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Ashley Lane Interview & Solo
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane sits down to answer some interview questions from a repeat custom video client - . Ashley Attacked By Monsters, Ashley In The Elevator, The Monsters Watch Her Cum, Monster Grope - she explains which of the scenes she has shot for him has been her favorite & why. She also discusses the movie that has inspired the scenes & her thoughts about the female lead.

After she's answered the questions, she views the customer's favorite scene while she makes herself cum over and over, finally squirting through her pantyhose.

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Includes squirting, interviews, solo masturbation, pantyhose, vibrators

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10 minutes



Goddess' Orgasm Tease
Featuring Star Nine

The ultimate tease & denial, the ultimate mind fuck. Watch & imagine, what could possibly be inspiring Me to pause My shoot to get off with My hitatchi? Watch desperately as I bring Myself to the brink, then turn the camera off, you didn't really think you would get the privilege of seeing Me cum?

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Includes tease & denial, pantyhose domination, goddess worship, pantyhose, masturbation, vibrators

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6 minutes



Sissy Training
Featuring Star Nine

It's a slippery slope, once you start down the path to being My sissy slut. First you crave nylon toes in your mouth, next you're begging to suck Goddess' strap-on cock. Eventually you find yourself desperate to be a good little whore for Me. It's unfortunate that you threw out those shiny smooth silver plugs, now you're desperate for anal training and this thick, black, textured cock is all you have to work with. you're going to train your ass for Me, learn to exploit that tight, pink, practically virginal little sissy hole beginning with a 30 minute session.

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Includes sissy training, strap-on pov, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, anal training

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11 minutes



Cat Burglary
Featuring Star Nine

You surprise Catwoman burglarizing your home. Caught up staring at her tight ass when you should be calling the cops, she's able overpower you. You come to tied up in the bedroom. She straddles your legs, seductively walking her gloved hands up your chest. You're instantly aroused, but still you yell out for help. Catwoman is prepared for this, she's been in your daughters laundry hamper & she quickly gags you with a pair of creamy panties.

As she is looking around for more things to steal your phone rings. She answers it, pretending to be a work colleague. You desperately scream for help, but are unable to make yourself heard around the wet cloth in your mouth. Catwoman taunts you - your daughter is planning to bring a friend over. The idea of being discovered all tied up by your daughter torments you, but a good dose of catatonia quiets you down.

Catwoman decides to leave you in an even more compromising position. She pulls your pants down exposing your erect cock. She teases it for a bit before leaving you bound, gagged with your daughters panties, bondage porn playing on your phone. You struggle helplessly as you wait for your daughter to discover you choking on her panties with your dick out.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom pov, male bondage, female domination

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17 minutes



Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Baby Girl Ashley Lane reluctantly crawls into the living room after her babysitter. Star turns on some cartoons for Baby Ashley to watch. Ashley fusses and rolls her eyes, asking if they can do something else. Star smiles & comments that Ashley must be thirsty. She removes her top & Ashley refuses, but Star reminds her that she doesn't want another spanking, her little bum bum is so red & sore under her diaper. Ashley reluctantly crawls into Star's lap & latches on to her nipple quietly suckling as Star strokes her hair and pats her dipey.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes abdl, breast feeding, diaper fetish, dommy mommy, forced orgasms

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10 minutes



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