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Wonder Girl Eliminated
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Wonder Star hears of an up and coming heroine & breaks into her house to capture her in her civilian disguise. She plans to examine this new Wonder Girl & drain her of her powers. Surprising Wonder Girl, Star is easily able to dominate her, stripping her out of her civilian clothing, groping, gagging & fondling her.

Wonder Star leaves the room to prepare a special formula that will strip Wonder Girl of her powers & turn her into an ordinary girl. Slowly regaining her strength, Wonder Girl puts on her costume. She rushes Wonder Star when she returns, but is easily overpowered. Star toys with Wonder Girl, examining & groping her in her costume before dragging her over to a chair. She rolls Wonder Girl's head from side to side, promising to turn her into something perfectly ordinary. She ties the aspiring heroine to the chair as she prepares the exam table.

Wonder Girl lays on the exam table as Wonder Star drains her of her powers. She takes her time enjoying her conquest as she strips the now ordinary girl of her super heroine costume, groping her at will as she goes. Star strips down as well & tries on the Wonder Girl costume before leaving Melody on the table naked, powerless & ordinary.

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Includes superheroine, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lesbian domination

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62 minutes



Conflicting Orders
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Such a cruel game Stella & I have in mind for you. Red light/green light, but with two Dommes, conflicting orders & different consequences. Good luck keeping track of when to stroke and when to stop - you'll be far too busy entertaining us with the humiliating tasks we make you perform when you fuck it up.

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Includes joi games, double domination, cbt instruction, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, humiliation, foot domination

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15 minutes



Sleepy Apartment
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star & Dixie have been apartment hunting. They find a furnished home that fits their needs perfectly. They sit on the couch talking to the owner, trying to charm him into renting to them. Perhaps they are trying too hard, as it turns out the landlord already has plans for them. The girls nod off on the couch mid-conversation & wake up alone in the basement.

At first Dixie & Star are concerned about what has happened to them, but there's something in the air. First they feel tingly, then horny. They can't keep their hands off each other.

When they next wake, Dixie & Star are still in the basement, naked & tied up. They struggle to keep their eyes open as the landlord approaches.

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Includes sleepy fetish, limp fetish, magic control, groping, bondage

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11 minutes



Shrinking SPH
Featuring Star Nine

It's humiliating enough when I laugh at the sight of your tiny little cock. You think you must be having a nightmare when it begins to shrink even smaller, like it's trying to crawl back up inside your body. Your sense of reality comes into question as you notice the rest of your body is shrinking as well.

Does me laughing at you make you feel small? Your shrinking penis is leading the way to make you a tiny little unfuckable thing. Soon you're lying helpless on the floor. I crouch over you, a position you'd imagined being in earlier this evening - me on top, but instead of sliding your cock in and out of my body, I'm rubbing a tiny little nub between two fingers.

You're afraid to look down, to see what has become of your manhood. The unmistakable sound of me diapering you tells you all you really need to know.

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Includes small penis humiliation, sph, humiliation, verbal humiliation, age regression, magic control

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9 minutes



OTM Gag Talk Virtual Sex
Featuring Star Nine

Star sensually rides your cock wearing nothing but black silk opera gloves, a black choker & headband. Her dangling earrings and curled hair bounce along with her perky tits as she moans and talks through a black silk gag.

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Includes gag talk, virtual sex, otm gag, gagged women

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11 minutes



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