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Supergirl Entrapped & Collared
Featuring Mia Vallis & Star Nine

Aspiring super villain Mia Vallis poses as a damsel in distress. All goes according to plan as Supergirl responds to her cries for help. As Supergirl leans forward to untie Mia's ankles, the aspiring villain quickly places a kryptonite collar around the heroine's neck.

What follows is a one sided beatdown as Mia easily tosses the weakened superheroine around alternately pinning her and throwing her into the wall, pummeling her belly and demanding intel on her cousin & on her friend Batgirl. It's obvious that Mia possesses Amazonian strength & Supergirl tries hopelessly to talk her into using her powers for good, then later to test her true strength by removing the collar, but she cannot dissuade Mia from her plans & eventually lies weak & broken as Mia pulls her by the hair, humiliating the broken heroine, pressing her face into her muscular ass.

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Includes superheroine, supervillain, beatdowns, belly punching, amazons, female fighting, muscle domination

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14 minutes



Pantyhose Play With Sovereign
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

Sovereign Syre interviews me regarding Female Supremacy - I explain the difference between FS and feminism. She questions my wearing the patriarchy's pantyhose & high heels. I explain my tactic of using the Femme Fatale trope to my advantage & soon she's extending her bare leg for me to pull a pair of shimmering nude pantyhose over.

Once Sovereign's legs are encased in shiny nylon I go about showing her all the pleasures of pantyhose, from hitatchi orgasms to foot worship to footjobs & tribbing.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, foot worship, vibrator, footjobs, tribbing, kissing

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29 minutes



Escaped Prisoner
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

After a successful prison break, Star looks to equip herself with a new identity. She walks through the woods, searching for a farmhouse. Instead she finds Dixie working in her sketchbook. She creeps up on her and asks her nicely to trade clothes.

Star had initially only intended to take Dixie's clothing, but she gets turned on by her fear. She creeps on Dixie, forcing her to strip & eat her pussy. Then she licks Dixie's pussy while humping her hand before dressing in her clothing & going on her way.

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Includes lesbian domination, limp fetish, sleepy fetish, clothing exchange, forced stripping, pussy eating

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15 minutes



Sissy's Electric Release
Featuring Star Nine

Well well well, look who came crawling back. you should have learned by now, it's impossible for you to resist Me. So deeply addicted.

I'm the only person you don't need to hide around.

Drooling, begging, hard against your cage. Desperate for a whiff.

Beg Me.

I know what you've been doing all month, hiding in the closet, literally. Sniffing your little bottle, stroking your latex panties. Hiding from reality.

you know that bottle of poppers has nothing on My Goddess toes. Just breathe normally, My toes in front of your face. you sad little addict, it's been so long since you've had a fix.

you know what I want you to do, what you will do, as penance for Me. Something to be endured. Set it to 7 sissy. A constant electrical charge hooked up to your cage. no pulsing for you, you wayward little sissy. No rushes, no sharp inhales, no throbbing, pulsating, clitty. Just a constant buzz on your clit and just gently breaths of your favorite drug.

Stop trying to fool yourself, stop pretending that there's anything else that matters in your life.

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Includes chastity, sissy training, sissy sluts, orgasm control, pantyhose domination, latex, femdom pov, mind fuck, mental domination

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18 minutes



Ivy & The Professor
Featuring Lance Hart & Star Nine

A young Ivy uses her pheromones to capture, enslave & brainwash a professor into handing over his million dollar invention. Her pheromone spray, attentive vines & poison kisses will keep him her willing slave, turning over all future inventions for her profit.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, kissing, magic control

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10 minutes



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