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Featuring Star Nine

My client stands to receive an extraordinarily large inheritance. The only thing that's standing in her way is you, her brother, executor of the will. Luckily she's hired me. I'm very experienced with these delicate family matters.

Naturally you're suspicious, but I win you over with my intoxicating voice and shimmering nylon legs. I assure you that I'm willing to do anything to accomplish my objective, but of course blackmail would be improprietous. You unbutton your pants and look down with dismay at your flaccid cock. You may be surprised, but it's all part of my plan. I offer you a little blue pill which you chomp down on eagerly, crushing it between your teeth in hopes it will increase it's efficacy. I laugh at your eagerness, your stupidity. My client is going to be a very rich woman.

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Includes pantyhose domination, executrix

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13 minutes



Office Beatdown
Featuring Chichi Medina & Star Nine

Star gets shut down trying to seduce her hot new secretary, Chichi Medina. She makes it clear that she's the boss and expects to get what she wants, but Chichi has had enough and stands up, commenting that Star won't be the boss much longer. Enraged, Star punches Chichi hard in the stomach. She lands a bunch of punches before knocking Chichi out with an undercut to the chin.

With Chichi out cold, Star is free to do what she wants. She straddles Chichi and unbuttons her blouse. As Star plays with her breasts, Chichi regains consciousness and grabs her by the hair, pulling her to standing. They trade punches with Chichi dominating before a final hard hit sends Star flying. Chichi poses in victory over her KO'ed boss.

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Includes female fighting, belly punching, beatdowns

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11 minutes



Chastity Edging Game
Featuring Star Nine

I finally allow you to take your aching cock out of it's cage. After a week in chastity your balls are swollen and frustrated. We're going to play a little game designed to drive you to the edge of sanity. I'll allow you to stroke in time with me, imaging it's your cock being teased by my perfectly manicured fingers, but once you're on the brink you'll have to roll a die. Will you be allowed to finally drain those aching balls, or will you go back into chastity for another 24 hrs?

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Includes chastity, edging games,joi games

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11 minutes



Arielle & Star Hardcore Lesbian Domination
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

This scene includes Arielle Lane's first hardcore girl/girl on camera ;)

Arielle loves to play games with her ex-girlfriend. This isn't the first time she's got Star strung up, captive to her whims. She always gets what she wants in the end.

Arielle whips and flogs Star, forces a huge ball-gag in her mouth, and makes her cum over and over until she finally gives in. Arielle kisses her drool smeared mouth, then puts Star's tongue to work as she arches and moans.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, forced orgasms, flogging

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48 minutes



Personal Assistant
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star examines her new assistant, it's not a very demanding position - lots of errands mostly, but she is very particular about a few things. Dress being one of them. She runs a hand down Jay Taylor's leg. Drugstore pantyhose. They'll do for today.

Star has Jay complete a few tasks before asking for a foot rub. Jay settles comfortably into the task, applying firm pressure to her boss' soft nylon feet. She does such a good job, Star is inspired to give her a little reward. She instructs her new assistant to strip down to just her pantyhose. Jay complies.

Removing her dress, Star pulls Jay close and introduces her to the eroticism of pantyhose tribbing. She grinds her nylon pussy up against Jay's making her new assistant gasp and cum.

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Includes pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, foot massage, tribbing

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22 minutes



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