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Bound & Gagged With Nylon
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is surprised by an intruder in her living room! She's bound with her own worn pantyhose on the couch. Star pleads with the intruder to just let her go, but instead he stuffs more pantyhose into her mouth and secures the stuffing with a cleave gag. She struggles, falling to the floor, as he ransacks her home. She begs and pleads through her gag, but he leaves her bound & gagged on the floor.

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Includes struggling, bondage, pantyhose bondage, gag talk, gagged women

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11 minutes



Bobby Socks Punishment
Featuring Star Nine

You're a new assistant teacher, sent to the Headmistress' office after getting caught with your pants down.

Headmistress Star dangles a soiled white bobby sock as she sits across from you in her sexy pinstripe suit.

It's the same sock you were jerking off into while watching the gym teacher when you got caught.

You're about to find out that corporal punishment isn't just for the students as Headmistress Star details exactly how your punishment will go.

First you will be gagged with the soiled sock, then spanked with a number of implements including a ruler, hairbrush, and the belt off her waist.

Your punishment will be rough, and will last until either your cock bleeds from rubbing against the Headmistress' pinstripe skirt or until you cum from looking at the penny loafers and bobby socks that she has put on just for this purpose.

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Includes spanking pov, corporal punishment, bobby socks, penny loafers, pinstripes

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8 minutes



Before The Magician
Featuring Star Nine

In this prequel to The Magician series, budding heroine Star Nine sits down for a fan interview. During the interview she explains why she keeps all of her spells on her phone, flashing back to a young Star carrying around heavy loads of magick text books as she investigates evil. She repeatedly finds herself blacking out and coming to tied up & naked. As the interview is coming to an end, Star becomes very drowsy. She whips out her handy phone and is just able to cast a spell as she is passing out.

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Includes woman following orders, sleepy, superheroine, pigtails, limp fetish

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13 minutes



Wildest Dreams
Featuring Star Nine

you're very familiar with the power of suggestion, all of those triggers I've implanted in you to bend your body, your mind to My will. It's time to participate more actively. Sit and imagine in detail your wildest dreams while My powerful voice guides you towards your best life in a more positive world.

19 minutes



Tie Up Game
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star play a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to get tied up. Chrissy loses the first round, so she removes her socks and sticks them in her mouth. Star loses rounds 2 and 3, gagging herself with her own socks & then with tape. Chrissy loses the final two rounds & Star leaves the room to get the rope.

Chrissy decides she doesn't really want Star to tie her up, so she lies in wait and pounces on Star when she comes back in, tying her wrists, ankles, knees and chest.

Once Chrissy has Star all tied up, she gets a little jealous & asks the camera man for a little help. Finally Chrissy & Star are bound and gagged happily struggling next to each other in their ropes.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, tape gag, rope bondage, struggling

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33 minutes



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