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Supergirl Possessed
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra James invites Supergirl over to go through some artifacts her recently deceased mentor had collected. His interests were borderline & she is concerned that there might be some objects in his collection not meant for the earth. Perhaps Supergirl can fly anything too caustic into the sun . . .

Supergirl begins to examine the items in the box. When she reaches a gold box she falls to the ground in spasms. A demon has possessed her body. She moves awkwardly, the demon getting used to being back inside flesh. The demon begins to feel the power in her new body.

What is this vessel you have given me? You will be rewarded. The demon molests her Supergirl body, rubbing it to orgasm as Kendra looks on wide-eyed. She pulls Kendra to her & devours her pussy before tribbing both their bodies to orgasm.

Kendra is worried about unleashing this version of Supergirl on the world. Post tribbing orgasm she pulls away. Saying she has something else the demon will like, she backs out of the room & returns with hitatchi.

The demon amuses herself with the hitachi & Kendra takes the opportunity to look through the box hoping to find some sort of cure. She finds a black velvet bag and looks inside - liquid kryptonite - she thinks - there's only one way to test it . . .

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, demons, tribbing, pussy eating

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19 minutes



Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn clasps Star's hand tightly. Both her captor & her rescuer, their time together is coming to an end. Star returns Sinn's passionate kiss, pulling her close. Sinn's hand slips into her pants & Star jumps away. She rapidly removes her clothing & then crouches across from Sinn, cocking her head to the side. Sinn takes the hint & follows suit. Star remains crouched away from Sinn & pointedly licks her finger before trailing it down to circle her nipple. Mesmerized, Sinn does the same. Sinn mirrors Star's actions as they masturbate in front of each other, finally collapsing back onto the bed. Star dives forward and aggressively eats her captive's pussy. Sinn squeezes her thighs around her captor's head, cumming loudly. Captive & captor switch positions, Star arching and moaning as she cums.

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Includes lesbian domination, lesbian, mesmerize, pussy eating

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15 minutes



Irresistible Dangling
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella & and I discuss your potential at our company as a new hire - we know that you're headed right to the mail room. We dangle our high heels from our stocking feet as we explain exactly what your new position will be like, how you'll answer to us, how you'll start in the mail room & stay there - see that's why they call it the male room! Instead of climbing the ladder, you'll be kneeling before us, rubbing our feet & attending to our every whim.

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Includes dangling, stockings, foot domination, double domination, femdom pov, office domination

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11 minutes



Bionic Powerpack Failure
Featuring Star Nine

Star returns from her doctor's appointment, flexing her freshly repaired bionics. She notices that her bedroom door is open & uses her bionic ear to listen for an intruder. She swiftly kicks off her high heels & uses her bionic legs to run into the bedroom. She confronts you, the intruder, warning you about all the things she could do to you with her bionics. Finally she crouches to jump & you disable her bionic leg.

Star flexes and stretches her injured leg, struggling to get it to function. Noticing that the intruder has left, Star struggles to her phone and calls the doctor, complaining about her malfunctioning leg. The power pack has been damaged & will need repairs. Hanging up with the doctor, Star continues to flex her damaged bionic leg as her power pack drains, eventually passing out.

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Includes struggling, pantyhose, cosplay

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21 minutes



Electrified Sissygasm
Featuring Star Nine

I don't know why you're finding it so very difficult to prove your devotion by dropping that tiny little key in the mail. Such a simple order.

Yes, I know how you love to make excuses. your poor poor girlfriend, don't you think she'd be better off knowing the truth? That you're secretly a little poppers sniffing sissy slut? She'd leave you in a heartbeat if she knew about any of this.

you're going to send Me that key, after all, I've just sent you a package. That's right, open the package you little sissy coward. Why yes, it is electric. Those little alligator teeth? They hook right on to that tight metal cage of yours. Go on, pull down your panties

you'll see the dial turns up to 10 - what number shall I have you start with. Look at that little clitty tingle and throb and twitch. You know that electricity can make you squirt even though you're all locked up . . .

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Includes sissy sluts, chastity, orgasm control, pantyhose domination, latex, cbt instruction

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20 minutes



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