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Foot Licking Roommates
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Star is making a cake, it's almost ready to go in the oven, but she can't remember the temperature so she leaves to look it up. She must have gotten distracted, because she's still gone when her roommate, Siren, gets home. Siren is a very tactile person, and when she sneaks a finger dip taste of the cake she knows that she needs to immerse herself in the texture.

Siren doesn't think Star will mind if she has a little fun . . . she sits down with the cake batter and begins to dip her feet in, enjoying the feel of the cool batter on her feet & the taste of it off her toes.

Star is grumpy when she comes across Siren ruining her cake. She begrudgingly joins in, worrying about the mess. She may as well enjoy her cake. Siren & Star rub their cake batter coated feet together, stopping now & then to lick it off.

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Dirty Feet, Foot Play, Food Porn, Wet & Messy Foot Licking Foot Fetish

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10 minutes


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Hosed Feet In The Backyard
Featuring Star Nine

I arrive home after a long day walking in my shiny new heels. I get to the front door and can't find my keys! I empty out my purse looking for therm and they are nowhere to be found. Hopefully the back door is open, but I am not about to wear my brand new heels in the backyard. I go around the side of the house, barefoot in my nude pantyhose, worried I am going to ruin them. My pantyhose get dirty walking though the dirt and grass of the yard. Luckily the backdoor is wide open and I walk into the house hoping that I will be able to salvage my pantyhose.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Barefoot Pantyhose, Dirty Pantyhose, Barefoot Foot Fetish Dirty Feet

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2 minutes


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Drawn To Her
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star couldn't help but notice Arielle Lane, walking alone on a hot summer day, dressed in a little sun dress, showing off irresistible leg. Star couldn't help herself really. Drawn to Arielle's sheer hosed legs, why would she wear pantyhose on such a hot day?

Star creeps up behind Arielle as she's unlocking her door and clamps a white rag over her mouth. Arielle slumps in Star's arms and is dragged inside.

Arielle is laid out on a white rug for Star to inspect. She wiggles an arm before fixing in on Arielle's legs and shoes. Running her hands down Arielle's legs, she slips a shoe off wondering what she will find. Pleased with the condition of Arielle's feet she continues to perv on Arielle's pantyhose. Arielle comes to, confused, a bit quicker than Star thought she would. Star clamps the rag over Arielle's face again & Arielle's eyes roll back.

Star strip's Arielle of her pantyhose & smells the foot - You don't mind if I borrow them do you?. In love with the smell, she keeps one nylon foot over her nose while she rubs and stuffs her pussy with the other one.

Arielle begins to stir again as Star cums. Having gotten what she came for & not wanting to risk recognition, Star takes off with the pantyhose. Arielle slowly sits up, looking very confused and bare legged.

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3X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Foot Play, Foot Fetish Pantyhose Sleep Fetish

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8 minutes


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Office Crush
Featuring Roxie Rae

You bump into Roxie on the way into work. She's brought donuts for the office. She stops to tell you about how she noticed where you were looking during your group interview. You couldn't keep your eyes of her hosed feet in their high heels. You may have gotten the new supervisor position, but she knows that she's really in control.

She squats down and lines the doughnuts up on the floor. They're cherry filled. As she begins to crush the donuts under her charcoal hosed, size 5, feet she instructs you. You're going to be so transfixed, mesmerized by Roxie's feet that she's going to have complete power over you. You're going to do all the work, she's not going to lift a finger. You can pretend to give her assignments, but you're going to be the one doing them.

She shows off her small, sugary, soles. You'd love to lick them wouldn't you. The sweet taste of sugar, the salty taste of sweat from her pantyhose. You'll have no choice but to play favorites after this little show, none of the other woman in the office even noticed your little fetish. She's decimated the donuts. She leaves you alone with the mess. If you're lucky she might leave her messy, ruined, pantyhose on your desk.

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Food & Object Crush, Foot Domination, Office Domination, Wet & Messy Pantyhose/Stockings Foot Fetish

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7 minutes


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POV Foot Smelling
Featuring Odette Delacroix

Odette is sick of you always trying to sit behind her in class, always suspiciously dropping your pen and spending way too much time by her feet on the floor trying to pick it up. She confronts you, catches you by surprise really. She's knocked you to the ground and has her petite body perched on your chest.

Odette taunts you with her sweaty, stinky, hosed feet. Wiggling her toes in your face. She's not dumb, she knows what you're all about, with your foot fetish. She hopes that if she gives you more than you want you'll leave her alone. She feels your cock get hard underneath her - you're more of a pervert than she thought!

Wouldn't it be funny if you came in your pants? She would never let you live it down. She didn't realize just how much her feet controlled you, she could use her power to make you distracted before tests. You're so controlled by her stinky hosed feet that you cum at her command, a wet stain spreading across your jeans.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Smelling, Foot Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination Foot Fetish Foot Domination

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5 minutes


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