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Your Filthy Feet Addiction
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

We know your dirty little secret. You don't just have a proclivity for dirty soles. You have a full on addiction to filthy feet. A deeply ingrained fetish. You can't cum without them.

You're on your knees obsessively licking every speck of dirt from our high arched soles. The filth turns your tongue black, your hands black, and when we let you start to stroke, your cock black.

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Includes foot domination, feet joi, foot slave training, dirty feet, double domination, foot fetish

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9 minutes



Financial Advisor
Featuring Star Nine

The company bonuses came with a free financial planning session this year, extra bonus - the advisor is HOT - her skirt and top hug her body tightly, her long legs glisten in shimmering pantyhose. She congratulates you on your bonus and muses on what you should spend it on. Your company's 401K matching is more than adequate. Your salary covers your expenses. You really have no need for this extra money - in fact you could really get in a mess with it.

What is it that you value? Luxury travel? Fancy meals? Expensive clothing. A step up in lifestyle - you don't really want any of those things do you? You have your habits, your routine. Your sports bar, that delicious burger, that ratty old sentimental t-shirt. You don't need this money do you? It will only really lead to stress. I can do you a favor. Take it off your hands. I know exactly what to do with it.

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Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination

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11 minutes



Bondage Television
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine plays a talk show host who surprises her guest with a live, televised, bondage demo! Ashley Laneprotests as Star ties her up with duct tape, but Star simply passes the blame off on her publicist as she continues to restrain Ashley, taping up her ankles, wrists, knees & elbows. She finishes by gagging Ashley neatly with more duct tape & proceeds to grope and kiss Ashley as she struggles for the audience.

Star cuts Ashley free when the segment is over, but Ashley isn't finished yet. It's only fair that Star get taped up too! The audience agrees and Star submits to the same treatment, allowing Ashley to tape her up. Ashley has one last surprise for her though; as the credits roll she announces the audience participation portion of the program! Star's eyes go wide and she mmmphs in protest as her struggles become real.

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Includes tape bondage, bondage, gag talk, vintage stockings, glasses

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16 minutes



Performance Review with Roxie Rae
Featuring Roxie Rae

You've been looking forward to this - Roxie's performance review. You've been looking forward to "evaluating" her. Sitting across from her, gazing at her nylon legs, her tall, dangling heels.

She marches in, prepared. Your eyes wander . . . did you just hear her ask for a raise? That's just not possible. You gradually begin to listen to her threats, annoyed that you can't just enjoy the view. It's pretty damning. She's listing all the things she's been doing, and tolerating. She's been recording you, constantly.

You gaze helplessly at her nylon legs as she begins to list her demands.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, financial domination, blackmail fantasy

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10 minutes



Golden Heist
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

A golden female nude (Caroline Pierce ) stands on a pedestal in the middle of the art gallery. Suddenly the statue opens her eyes and begins to move around, changing her pose. She freezes when she hears a woman enter the room.

Star admires the statue, and takes out her phone to shoot some video of it. She receives a phone call & leave the room. The statue begins to move again. The woman returns, having dropped something. She stares at the golden figure. Did it move? A voice comes over the loudspeakers, the museum is closing. Star shakes her head and walks out.

The statue begins to stir on the nighttime security feed. She opens her eyes and looks around before swiftly stepping off her pedestal, removing one of the portraits off the wall, and walking out.

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Includes WAM, wet look

Don't miss the rest of my gold paint clips

13 minutes



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