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Babysitter Bobby Socks Spanking
Featuring Star Nine

you love it when Star babysits you. you like looking at her in her short school uniform and thick slouchy bobby socks. you especially like looking when she's busy with her homework, when she's not looking back to see you playing with your hard cock. This time you're emboldened to take it out of your pants where you can stroke it more freely. Star catches you and orders you to put it away, but it feels so good, you don't want to stop. She threatens you with a hairbrush but you keep stroking away.

Finally she pulls you over her knees and gives you a hard hair brush spanking with your hard cock pressing into her wool skirt with every whack. She expects the spanking to make your dick soft, but instead you just leak pre-cum all over her school uniform.

After the spanking, your cock is still hard & your babysitter finds herself oddly aroused . . .

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Includes spanking pov, school uniform, socks, femdom pov, babysitter

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6 minutes



Virgin Shit Eater
Featuring Star Nine

you're dating My step-sister & you're super excited to take it to the next level. Naturally there's some doubt in your mind, after all, you are a virgin. What if you're not able to perform, or worse yet, what if you get it in and then cum immediately. I don't want you disappointing her so I offer to help you out with a little training. Specifically, I offer to give you a hand job. you're reluctant to take me up on the offer, after all, wouldn't that be cheating? I assure you that we're step-sisters, we share EVERYTHING.

you're getting excited about the hand job, sure it's not sex, but it's better than your own hand, and it would make you feel more confident . . . you agree & that's when I reveal what you'll be doing for me in exchange. My ask is particularly taboo. Something so out there that you've never even fantasized about it or given it any consideration at all, but you're already hard in anticipation of that hand job so you shock yourself by saying yes.

Of course we complete your end of the bargain first. you down on your knees mouth open wide as I pull the thin g-string down revealing my puckered asshole. As you desperately swallow my tasty treat I laugh in your face. No way am I letting My sister fuck a virgin shit eater, and you can forget about the hand job too.

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Includes toilet slavery, toilet fetish, toilet humiliation, virgin humiliation, femdom pov

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16 minutes



Mommy's Baby Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star comes home to check on her step-daughter Ashley Lane who skipped work. She finds her step-daughter taking a nap sucking on a pacifier in nothing but a diaper.

Ashley is horrified to wake up in a wet diaper with her step-mother standing over her. Ashley is completely embarrassed but Star lovingly offers to change her diaper.

Ashley protests as Star lays her down on the changing table and puts her in a fresh clean diaper and a baby onesie. Star takes her humiliated adult baby into her arms and breast feeds her while singing rock-a-bye baby. Ashley reluctantly accepts her fate, but eventually tells Star that she needs to go to the bathroom.

As if this baby girl is going to use the toilet! Star pins her down and tickles her until she wets her diaper and then changes her step-daughter once again.

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Includes diaper fetish, tickling, breast feeding, abdl

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11 minutes



Beg For It
Featuring Star Nine

you live to fulfill My fantasies. you can't say no to Me, that's how you've found yourself sitting with Me in your lap, your hands cuffed behind you. I don't want you going anywhere. I grind against your hard cock in my sexy lingerie before pulling My top down and sliding your hard cock inside of Me. That's when the full extent of My sexy plan becomes clear to you. Beg for it. you don't dare deny Me, you'll give up every last drop, such a generous lover.

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Includes executrix, virtual sex, femdom pov, femdom sex, extreme domination

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16 minutes



Belly Spit
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Naughty schoolgirl Ashley Lane is sent to the counselor's office for acting up in class. She brings a note from her teacher explaining the problem. Star finds the content of the note strangely arousing, she pretends not to understand & asks Ashley to show her exactly what she was doing.

Ashley leans back exposing her tight stomach. She unbuttons her shirt and spits on her stomach allowing the spit to flow down and settle in her belly button. Star tries to keep her expression neutral as she looks on at Ashley's display. Ashley spits again and again the liquid trailing down her stomach into her belly button.

Eventually Star unbuttons her own shirt and mimics her, letting the warm split guide down to her belly button hole.

Finally she joins Ashley on the couch, spitting into her belly and rubbing her pussy until she cums with their warm spit mingled in her belly button.

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Includes belly button fetish, belly fetish, spit, schoolgirl, school uniform, lesbian, masturbation

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21 minutes



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