, working on her computer, doing the dishes and stopping to smell the flowers in her huge diaper.

At last it's time for the money shot. Star sits in a kiddie pool and delivers the punch line. She looks up, nervously, as a huge bucket of slimy goo is poured over her. That's a wrap! Star asks the crew to get her a towel but instead she gets a pie in the face as a wrap gift!

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Includes wet & messy, wam, diaper, adult diaper, humor

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11 minutes



Perilous Elevator Control - Ashley Lane
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

Ashley Lane is in her office and looks like an innocent secretary in her tight button down blouse, short skirt, nude pantyhose, and closed toe high heels. She calls an employee, Chrissy Marie, to her office. She's in charge of the elevators and has a live camera feed of the pretty girl getting stuck in the elevator cage. Aroused, she rubs her long legs as she watches and mocks Chrissy for her futile struggling. Spreading legs, Ashley begins masturbating as gas pumps into the elevator, creating a gas chamber. She's horny watching Chrissy suffer from the torture, and unbuttons her blouse for tit massaging. Her tight skirt is yanked up and she uses a vibrator to masturbate her swollen clit. Cumming hard as Chrissy dies, her large feet are popping out of her classic black pumps. The elevator feed goes dark, and Ashley is blissful from her orgasm. Shaking her long hair, she gets re-dressed and gets back to work calling the next number on her list.

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Includes peril, solo female, electric massagers, masturbation, orgasms

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10 minutes



Pantyhose Session
Featuring Star Nine

your nylon slave training continues, this may be a bit of a challenge for you, but don't worry - I have an appropriate punishment in mind for when you fail.

First, you get the privilege of pulling on a pair of My well worn pantyhose. Next you'll learn to ride cock for Me. Of course the challenge will be not soiling those special pantyhose. I had thought to have you wear a condom in case you accidentally cum without permission, but what's the fun in that?

Eventually you'll learn to take cock for hours at a time without cumming, good slaves are only holes to be used.

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Includes femdom pov, female domination, slave training, pantyhose domination

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19 minutes



Hitwoman 2
Featuring Star Nine

An erotic executrix clip - bonus if your name is "Chad"

Look at you, all tied up on your knees, eagerly awaiting your domination session. The anticipation builds as I sit across from you in my waist cincher and stockings, toying with a riding crop. you're already anticipating the first harsh strokes on your bare ass when I abruptly trade out the riding crop for a different kind of implement. See, I'm not really a dominatrix, I'm a hit woman, and I really really love my job. I'm so good at it, but you've made it even easier for me, putting yourself in such a defenseless and compromising situation. Has your anticipation turned to terror? Or is that just more excitement pumping through your veins? I spread my legs exposing my pussy and begin to tell you all about how hot my job makes me. The power, the control, literally holding your life in my hands. I cum as I take the first shot.

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Includes executrix, femme fatale, femdom pov, extreme domination

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16 minutes



Findom Rush
Featuring Star Nine

you've fallen into a routine of service. It's so good to feel helpful, like you belong, an owned wallet, but what about the thrill of sending? That rush as you watch large sums of money leave your bank account just because? It's time to experience that deep relea$e.

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Includes financial domination, slave training, femdom pov, goddess worship, pantyhose domination

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6 minutes



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