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Panty Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

I catch you with my panties & put you in chastity for the first time. No other girl is ever going to interest you like big sis. Not after that first whiff, that first taste. You're hopelessly addicted now, you'll always be chasing my scent.

I let you edge up close to me, but you won't be cumming today. Dripping precum on my silky panties and licking it up is as close as you'll be getting to release. You can't even stroke unless I say so, big sis is going to keep you hard, frustrated, dripping, from now on.

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Includes panty fetish, chastity, taboo

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14 minutes



Chichi's Water Rescue & Resuscitation
Featuring Chichi Medina & Star Nine

Chichi walks outside to inspect the pool of the house she is listing. Suddenly she clutches her chest and topples over face first in to the pool. She floats face down, mouth and eyes open.

Star rushes out of the house, having heard the splash. Her face contorts in terrified concern as she rushes into the pool to help the unconscious realtor. She swims Chichi to the shallow end & performs mouth to mouth with no success. She drags the limp realtor out of the pool and positions her on the pool deck, nose pinched, head tilted back, as she performers CPR. After several rounds of breaths & compressions, Chichi is now stripped from her wet clothes but still not breathing! Star rushes to set up the defib unit. Chichi's pelvis thrusts up in the air with each shock, but still no breath. Star desperately continues to perfrom CPR with mouth to mouth, chest compressions, and defibrillation until Chichi finally coughs up water and resumes breathing.

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Includes CPR, med resus, underwater, limp fetish, wet look

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11 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

I am your inspiration and your joy. The first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night. The Goddess you worship throughout the day whenever your mind wanders. Your deeply ingrained hobby, addiction, religion.

You sacrifice for Me, deny yourself for Me, and on the rare occasion you are allowed to indulge, you release while kneeling in worship to Me.

Religion truly is the opiate of the masses. Something about the weak human mind, nothing lights up the dopamine receptors more than sacrifice and worship.

Limitless rushes of dopamine, achieving for me.

You couldn't stop if you tried.

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Includes goddess worship, mind fuck, pantyhose domination, financial domination

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14 minutes



Super Powers
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is a street level superheroine - a private investigator with super human strength. She's tracked down Star Nine in her investigation of the disappearance of several women. She confronts Star in her lair, intending to question and apprehend her.

Star talks to Ashley in her soothing hypnotic voice, she has some super powers of her own. Ashley grows woozy and loses focus as Star uses her hypnotic powers. Deeply mesmerized, she settles onto the couch, falling deeper and deeper into a trance.

Fighting to maintain control, Ashley is finally able to bring her mind back to the surface and flicks Star away. Star flies across the room as Ashley tries to snap back to reality. She puts Star in a sleeper hold before she can do any more damage with her voice. She tries to leave but the door is locked. Ashley finds herself falling into a deep sleep.

When Ashley wakes, she's bound on the couch. She mistakenly thinks she'll be able to resist Star's hypnotic powers - she was able to the first time, but Star now utilizes her hypnotic touch. Soon Ashley is nothing but Star's plaything.

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Includes sleepy, mesmerize, woman following orders, superheroine

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22 minutes



Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet is my lucky slave, fully cocooned in silky sheer nylon. She writhes and arches on the bed, enjoying her encasement. I enter and tease my nylon plaything, sitting on her face, smothering her in my wolford admirals before unsnapping my bodysuit and allowing her to run her warm wet tongue over my gusset. I ride her face as I make her cum. I straddle her in her nylon cocoon and wedge the hitatchi between our nylon covered pussies, grinding to another orgasm. Playtime over, I leave her in her wet warm nylon cocoon.

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11 minutes



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