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Encased & Violated
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star has been stalking Hooters Waitress Dixie Comet for a while now and has found the opportunity to break into her place. She finds a pair of Dixie's worn pantyhose hanging in the bathroom and soaks them in pantyhose. She pulls the mask down over her face, completing her full pantyhose encasement.

She creeps after Dixie when she gets home, chloroforming her in the bedroom. She fully encases Dixie, leaving a hole in her gusset for easy access, binding her wrists and gagging her with more pantyhose.

She slides her cock into Dixie's exposed pussy, fucking her limp body. Dixie stirs and moans as Star fucks her. Star pulls out and taps her cock on Dixie's face before continuing to fuck her in doggy, pulling her head back with the nylon cleave gag.

Once satisfied, Star knocks her nylon encased toy back out. They'll have more fun together later.

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Includes sleepy, nylon encasement, lesbian domination

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18 minutes



Your Worn Nylon Collection
Featuring Star Nine

I know all about your worn nylon collection. You're going to play with them for me while I tease you with my sheer black pantyhose. Experience the sensation, the scent, the taste of those well worn pantyhose. Wrap your cock with them. Imagine gliding your nylon cock up my nylon legs, over my soft gusset. Your cock is dripping in my worn pantyhose as I instruct you to stroke and cum in my dirty worn nylons.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, JOI

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16 minutes



Super Pony
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Supergirl (Ashley Lane) comes across a strange collar while investigating a crime. As she lifts it up, she begins to feel her powers fade.

Villainess Star arrives and taunts Supergirl with the collar. Her special liquid kryptonite drops have rendered the ordinary looking collar into a powerful weapon with the ability to stop Supergirl's powers. Star firmly fastens the collar around Supergirl's neck and steps out of the room as Supergirl vainly struggles to remove the collar.

Star has plans to transform the heroine into the perfect pony girl. She dresses Supergirl in a special harness, leaving her leotard on to emphasis her defeat. Finally it is time for the head harness. Star lifts it up to Supergirl's face, explaining that once the harness is around her head, she will be completely defeated. No longer a superheroine. Just a pretty little pony.

Handcuffed and gagged in her new uniform, the defeated heroine moans loudly as she is forced to cum. The villainess leaves her chained up by her reins to contemplate her future as a pony.

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Includes superheroines, ponyplay, lesbian domination, forced orgasms

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24 minutes



Wined, Dined & Imprinted
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

You were shocked when Janira & Star turned out to be the company reps who wine & dined & clubbed you. Women are usually left out of this high level corporate courtship. After dinner at the cities most exclusive steak house/sex club you've somehow ended up back at their place instead of with some high-end hooker. The erotic charge is there though. The way you're used to these nights ending.

They tease you with their nylon feet & you playfully get down on the floor to sniff and stroke them. You think this is foreplay, soon to be a threesome that will leave you untouched & their reputations tarnished.

Your full belly and warm fuzzy buzz have made you succuptable to suggestion. Instead of working their clothes off & your way into their bedroom, they soon have you in a deep foot obsessed trance. You're in no place to discuss numbers and proceedures, but as they tease you with their long nylon legs and soft nylon soles they are able to usefully implant you for the future. Just the slightest dangle in the conference room & you will be hopelessly desperate to please.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, foot domination, double domination

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12 minutes



Feeding Scheme
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Realtor Dixie Comet meet with a strange client about a potential new listing. She finds a note on the door asking her to let herself in & meet in the garage. Dixie hesitates, this is how women get killed. She convinces herself that it's fine, it's a woman she's meeting. She takes a quick peak at the sparse house - it barely looks lived in, it will be easy to show - before making her way to the garage.

The woman seems odd. Dixie can't put her finger on it. It's the body language, she's too close. Her presence is too strong. Dixie looks around the garage - there's black foil over the windows, this isn't to code, it's too much like a living space, it will have to be torn out & brought back to white walls.

Star asks Dixie to sit & make herself at home. Dixie hesitates, looking back at the door to the house. Star moves between her & the door and forces eye contact. SIT.

The vampire instructs Dixie to remove her top, her bra. She teases her nipples, exciting them, bringing the blood close to the surface. She feeds on Dixie, drinking from her tits. Reluctantly she refrains from draining her completely. The vampire sends the glamoured realtor back out into the world to "service her listing".

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Includes vampire, magic control

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