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Spy Story
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn Sage poses as a masseuse to work her way into the Ambassador's home. The target lies naked & vulnerable under Sinn's powerful hands. Sinn caresses her naked back, running her hands up to her shoulders before pinching her neck in just the right spot. The Ambassador is now completely helpless & Sinn makes a call, updating base on her progress before beginning to photograph the limp, naked, agent. It's a blackmail scheme, making a sex tape, something the Ambassador would never want released.

Sinn penetrates her target, her arms swing limply back & forth as Sinn films her. Regaining consciousness Star protests, but she'd unable to see a way out of Sinn's scheme. The Ambassador is compromised. Sinn presses Star's feet into her chest as she continues to fuck her. Finally, her mission complete, Sinn straddles Star's face and smothers her with her ass until her struggling stops.

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, strap-on, ass smother

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24 minutes



Mesmerizing Challenge
Featuring Star Nine

you can never resist a wager, or a chance to prove yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to prove you aren't addicted, that you have some tiny semblance of control over your own mind.

The challenge is simple - don't touch yourself. No stroking, no adjusting. It should be easy to keep your hands off yourself. Really how hard could it be? Especially with something so significant at stake. Of course any chance to truly prove yourself is going to come with consequences.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, financial domination, joi games, femdom pov

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28 minutes



Domination Training
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie has a painfully unrequited crush on her roommate, Ashley Lane. Ashley is well aware of Chrissy's feelings and alternately uses them to her advantage & tortures her. Frustrated, Chrissy seeks out professional help with her problem.

The day starts like any other with Ashley berating Chrissy & demanding a foot rub. When the doorbell rings, Ashley orders Chrissy to answer it & is shocked when a tall blonde pushes her way in & approaches Ashley in the living room. Ashley is quickly restrained by the woman, her arms pinned behind her back with one arm while her hand snakes across Ashley's mouth with the other.

Star is here to give Chrissy a lesson in taking what she wants. She orders Chrissy to grope her uptight roommate & gives her lessons in how to touch her dominantly. Star has brought a lot of toys with her & she drags Ashley into the bedroom to continue Chrissy's lessons.

Chrissy is a slow learner, but her dominant side slowly comes out under Star's tutelage as they grope and spank tied up Ashley together. Finally Star decides that the lesson is over, but when it comes time to pay Chrissy stammers that she only has half of the fee!

Chrissy joins Ashley tied up on the bed as Star puts them through a strap-on sucking competition. The winner will go free, but both slave girls are so aroused that once the competition is over they all stay to play.

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Includes lesbian domination, slave training, strap-on, hand over mouth, bondage

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51 minutes



Cucked Escalation
Featuring Star Nine

I finish tying you up & then sit teasingly in front of you. You gaze at my perfect form, sexy black dress, long nylon legs, slutty red heels as I mock you relentlessly. I'm so glad our marriage counselor suggested this, maybe getting you all tied up is just what we need. You kneel helplessly before me, hoping for my touch, but all you're getting is x-rated story time. A painful detailing of my extramarital activities that you find strangely arousing.

I could sit here and continue torturing you, but honestly my hearts not in it. The only thing that's been keeping me around is strategy - how to get out of this situation the least scathed. And I've found a solution. You stare up at me in confusion as I take a surgical mask out of my purse & carefully put it on. Next comes an unlabeled spray bottle, a powerful nuerotoxin, a couple little spritzes of this & I'm guaranteed to walk away with everything.

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Includes executrix, cuckolding, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, humiliation

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16 minutes



Peeping Piss
Featuring Star Nine

I know all about perverts like you. Lurking in alleyways, waiting for some poor unsuspecting girl to empty her bladder in front of you. You disturb me midstream. I jump up & berate you, first trying to scare you away, then pleading with you, then finally giving in. My bladder is busting & more pee trickles out as I try to shoo you away. My friends are waiting in the uber & you won't be dissuaded for your perversion. Finally I squat and finish, berating you as my golden nectar pours out.

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Includes pee, desperation, toilet fetish, toilet humiliation, humiliation

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9 minutes



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