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Reunited Step-Sisters
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Long lost step-sisters Star Nine and Lola Fae are reunited. After years of searching for each other, Lola has arrived at Star's home for a weekend visit. Getting to know each other all over again, neither wants the night to end, but Lola is forced to turn in to recover from her long flight. After a hug that is hard to release from, Star lingers by the doorway, staring through the crack as Lola slips into her nightie before she catches herself and heads off to bed.

In the darkness of her room, Star is awakened by a noise in the middle of the night. As her eyes adjust she sees Lola now peering through the crack of her door. Lola's white nightie drapes off her body as she clenches her breast with one hand and frantically rubs her wet cunt with the other. Lola's moans and soft words of encouragement drift through the night air. Star slowly pulls the sheets down and follows Lola's lead, rubbing her pussy through her white panties.

Under the cover of night, the sexual tension releases from the step-sisters as they masturbate in unison, their eyes locked on each other. As Star's back arches up from the bed, Lola's legs give out and she falls to her knees finger fucking herself to completion. Star moans and bucks through her own orgasm. As she recovered her eyes dart back to the door, but Lola has vanished.

Star rises late after a sleepless night. She peaks in Lola's room but her step-sister isn't there. As she walks through the house, her body tight with anticipation, Star hears a familiar moan coming from the backyard. Gazing through the french doors she spies Lola sitting on the pool steps furiously fucking herself. Lola is talking dirty as she gets herself off again and again.

Now Star plays the voyeur, slipping her hand into her panties as she gazes out at her beautiful little step-sister. Star moans as Lola turns to catch her gaze. Suddenly Lola gets up out of the pool and approaches the glass door, pressing her wet body up against the glass and begging her step-sister to come out and fuck her. On the other side of the glass Star desperately begs Lola to cum.

As Star recovers from her orgasm, Lola swings open the door and jumps into her step-sisters arms, begging her to toss her into the pool and fuck her on the bottom for as long as she likes. Star happily obeys, carrying her little step-sister over the pool and tossing her in before jumping in herself. They descend, kissing, to the bottom where they go at each other, licking, finger fucking and tribbing to orgasm over and over and over.

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Includes underwater, wet look, lesbian, taboo, voyeur, masturbation, kissing

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Pumped Dry
Featuring Star Nine

you've really taken to your anal training. In fact, you've been enjoying it a little too much. Taking cock isn't supposed to be for your pleasure. As My slave you are just a hole to be used. you've been cumming without permission every single time and cum eating doesn't seem to be an effective deterrent. We'll see how much you love being a little anal slut after I've pumped you dry, sliding My cock deeper and deeper into your ass after every impertinent orgasm. Every drop of cum is drained out of your balls and into the toe of My worn pantyhose. Do you still fucking love it when there's nothing left to squirt? When your balls have completely deflated and your orgasmic spasms are completely dry? Not quite as pleasurable now is it? Draining your balls completely has the added bonus of making this hard metal ring so much easier to squeeze your balls through. The rest of your training will be in chastity, with that cummy pantyhose crammed in your mouth and taped tightly in place.

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Includes ruined orgasms, femdom pov, female domination, slave training, pantyhose domination, orgasm control, pov strap-on, cum eating, chastity

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Melody Marks Tricked into Tight Bondage
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Poor gullible Melody Marks. I've asked her over to "help me with something". She's confused by all the rope, but she still lets me tie her up nice and tight. I ask her to show me how much she can struggle in my super tight ropes. She can barely move a muscle.

I strap a bit gag tightly in her mouth, now she can barely talk. I wrap her hands up with microfoam tape, ensuring she couldn't escape even if she tried. I squeeze her tight and feel her struggling in my arms before wrapping microfoam tightly around her gagged mouth.

Is it time to reveal my true intentions? I've tricked Melody into tight bondage, and now I'm going to turn her into my happy little slave girl. She's not in love with the idea at first, but once I start tugging on her strategically knotted crotch rope she begins to warm to the idea. She's disappointed when I leave, but quickly learns to amuse herself, pumping her hips and thrusting up against her tight crotch rope.

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Includes bondage, struggling, rope bondage, bit gag, gagged women, lesbian domination, microfoam gag, slave training, crotch rope

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Casey's Deadly Interview
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey Calvert and Dr. Star Nine are sitting in the laboratory about to do a live interview. Dressed in a button down blouse, short skirt, pantyhose and closed toe high heels, Casey is concerned about safety from the monsters, since she would not be able to run away easily. Star confirms they are safe, and they go live.

Starting the webcam show, Casey reports on the blood thirsty monsters as a creature's claw pats her face with a makeup pad. Trying to remain professional, she defers to the scientist who explains why they are raping and killing women who express fear.

The monster talons are caressing Casey and Star says that if she ignores her fear, it will leave her alone. As it's groping her legs and tits, removing her eyeglasses, she tries to control her emotions. She's almost glad her eye glasses are gone when it's big cock gives her a facial. She's disgusted by the big load dripping down her face and fear prevents her from stopping it from stripping her stilettos off.

When it unbuttons her blouse and reveals her bra, Casey protests and asks Star how she knows so much about these demons. Star answers that she created these monsters as Casey's thrown to the floor for a monster rape session on live tv. Pantyhose ripping allows his big dick to slide into her pussy. She struggles and protests as he fucks her, having a forced orgasm as Star humiliates her.

Exhausted from cumming, Casey's chair bound by leg shackles and handcuffs. The ankle cuffs dig into her pantyhose legs and she can't fight his manhandling. Another round of monster cum drips from her face down to her used pussy.

Star shows a live feed of her twin sister, Emily, being tortured in the gas chamber while in chair bondage. Casey observes her cumming and the gas is released for her death. The mission is for every woman in the building to die so her creatures can gain invulnerability.

Casey's crying as a vibrator is applied to her sensitive clit and Star's hair pulling to keep her still. She watches a woman dying before her eyes as she's climaxing. They are the last two women and an alarm rings. Star injects herself with a poison syringe activated by orgasm. Star wants a painful death because they will have more power for torturing women, and masturbates with intensity because she's horny from Casey's fear. Excited by the prospect of a gassing death and the world watching them perish, Star convulses out of her lab coat and falls out of her chair.

The poisonous gas flows and Casey gasps and moans for breath as she's fondled. As she slumps dead, a big cumshot is released on her face.

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Includes forced orgasms, aliens & monsters , damsel in distress, strap-on rape, extreme domination, death fetish

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more keywords- aliens and monsters death fetish damsel in distress DID moaning fetish brunettes imposed orgasms made to cum handcuff fetish bondage restraints female domination femdom sensual domination extreme domination electric massagers vibrators sex toys costumes costume fetish cosplay assisted masturbation female orgasms roleplaying role playing struggling

20 minutes



The Accused
Featuring Star Nine

Intrigue and espionage. You've blown my cover as a high end jeweler, but I play dumb until the end, pretending to fangirl over your spy lifestyle.

As I brush off your interesting theories about me I pretend to have discovered a run in my stocking. I seductively peel the vintage nylons off my long legs and replace them with a fresh pair, taking the opportunity to give you a close peek at my tight ass and bare pussy under the guise of having you fasten the backs of my garters.

I toy with the discarded stocking as I ask you about your sexual escapades as a spy. Is it really like all those bond movies? Getting close to female villains and spies? I wrap one silky stocking first around your neck, then around your cock. Pulling and teasing.

As we fuck I play with the stocking around your neck. At no point does it dawn on you that this might become a problem.

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Includes executrix, virtual sex, femdom pov, femdom sex, vintage stockings

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