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Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn seduces you. She's caught you staring, so many times. She knows how hard your cock is, watching you stroke your cock makes her pantyhose wet.

You're stroking for her in the breakroom when Star walks in. Your arousal turns to panic, but Star encourages you to keep going - the damage is done, you may as well enjoy yourself.

You gaze in awe as Sinn & Star dangle their heels in tandem. Star leans down and gives Sinn's nylon foot a little nibble. Your cock twitches under your hand. Star encourages you to cum, stroking Sinn's foot along with you, only to laugh in your face as you're about to burst.

You're fired! You look down, confused by the mess you've made, what happened to the orgasm? Sinn & Star order you out, mocking you, how pathetic you are, how no one will hire you now.

Alone now, Sinn & Star gloat. Your bloated salary will cover the hire of two new women. They touch each other's nylon legs and lean in for a kiss. They spend the rest of the afternoon worshiping, tribbing, cumming in their sheer nude pantyhose.

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Includes pantyhose domination, tribbing, office domination, double domination, ruined orgasms

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14 minutes



Sensory Deprivation
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is tied to the bed, her legs spread, blindfolded. Her ears are plugged with noise canceling ear buds.

Star enters and plugs audio into the input - sounds of a damsel in distress. Ashley is forced to listen & forced to cum over & over.

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Includes blindfolds, forced orgasms, lesbian domination

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10 minutes



Ruined Orgasm for Sissy
Featuring Star Nine

My little foot obsessed sissy. I let you out of your cage for your bi-quarterly milking. Your clitty is hard and dripping at the site of my wiggling toes, but first you have to pay me all the saved up cum tax from the 6 weeks you were chaste.

You only need one hand to rub that little clitty so you better be using the other one to cram that big fat dildo down your throat. Beg for permission to make your little sissy pussy squirt for me. Little sissy sluts only deserve ruined orgasms.

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Includes chastity, sissy training, ruined orgasms, pantyhose domination

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13 minutes



Arielle & Star Lesbian Domination 2
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star gets revenge on her obsessive ex-girlfriend, Arielle. Using her own methods against her, Star whips, flogs, and vibrates Arielle into pussy eating submission.

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Includes lesbian domination, forced orgasms, pussy eating, flogging

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36 minutes



Bedtime Story
Featuring Star Nine

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who fell into a deep sleep and could only be saved by a kiss of pure devotion. Many men kissed & then waited around pissed. Her adoring little brother was the only one who could break the spell, giving himself to her as a slave for ever and ever.

Just like he is now. Your cock is dripping, have you been a good boy this last month in chastity? Ready for a little tease from big sis? A tiny little bit of attention before going right back in the cage.

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Includes chastity, taboo, tease & denial, socks

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