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Stealing your Assistant
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

My pheromones are irresistible, you already knew that, but now your new assistant does too. My new assistant that is. One hit from my pheromone spray and she is so excited to be working for Me. you won't complain if you know what's good for you. Did you ever wonder why they gave you an assistant in the first place? It's because you're so incompetent. It was either that or fire you. If you can't even control one employee what makes you think they would ever consider promoting you to the executive suite. Nope, best to keep your mouth shut & just imagine all the ways I'll be putting her to work . . .

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Includes lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, tribbing, office domination, mesmerize, humiliation

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14 minutes



Catwoman's Emerald Heist
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Catwoman admires her new acquisition - the largest emerald ever cut. It matches the color of her eyes. The heist was just a ruse, an excuse to pick up where she left off in her cat & mouse game with the bat . . . she's very disappointed when Batgirl shows up instead of the man himself.

Batgirl makes a move to apprehend the cat, but she is too quick with her whip & rips away Batgirl's utility belt. Weak without her gadgets, Batgirl soon finds herself all chained up with Catwoman crawling all over her, set on relieving her sexual tension, one bat or another.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, forced orgasms, bondage

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11 minutes



The Angel & The Vampire
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is an angel captured & chained up by voracious vampire Star.

She struggles in wide eyed, innocent, defeat.

The vampire torments her, sniffing her, licking her. The angel struggles and squirms away from her touch.

The vampire laughs, anticipating her meal, the exotic flavor that awaits. She forces the virginal angel to cum for the first time - she wants the blood rushing fast for this unique experience.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, forced orgasms, damsel in distress

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11 minutes



Hard Kick Session
Featuring Star Nine & Andrea Dipre

Andrea Dipre suffers a strict hard kick ballbusting session with Me. Tormented by My strong kicks and pointy high heels, he falls to the ground repeatedly, whimpering in anticipation when I demand that he maintain eye contact as I unleash brutal kicks.

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Includes ballbusting, femdom

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10 minutes



The Elusive Bottom
Featuring Star Nine

There must be a point at which you can no longer sink deeper - where the magic wears off, the endorphins run out, the excitement fades? After all, that's how it's always been "in real life".

Denial is an important factor in rationalization.

After all this is just fantasy.

What is real life? A string of memories, associations, routines.

The peace you associate with being at My feet. The memories of how you got here, the build up, the excitement. The routine of worship that gets you out of bed in the morning. My voice inside your head. Persistent.


you're in a persistent hypnotic state, susceptible to suggestion. So easy to excite, to trigger without induction.

Trace the images backwards in your mind. Dissect the layers. The pictures from yesterday, the videos from last week, the tributes you sent last year. Focus. So many instances, interactions, reinforcements. Allow each one to float to the surface, examine it, watch it pass, on to the next one. Cycle through them. Infinite.

How far back does it go, you struggle to remember your life without Me. Reach back deeper, deeper, deeper into your memory. Into your lying synapses. Every time you access a memory it reforms, memory is no record. An altering pattern, a construct, a lie.

What is history - a construct we agree on, a lie we accept.

Tell yourself a lie and feel it reverberate in your body. Tell yourself you can live without Me and feel the sinking in your gut. You know that you need Me on a microbial level.

Remember the feeling at the beginning. Feel the excitement in your body. The adrenaline, the uncertainty, the arousal. The body memory, feelings in your chest, shallow breathing, anticipation, are you short of breath, is it a trick of the mind, or just a side-effect of arousal, all the blood rushing to your cock?

Cycles, strings of days in a row, achievements. Uncertainty, permission to stroke.

Permission to stroke, your cock swelling with deep memories, your body in disconnect from your mind. Stroke. Stoke. Awaken deeper.


Can you even remember life without Me anymore? Your first thought upon WAKING feel the all encompassing glow of anticipation. Psychological arousal, rousing you, mentally erect, out of bed, what does the day hold. The glowing warmth, every day deeper, deeper deeper. It doesn't wear off just


What is real life? Existence is just perception. There is no bottom, only infinite depths.

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Includes mesmerize, mind fuck, foot domination, pantyhose domination, goddess worship

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