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Body Worship Sensation Play
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Melody Marks is my helpless captive. Cuffed to the bed and stripped down to her panties, her delicate white flesh exposed for my amusement. Blindfolded nice and tight, she can't even see what is coming.

I run my fingers down her chest, and then go to work with my mouth, licking, sucking and teasing her neck, tits, and belly. My tongue works its way into her tight belly button making her squeal.

I rub ice over her perfect nipples causing her to cry out as they harden. I pinch her tender skin between my teeth.

I finger feed her icecream before decorating her body with it, preparing to feast.

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Includes breast worship, body worship, lesbian domination, body kissing, belly button worship, biting, licking, kissing, blindfolds, sensation play, sensual domination

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11 minutes



Hotwife Bisexual Encouragement
Featuring Star Nine

Fucking you has gotten so fucking boring. If you really want me, you're going to have to try something new. I found the perfect app to bring some excitement into the bedroom, if you want to participate you're going to have to play along and excite me. I'm going to fill our profile with hot pics of me in my sexy lingerie, I look so fucking good, and find a hot guy to come over and fuck me with all that first time energy and creativity that you just fail to bring anymore. If you ever want to fuck me again you're going to have to try new things, like sucking cock, watching me get fucked, and maybe even taking dick yourself.

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Includes bisexual encouragement, hotwife, femdom pov, female domination

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13 minutes



Chrissy Marie Watches
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Ashley Lane

Chrissy Marie in her office and looks like an innocent secretary in her tight button down blouse, short skirt, nude pantyhose, and closed toe high heels. She calls an employee, Ashley Lane, to her office. She's in charge of the elevators and has a live camera feed of the pretty girl getting stuck in the elevator cage.

Aroused, she rubs her long legs as she watches and mocks Ashley for her futile struggling. Spreading legs, Chrissy begins masturbating as gas pumps into the elevator, creating a gas chamber.

She's horny watching Ashley suffer from the torture, and unbuttons her blouse for tit massaging. Her tight skirt is yanked up and she uses a vibrator to masturbate her swollen clit. Cumming hard as Ashley dies, her sexy feet are popping out of her classic black pumps.

The elevator feed goes dark, and Chrissy is blissful from her orgasm. Shaking her long hair, she gets re-dressed and gets back to work calling the next number on her list.

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Includes executrix, death fetish, solo female, solo masturbation, extreme domination

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11 minutes



At My Feet
Featuring Star Nine

On your knees, at My feet, where you find true happiness. Breathing slowly as one moment flows into the next, as I dangle My high heels, and shed My nylon stockings. you're exactly where you belong, enraptured by My wiggling toes, at peace.

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Includes foot fetish, foot slave training, goddess worship, foot worship, foot domination

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11 minutes



Slave Experience
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine gets the slave experience. She's naked and restrained against the wall as her captor tests various gags on her. In between gag changes she endures a tight crotch rope and strong vibrator as she struggles, moans, and cums through her gags. The crotch rope is wedged tightly in her pussy and her body glistens in the heat.

Finally she is released from her standing position and is allowed to rest in bondage on the floor, but her knees are tied together so tightly that she struggles to stand when food and water are finally left for her across the room. Desperately weak and thirsty, Star slowly hobbles across the room where she has to eat and drink with her hands behind her back.

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Includes gagged women, bound orgasms, struggling, rope bondage, bondage

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26 minutes



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