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Dumb Schoolgirls, Odd Insertions
Featuring Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Slutty schoolgirls Casey Calvert, Star Nine & Ashley Lane are all wet and horny from the sultry weather, but there's not a dick in sight! Too dumb to know anything about sex toys, the three little schoolgirl sluts desperately use anything they can get their hands on to try to cum.

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Includes schoolgirls, school uniform, odd insertions, dirty talk, masturbation

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32 minutes



Enslaved With Catatonia
Featuring Star Nine

Hot on the scent of a trail you've tracked Catwoman to her lair. Or have you been led here? Unable to resist her seductive scent. Confident, Catwoman rolls over in a seductive pose, stretching out on her back, revealing herself to you. That scent. It wafts towards your nose. Catatonia. You want more and more. Luckily, that special fragrance has been bottled. Catwoman spritzes it from a bottle and you fall in deeper. Eager to smell that perfect aroma forever. Eager to become Her mindless minion. you beg for more and are rewarded with a direct source, an oxygen mask attached to a tank of Her distilled essence. you inhale greedily as your mind breaks for Her. Addicted now, there's nothing you wouldn't do to maintain this high.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, mind fuck, smell fetish

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11 minutes



Handgagging Interrogation
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

Cable newscaster, Star Nine, is ambushed from behind as she walks into her living room. The villain forcefully covers her mouth with his hand and begins to interrogate her. He's looking for something & expects her to know what it is. After warning her not to scream, he removes his hand to see if she will answer. She pleads ignorance and he roughly clamps his hand back down over her mouth.

It becomes an interrogation, the villain lets her up for air only to hear her answers, none of which satisfy him. He continues to cover her mouth in between demands, but he is getting nowhere. She gasps for air whenever he lets his hand up, eventually he she passes out in his arms with his hand covering her nose and mouth.

She comes to tied to a chair. He's torn apart her house and hasn't found what he's looking for. The interrogation continues, his hand over her mouth and sometimes her nose. He continues to question her, slapping her awake when she passes out, getting nowhere.

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Includes hand over mouth, sleep fetish, HOM, limp fetish, damsel in distress

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16 minutes



CD Peril POV
Featuring Star Nine

You can hardly believe it, a dream come true, sexy, leggy Domme Star Nine is sitting on your couch! Reaching into her rope bag, to tie you up! You've dressed up in your tallest heels, your shiniest pantyhose, your largest fake tits and your pinkest lipstick for her. She's critical of your appearance, pointing out the unfortunate features of your neck and your five'o'clock shadow. It's humiliating, but you like it. You eagerly place your ankles in her lap to receive her rope. It feels so good to relinquish control to a real woman. You wince as she cranks your elbows together behind your back, you can barely take it, but you'll do it for her.

Once you're tightly bound, Star reclines on the couch, pointing her long sexy nylon legs towards you. She quizzes you, asking what the most important thing to always be aware of as a woman is. Your guesses are almost as pathetic as you are. Star explains that the most important thing for a woman to always be aware of is her own safety. You obviously don't know that, seeing as how you didn't ask any questions when booking Star to come over. No references, no queries as to safety protocol.

Tired of your pathetic mumbling, Star pops a large black ball gag between your pathetic thin man lips. She leaves to struggle in the unbearably tight ropes as she walks through your house, deciding what to take. She returns with your girlish pink cell phone & proceeds to document your predicament, instructing you to pose like all those damsel in distress photos, urging you to smile. The threat of exposure makes you eager to divulge your pin number. Of course, Star can't have you trying to cancel your cards while she's busy draining you.

You struggle to keep your eyes open as you watch her walk away, desperately wondering whether she will ever come back to untie you.

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Includes blackmail fantasy, crossdresser, bondage pov, femdom pov

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17 minutes



Birthday Present
Featuring Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane think's shes on a job interview, but really Casey has lured her over to be Star's birthday present. Ashley sits between the girlfriends nervously answering their highly inappropriate interview questions. She's finally scared off by Star's hand running up her nylon leg, but when she stands to leave Casey & Star block her exit, pulling her arms behind her back and putting her in a collar.

Star sits in a chair with her gift in her lap, groping her tits as Casey tightly binds her wrists and elbows. They stand and sandwich their prey between them, groping and kissing her over her gag. As they lean around to kiss each other, Ashley makes a break for it, but is unable to open the door with her hands tied.

Casey & Star laugh, leading her by her leash into the bedroom where they bend her over the bed for a firm spanking. They push her back onto the bed and kiss and strip each other in front of her. Casey removes her gag as Star puts on her strap-on for Ashley to suck. She's reluctant, but Star pries her mouth open with her fingers and Casey keeps her head pushed on Star's cock.

Casey pulls Ashley off Star's cock and forcibly kisses her before trading positions. She worships her girlfriend's cock as Star forces Ashley to kiss her back.

Satisfied with her present, Star decides that it's time to reward Ashley before sending her on her way. She is tied spread eagle on the bed as Casey & Star have their way with her, making her cum over and over again with the hitatchi. Exhausted, Ashley can only moan in dismay when Star announces she'll be keeping her present.

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Includes lesbian domination, strap-on sucking, double domination, bondage, forced kissing

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50 minutes



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