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Unbreakable, Part 1
Featuring Selene Drake, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

A sequel to 2015's Tamed & Sold - Part 1 of 3 & 2016's Taming The Tamer

The Tamer (Selene Drake) aches without connection. She's been chained up for a long time.

The Buyer (Ashley Lane) already grows bored with her new toy, and our long ago broken Business Woman (Star Nine) begins to take risks. Ashley catches Star toying with The Tamer. Flustered, Star rushes back to her assigned tasks, blindfolding and collaring the chained succubus. Ashley orders her slave around, using her as a prop in a sexual pantomime. A dominant display. A humiliation for The Tamer.

But is the succubus really broken, Ashley begins to suspect not. She fucks The Tamer with her gloved hand, delivering a humiliating orgasm before leaving Star tasked with binding her outside.

Star toys with the succubus first, mimicking her slave training techniques and getting herself into trouble when the unbroken succubus begins to connect with her. Ashley has been watching all along & steps in before Star loses control.

The Tamer suffers another orgasm at Ashley's hands before Star drags her away by her chain . . . to be continued, don't miss Unbreakable, Part 2

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Includes lesbian domination, slave training, forced orgasms, erotic magic, magic control

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37 minutes



Stocking Feet Secretary
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella Liberty is very excited about her new position working under me. I suppose I'm excited too. I noticed something about her during the interview - a special quality I look for in all my employees. I waste no time in establishing the type of boss/employee relationship I like best.

Stella's eyes drift away from the meeting agenda towards my dangling heels. She gasps as I grab her by the ankle, pulling her foot up into my lap. I remove her shoe and make it clear to her that I know all about her raging fetish for stocking feet. I tickle and worship her silky nylon soles as I tease her about her fetish before ordering her to her knees and instructing her on how to correctly worship my stocking feet. It's an important skill for her new position.

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Includes stockings, foot worship, office domination

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15 minutes



Star's Sybian Ride
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine rides her sybian in her thigh high latex boots and not much else. She makes herself cum over and over, forcing herself to endure the strong vibrations as she gradually increases the power to the highest setting.

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Includes sybian, masturbation, boot fetish

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12 minutes



Miss Quin The Foot Stalker
Featuring Miss Quin & Whitney Morgan

Quin has finally gotten up the nerve to talk to her favorite waitress. Well, not really, but she's followed Whitney home from the cafe & snuck in the back door. She would have asked first, but she just knows that if she asked Whitney to play with her soft, fragrant, nylon soles she would have said no!

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Includes sleepy fetish, foot worship

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13 minutes



Dominating Ashley
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Watch me dominate tightly tied Ashley Lane , teasing and tormenting her as I make her cum over and over again in her shiny black layered nylons.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, pantyhose, forced orgasms

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14 minutes



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