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Sailor Venus' Submission
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Sailor Venus (Chrissy Marie) kneels before her new Queen, she's been worn down and tempted by the Dark Moon's glamour and she can no longer resist as Esmeraude positions her in her lap. Venus' new Mistress showers her with blown kisses and Venus sighs and closes her eyes with each kiss. Esmeraude ever so slowly leans in and plants her lips on Venus', she kisses her new slave & then lights up her alluring cigarette to draw her in even deeper with her smoke. All hope of Venus ever returning to the Sailor Scout she was before has vanished. Now Venus is dressed up just like her queen. She giggles and poses, repeating after Esmeraude as she gloats that there is no hope. She is now completely, joyfully, enslaved.

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Includes mesmerize, lesbian domination, smoking, cosplay, super villain, woman following orders

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20 minutes



Tape Over Rope Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie checks into a sketchy motel to indulge in a pantyhose encasement & self bondage session. She's just pulled shiny nylon over her breasts and started tying her ankles when she is accosted by an intruder! Star Nine quickly overpowers Chrissy on the bed and tightens the knots on her ankles. She also ties her wrists and tits up and then tapes over the ropes to make the bondage extra inescapable. Star leaves Chrissy in a wrap around tape gag & hogtie and goes out to search her car for valuables while Chrissy struggles hopelessly on the bed. Star returns, happy with what she's found in the car, but greedy for an even larger payday. She's arranged for someone to come pick Chrissy up later. Star pulls a nylon hood over Chrissy's head and leaves her to struggle as she awaits her fate.

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Includes nylon encasement, tape bondage, lesbian domination, self bondage, pantyhose domination

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25 minutes



Pantyhose Edging Solo
Featuring Star Nine

Delicious toe curling edging in pantyhose. Watch my nylon feet curl and arch as I bring myself to the edge over and over and then spread my toes wide as I finally release.

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Includes orgasms, vibrator, edging, pantyhose, foot fetish

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6 minutes



Our Secret
Featuring Star Nine

I come into your room to wake you up with a good morning kiss. As I cajole you to get out of bed you ask for a kiss with tongue. I'm taken aback, I'm your step-mother and I explain that kisses with tongue are for girls you aren't related to. You beg and I relent, I can't say no to my sweet boy. I swirl my tongue in your mouth and blush when you say you like the taste of Mommy's spit. I liked our kiss too, maybe a little bit too much & explain that we can't tell your father or brothers about this. You convince me to kiss you again and I moan in pleasure.

I stand up and twirl around in my pretty dress and show off my stockings. I only wear them because I know how much you like them. You want to see Mommy's panties and I lift my skirt. I don't know what's going on with me, when you ask to lick Mommy's panties I let you. I moan with pleasure under your tongue.

Now you want to fuck Mommy. It's so wrong, but I want it too. I want to feel my boy cumming back inside of me. It's so wrong but it feels so right, this will be our little secret.

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Includes taboo, virtual sex, stockings, panties, pov

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12 minutes



Legal Compensation
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

High priced attorney Star Nine invites her client, Chrissy Marie, back to her office to celebrate their win & collect her payment. Chrissy is full of gratitude for the win Star has delivered, but she balks when Star hands her the bill. Chrissy nervously wonders if they can work out a payment plan, but Star intends to be paid in full. Surely there's a way they can work something out?

Star walks over and takes Chrissy by the chin, raising her to her feet. She runs her hands up Chrissy's nylon legs and leans in for a kiss. Chrissy is hesitant at first, but soon kisses back as Star backs her up against the wall. Chrissy pulls Star's leg up and runs her hand over the nylon peaking out between her high heeled foot and wool pants.

Star lowers her pants and Chrissy gazes at her strap-on cock in awe. Star turns Chrissy around and fucks her up against the wall, plunging her hard cock into Chrissy's wet pussy as her nylon feet flex in her high heels with every thrust.

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Includes high heels, heel play, pantyhose, lesbian domination, strap-on, pantyhose domination

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10 minutes



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