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Give Me Back My Pantyhose
Featuring Sydney Lee & Star Nine

Star didn't think her roommate would mind her borrowing a pair of pantyhose but obviously she was wrong, Sydney is very possessive of her things. She insists that Star take them off and when Star doesn't she begins to try to forcibly remove them from Star. Star resists and the girls struggle and argue until Sydney finally puts a huge run in the hose and begins tearing them piece by piece from Star's legs.

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Clothes Destruction, Pantyhose Wrestling, Cat Fighting, Scolding Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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6 minutes


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Addie Goes Under
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Girlfriends Addie & Star enjoy playing knock out games with each other. Addie's always a little nervous to go under, but that just adds to the excitement. It's Addie's turn to get chloroformed. Star kisses her gently after putting her out. She thinks about how really, she can do whatever she wants to Addie, even though she did say she would only do things she would like. Star slowly begins to strip her limp girlfriend, taking time to rub up against Addie's body and amuse herself with her limp limbs.

Addie begins to come to, half stripped. She laughs at her state and Star quickly puts her back under. She finishes stripping her and plays with her breasts. She positions Addie's limp body, spreading her legs. She has a great way to wake Addie up - Star holds the hitatchi against Addie's clit and she slowly comes to, gasping in pleasure.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Consentual Chloroform, Forced Orgasm Sleep Fetish Girl/Girl

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11 minutes


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Cum In My Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

Oh there you are, guess what I found in your underwear drawer? My used, dirty, pantyhose. What were you doing with them? Were you sniffing them? Were you sniffing the feet or were you sniffing somewhere else? The gusset is a little damp, were you licking it? You dirty little pervert, you were tasting me while jerking your cock. Something really has to be done about this unacceptable behavior.

Take your pants off, show me your cock. No, I'm not going to fuck you, that's disgusting. You're going to put these pantyhose on. Now. You're going to stroke your cock through those pantyhose until you cum.

Star poses for you, rubbing her hands over her pantyhose, teasing you while you stroke it. You don't mind if she takes a picture do you? You cum in the pantyhose while staring at her body. Star has one more little bit of punishment for you though. She instructs you as she puts her clothes back on.

You got some cum on your stomach, take those nylons off & wipe it up with them. Now, I'm going to send that picture to everyone in your contacts unless you suck all of that hot cum out of the pantyhose.

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Taboo, Cum Eating Instruction, Dirty Talking, CEI Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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13 minutes


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Steal My Skirt, Smell My Feet
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Kymberly Jane

Kymberly Jane is a messy roommate, she just leaves piles of clothing all over the place. Candle didn't think she'd mind if she borrowed a skirt for her date, but Kymberly is very possessive. She threatens to tear the skirt right off of Candle. It's dirty anyways, those are Kym's DIRTY clothes Candle. Candle thought it seemed clean enough, can she just please wear it. Kym decides to let Candle wear her skirt if she'll smell her stinky nylon feet.

Candle agrees, but they smell worse than she thought! Kym mentions something about the method she uses to wash her hose . . . she offers Candle the other foot, which smells even nastier! Candle and Kym then sniff their own feet for comparison. Candle's pantyhose smell the worst of all, she pilfered them from the same dirty clothes pile.

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Foot Smelling, Domination, Smell Fetish, Dirty Feet Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Smelling

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8 minutes


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Layered Nylon
Featuring Star Nine

Star has a surprise for you! There's something different about her, can you tell what it is? No, it's not a new dress, it's something about her pantyhose, doesn't the color look unusual? She's layered black stockings and garter under her shiny, nude, pantyhose. First she wants to model them for you, then she wants you to run your hands up her nylon covered legs, eventually using them to pull her back up against your cock. She makes herself cum, grinding into you as you spray your hot cum all over her hosed ass.

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Layered Nylons, Ass Grinding, Orgasms, Masturbation Instruction Vibrators Solo Masturbation

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10 minutes


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